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LIONEL VIDEO SCREED: The Logodaedalus Speaks Anent “Nucular”

“Many people get unlimited mileage out of a limited vocabulary.” (Graffiti)

I addressed this as well in my PIX 11 Commentary.

But, surprisingly enough, there may indeed be a nucule. Though most don’t know it.

Literary usage of Nucule

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Dictionary of Science, Literature, & Art: Comprising the Definitions and by George William Cox (1866)
“… that fruit which is otherwise called a gland or acorn, or any small, hard, one-seeded pericarp. The female organ in Chara ia also calli-il a nucule. …”

2. Text-book of Botany: Morphological and Physiological by Julius Sachs (1875)
“The nucule therefore stai in the monoecious … a and a nucule 5, c its Crown ; ß sterile lateral leaflet … m the basal node of the nucule (X …”

3. Class Book of Botany: Being an Introduction to the Study of the Vegetable by John Hutton Balfour (1852)
“The nucule is produced on the axil of a branch, and consists Fig. 1056. Fig. 1057. … The globule is usually placed immediately below the nucule (Figs. …”

4. On Molecular and Microscopic Science by Mary Somerville (1869)
“The nucule is an ovoid sac with five long cells spirally Fig. 41. Antheridia of Chara fragilis:—A, antheridium developed at base of …”

LIONEL PODCAST: The Psychology Of Our Collective Insanity

This might be one of my most important podcasts ever. Or maybe not. It details our collective insanity. We are nothing more than a collection of misfits and ambulatory schizoid lunatics. If you want to know why we do anything, look at us from a psychological reference point. There’s virtually nothing that we do that’s not grounded in some base, atavistic behavior. Take dancing. Please. Cicero said no sane man will dance. And that’s true. Something so seemingly innocent, tribal and mired in history is frankly one of the most obvious symptoms of our being unhinged. Look at these three pathetic souls in a Romanian psych ward. It’s a mirror.