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LIONEL PODCAST: The Romanticization of a Tyrant Castro As Romantic Revolutionary Fatigue-Clad Barbate

The mythology of Castro as the romantic revolutionary barbate. Random thoughts infra.

    • It is impossible to love freedom and human potential and not loathe Castro.
    • Who are the lunatics who heap praise on the despot who ruled over an island prison nation? You know who they are.
    • Amazing, isn’t it? Castro’s greatest fans and admirers never lived under his regime.
    • Castro was an amazing man. So long as he didn’t kill or imprison you.
    • Ask anyone sporting a Che shirt to explain anything about him. Good luck. 
    • Ask about Luis Posada Carriles when speaking of Castro’s Cuba and state terrorism. I dare you. 
    • It is beyond the intellectual and historic ken for American media to comment cogently on Castro’s death. 
    • There’s must be a lobotomy that’s performed on the reasoning centers of today’s political comedians, especially those who portray the professional leftist. 
    • There can be no heartsease with Castro’s passing. 
    • There are so many dolts who rail against Trump as fascist and laud Fidel Castro as benevolent revolutionary. Only in America can we walk among the cretinous. Especially the two-bit leftie comic grasping and clawing at relevance.
    • The American Mafia and LCN provided some of the best countermeasures against Castro since he wrested control of their gambling interests post-Batista.
    • Since Executive Order 11905 our prohibitions against assassinating world leaders have been at best sketchy. Fidel knew.
    • American media and Americans themselves would be best served by sitting this Castro discussion out. Too complicated. Nothing Manichaean.
    • Fox News systematically diminishes the complexity of the Castro positioning in history by flag waving mesmerization. Please, let the adults speak.
    • There are so many dolts who rail against Trump as fascist and laud Fidel Castro as benevolent revolutionary. Only in America can we walk among the cretinous. Especially the two-bit leftie comic grasping and clawing at relevance.
    • Why is anyone spending a picosecond reviewing the relevance and sagacity of Colin Kaepernick?
    • The Che shirt wearing weekend revolutionary is as conversant with history as the neo-Nazi Aryan poltroon who fancies himself an Hitlerian avatar. Or the confederate flag sporting Johnny Reb who thinks Lynyrd Skynyrd is the revivification of Stonewall Jackson.
    • Please speak to Cuban-Americans who lost everything, had property and tresaure confiscated, loved ones imprisoned and who witnessed fellow citizens cut down via firing squads. Tell them about your revolutionary hero. Perspective children.
    • But while your at it, recognize the corruption of Fulgencio Batista and other hardliners who in their own way imposed horrors among the poor and defenseless. This is not an easy discussion. 
    • Castro was brilliant. Never forget that. And much of what he said was spot-on. Despots can be right also. 
    • This country imprisons and executes the innocent, enjoys a horrid infant mortality rate, ignores its poor and exports war through criminal imperialism. Glass houses, kids.

LIONEL PODCAST: America Doomed — Postprandial Review of the Controlled Demolition of Mainstream Media

It’s really that simple. And you can help. Just listen. And learn.

53rd Anniversary: CIA, Mob Kill JFK in Prime Time Plus Shillary and Pizzagate

CIA Document 1035-960
Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report

RE: Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report

1. Our Concern. From the day of President Kennedy’s assassination on, there has been speculation about the responsibility for his murder. Although this was stemmed for a time by the Warren Commission report, (which appeared at the end of September 1964), various writers have now had time to scan the Commission’s published report and documents for new pretexts for questioning, and there has been a new wave of books and articles criticizing the Commission’s findings. In most cases the critics have speculated as to the existence of some kind of conspiracy, and often they have implied that the Commission itself was involved. Presumably as a result of the increasing challenge to the Warren Commission’s report, a public opinion poll recently indicated that 46% of the American public did not think that Oswald acted alone, while more than half of those polled thought that the Commission had left some questions unresolved. Doubtless polls abroad would show similar, or possibly more adverse results.

2. This trend of opinion is a matter of concern to the U.S. government, including our organization. The members of the Warren Commission were naturally chosen for their integrity, experience and prominence. They represented both major parties, and they and their staff were deliberately drawn from all sections of the country. Just because of the standing of the Commissioners, efforts to impugn their rectitude and wisdom tend to cast doubt on the whole leadership of American society. Moreover, there seems to be an increasing tendency to hint that President Johnson himself, as the one person who might be said to have benefited, was in some way responsible for the assassination.

Innuendo of such seriousness affects not only the individual concerned, but also the whole reputation of the American government. Our organization itself is directly involved: among other facts, we contributed information to the investigation. Conspiracy theories have frequently thrown suspicion on our organization, for example by falsely alleging that Lee Harvey Oswald worked for us. The aim of this dispatch is to provide material countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit the circulation of such claims in other countries. Background information is supplied in a classified section and in a number of unclassified attachments.

3. Action. We do not recommend that discussion of the assassination question be initiated where it is not already taking place. Where discussion is active [business] addresses are requested:

a. To discuss the publicity problem with [?] and friendly elite contacts (especially politicians and editors), pointing out that the Warren Commission made as thorough an investigation as humanly possible, that the charges of the critics are without serious foundation, and that further speculative discussion only plays into the hands of the opposition. Point out also that parts of the conspiracy talk appear to be deliberately generated by Communist propagandists. Urge them to use their influence to discourage unfounded and irresponsible speculation.

b. To employ propaganda assets to [negate] and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose. The unclassified attachments to this guidance should provide useful background material for passing to assets. Our ploy should point out, as applicable, that the critics are (I) wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in, (I) politically interested, (III) financially interested, (IV) hasty and inaccurate in their research, or (V) infatuated with their own theories. In the course of discussions of the whole phenomenon of criticism, a useful strategy may be to single out Epstein’s theory for attack, using the attached Fletcher [?] article and Spectator piece for background. (Although Mark Lane’s book is much less convincing that Epstein’s and comes off badly where confronted by knowledgeable critics, it is also much more difficult to answer as a whole, as one becomes lost in a morass of unrelated details.)

4. In private to media discussions not directed at any particular writer, or in attacking publications which may be yet forthcoming, the following arguments should be useful:

a. No significant new evidence has emerged which the Commission did not consider. The assassination is sometimes compared (e.g., by Joachim Joesten and Bertrand Russell) with the Dreyfus case; however, unlike that case, the attack on the Warren Commission have produced no new evidence, no new culprits have been convincingly identified, and there is no agreement among the critics. (A better parallel, though an imperfect one, might be with the Reichstag fire of 1933, which some competent historians (Fritz Tobias, AJ.P. Taylor, D.C. Watt) now believe was set by Vander Lubbe on his own initiative, without acting for either Nazis or Communists; the Nazis tried to pin the blame on the Communists, but the latter have been more successful in convincing the world that the Nazis were to blame.)

b. Critics usually overvalue particular items and ignore others. They tend to place more emphasis on the recollections of individual witnesses (which are less reliable and more divergent–and hence offer more hand-holds for criticism) and less on ballistics, autopsy, and photographic evidence. A close examination of the Commission’s records will usually show that the conflicting eyewitness accounts are quoted out of context, or were discarded by the Commission for good and sufficient reason.

c. Conspiracy on the large scale often suggested would be impossible to conceal in the United States, esp. since informants could expect to receive large royalties, etc. Note that Robert Kennedy, Attorney General at the time and John F. Kennedy’s brother, would be the last man to overlook or conceal any conspiracy. And as one reviewer pointed out, Congressman Gerald R. Ford would hardly have held his tongue for the sake of the Democratic administration, and Senator Russell would have had every political interest in exposing any misdeeds on the part of Chief Justice Warren. A conspirator moreover would hardly choose a location for a shooting where so much depended on conditions beyond his control: the route, the speed of the cars, the moving target, the risk that the assassin would be discovered. A group of wealthy conspirators could have arranged much more secure conditions.

d. Critics have often been enticed by a form of intellectual pride: they light on some theory and fall in love with it; they also scoff at the Commission because it did not always answer every question with a flat decision one way or the other. Actually, the make-up of the Commission and its staff was an excellent safeguard against over-commitment to any one theory, or against the illicit transformation of probabilities into certainties.

e. Oswald would not have been any sensible person’s choice for a co-conspirator. He was a “loner,” mixed up, of questionable reliability and an unknown quantity to any professional intelligence service.

f. As to charges that the Commission’s report was a rush job, it emerged three months after the deadline originally set. But to the degree that the Commission tried to speed up its reporting, this was largely due to the pressure of irresponsible speculation already appearing, in some cases coming from the same critics who, refusing to admit their errors, are now putting out new criticisms.

g. Such vague accusations as that “more than ten people have died mysteriously” can always be explained in some natural way e.g.: the individuals concerned have for the most part died of natural causes; the Commission staff questioned 418 witnesses (the FBI interviewed far more people, conduction 25,000 interviews and re interviews), and in such a large group, a certain number of deaths are to be expected. (When Penn Jones, one of the originators of the “ten mysterious deaths” line, appeared on television, it emerged that two of the deaths on his list were from heart attacks, one from cancer, one was from a head-on collision on a bridge, and one occurred when a driver drifted into a bridge abutment.)

5. Where possible, counter speculation by encouraging reference to the Commission’s Report itself. Open-minded foreign readers should still be impressed by the care, thoroughness, objectivity and speed with which the Commission worked. Reviewers of other books might be encouraged to add to their account the idea that, checking back with the report itself, they found it far superior to the work of its critics.

LIONEL PODCAST: Behold the Petite Bourgeoisie Confound the Anti-Trump Intellectual Contortionist

The Key key. Note with particularity that you’re not the first to marvel at the structured prevarication called the election process.

In 1955, a political scientist named V. O. Key published an essay entitled “A Theory of Critical Elections.” He argued that realignments in American politics are usually punctuated by transformative elections, in which the old order suddenly gives way and a new majority emerges in its place.

This “realignment theory” was embraced by many scholars because it fit the historical record so well. Every 30 to 40 years, it seemed, the American political order had decisively turned over: in 1800, when Thomas Jefferson’s Democratic-Republicans trounced John Adams’s Federalists; in 1828, when the Democratic-Republicans split into the Democrats and the Whigs; and then on down through Abraham Lincoln’s 1860 victory, William McKinley’s 1896 consolidation of a Republican majority, and the emergence of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal coalition. [Source]

LIONEL PODCAST: Suck It Up, Buttercup! — Pusillanimous Impuissant Feckless Atesticular Gelding Snowflakes

Cowboy up! Imagine that being the rallying cry of a disgusted and fed up America. Herein is the latest disquisition and indictment against and anent the aforementioned. Enjoy. 

LIONEL PODCAST: Dooming Trump Before He Even Starts

They never even gave the man a chance. And meanwhile the Trump angst and insanity prevails with he added twist of calling for his removal, censure, indictment and/or impeachment for reasons I’ve yet to fathom. Simply and utterly amazing.

LIONEL PODCAST: Sanguisugent Hillary’s False Flag Trump Protests and Contracted Violence

Myriad miscellany from my Facebook latrine wall. Brain farts inter alia.

  • When we as nation validate even the most inane of feigned feelings we invalidate its legitimacy and authenticity of thought.
  • Name one fact that establishes Trump as a racist. Just one.
  • Please provide more of your syrupy schmaltzy saccharine reviews of how this election touched you. Please.
  • Blessed are the sophrosyne. Hear that, CNN?
  • You will see major bloodletting among one mainstream media news organization in particular after their post-election disaster.
  • Perspective is a concept that parents must teach their children. Provided they understand it themselves.
  • SNL is the perfect exemplar what happens when children try to mimic and replicate Will Rogers in a coloring book medium.
  • CNN has now doubled down on schizophrenic coverage and mindless reportage.
  • Remember, the names that you hear floated for various cabinet positions are never the ones who are ultimately selected.
  • How monumentally boring is the St. Pete Times!
  • These snowflake twits need a monstrous Backpfeifengesicht.

LIONEL PODCAST: America Loses Its Mind. Again.

The troika. The calculus has changed yet again. Some Facebook ideations of mine are provided infra.

  • “The best part about being a Hillary supporter is that you don’t have to know anything about her because there’s nothing to know in the first place.”
  • Hillary won 4% fewer female voters than Obama did in 2012. It seems that the “I have a vagina” pudendal connection isn’t the best platform.
  • Hillary was playing nuclear brinkmanship with Putin and I didn’t see any of these little snowflakes crying about that.
  • Facebook is filled with atesticular geldings. Little snowflake babies who cry with their therapy dogs and make me want to retch.
  • America is teeming with impuissant effete little snowflakes with their crying rooms, therapy dogs and oversized images of self-importance.
  • One of the glories of being a human being is to live under the delusion that we somehow enjoy a superiority over our fellow creatures. That we understand the elegance of subtlety and the complexity of the universe’s script. But after watching carefully the reactions to our elections I am convinced we are profoundly inferior to our simian brother.
  • Trump protesters are likened to the person who’s never seen a cricket match but nonetheless insists upon screaming and yelling in the stands.
  • What you should be terrified of is the fact that there is no balance between Congress and the Executive.
  • There is no left or progressive or liberal factions left in this country anymore. Just a bunch of profoundly ignorant loudmouths.
  • Americans who follow incoherent protest platforms are like those who chew but never swallow.

LIONEL ELECTION EDITION PODCAST: Trump Is Triumphant and the Wicked Witch Is Dead

He never held office. Once. And he destroyed the competition. One after another. He changed the landscape of American politics and showed the corrupt mainstream media for what they were. Admit it. You’re in awe. 

Let the overreaction begin. Translation . . . bullshit.

LIONEL PODCAST: #LOTUS4POTUS Selection Eve – America Doomed, a Republic in Freefall

MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN. “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” Thus spake America’s anarchist sweetheart Emma Goldman. But E-Go never met Lionel and would have certainly changed her tune once she reviewed his courageous, bold and revolutionary platform. For POTUS . . .  LOTUS (Lionel of the United States).

For your consideration. The two major candidates offer undifferentiated direction and no actual choice. The lesser of two evils is still evil. And less. That’s why I am asking for your vote. On November 8, 2016 CE, write in #LOTUS4POTUS. Eschew and reject abstention. Make a choice. The only choice.

The Lionel Platform. Here’s but a sample, an amuse-bouche, inter alia.

  • Lionel would reintroduce Glass-Steagall and shatter the glass ceiling.
  • Lionel would introduce a citizens election bill of rights ensuring greater transparency in maintaining the integrity of the franchise and mandating analog “paper trail” recordation, vote verification and authentication and backup.
  • Lionel would reverse the militarization of police departments and agencies through abuses of 1033 programs and their progeny and would call for a re-embracing of the spirit of Posse Comitatus.
  • Lionel would nationalize the Federal Reserve instanter and frogmarch Janet Yellen from its headquarters in a public display symbolizing with limpidity that there’s a new sheriff in town.
  • Lionel would reenergize, revamp and refurbish our crumbling education system and add a concerted and directed emphasis on arts and music programs.
  • Lionel would declare health care as a right all Americans are entitled to, channeling FDR’s Four Freedoms.
  • Lionel would immediately address the $4.0 quadrillion derivatives bubble and the impending global financial and monetary disaster that looms.
  • Lionel would demand immediate review of geoengineering and aerosolized nanoparticulate dispersal under euphemisms chemtrails, climate engineering, solar radiation management and the like.
  • Lionel would adopt the fundamentals of the American School of Economics instanter rejecting the cryptofascist Austrian School (libertarian mumbo jumbo) and equally dangerous Reaganomics trickle down fantasy.
  • Lionel would reverse the course of globalist reckless adventurism of bankster asset-stripping jackals disguised as public policy or national security. 
  • Lionel would mandate absolute adherence to the Hill-Burton Act in light of potential catastrophic health emergencies and disasters such as plague and pandemics. 
  • Lionel would shatter the myth of the left-right paradigm and the illusion of rational and palpable differences between the two party illusion.
  • Lionel would reject whole cloth the patently unconstitutional supranational UN jurisdiction and recognition of such as a globalist Trojan Horse especially as to climate change myths and derivative carbon taxing, cap and trade, and track and tax stratagems. 
  • Lionel would propose and impose a Wall Street Sales Tax (Tobin Tax or Robin Hood Tax) of 1% on stocks, bonds and derivatives to stanch state and federal budget cuts.
  • Lionel would recoup the American money system.
  • Lionel would reinstitute citizen privacy rights and clawback 24/7 worldview panopticon surveillance grids via NSA and attendant corporate complicity via back-door configuration and encryption schemes. 
  • Lionel would remove once and for all the prison industrial complex by its obliteration into smithereens.
  • Lionel would advocate the medicalization and decriminalization of all drugs, narcotics and substances with emphasis on drug education and rehabilitation to curb and address addiction.
#LOTUS4POTUS is a mélange and conglomeration of Lionel Nation and Lionel Media. The reference sites infra are your ignition switch to mass traction sentience.

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