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Orlando Was the Site of Terrorism. Not Homophobia or Failed Gun Laws.

Remember that at the time of 9/11 the meme the government wanted to forge was that it was the work of terrorists who were part of an international (dare I say) conspiracy to attack this country and our beloved freedom. No one dared focus solely on airport security or cockpit door reinforcement. No, the message was it’s international and therefore wars with natural resources and asset-rich countries like Iraq and Afghanistan were necessary. Had you dared suggest that these hijackers were lone wolves or self-radicalized (we can obviously eliminate homegrown as a descriptive) you would have been pilloried. The Orlando message is different. You are to focus solely and particularly on the role of firearms and not any terrorist network that may have contributed and you absolutely are not to so much as mention in any wise whatsoever the shooter’s father’s connection to the nameless Afghan satellite channel, Payam Afghan, said to be widely-known in Southwest Asia as a CIA-Pakistani ISI construct. These messages are not constructed by accident. They are scripted and you are members of the choir.

America. The republic, usually misunderstood as a democracy. Where anyone with a pair of neurons and a functioning synapse can vote. Or not. We love the simple issue. Basic. Tissue thin and unidimensional. Trite and uncomplicated. The meme, the phrase. The ribbon, the hashtag the filter. The rote, the memorized, the patellar and Pavlovian. The rehearsed but never researched. Revisionist history and popular culture. Overarching themes. A country that confuses religious faith and piety with mythology and superstition. Uneducated, uncultured and uncouth. America loves to hate, its public and loud alleged aversion to hate notwithstanding. We love to hate the candidates, the networks, the talk radio loudmouths, the other side. We hate them, the opposition. We hate the Bible thumper and leftie loon. We hate the gun owner and gun advocate and gun fanatic. N.B. The fanatic. Translation: someone who expresses a belief or penchant for an idea or practice that we don’t understand or agree with. The other guy. Terrorist = the other guy. Impuissant and gutless leftie and liberal = the other guy. Right wing lunatic = the other guy. Hillary and Trump are both “presumptive” candidates and code words and attack commands, signaling the recitation of the usual statements from the usual suspects. We delude ourselves into thinking that our debates are rational and comprehensive and fact-based and well-thought. It’s not so much that we have a position, it’s that we loathe and detest the proponents of the other side, the other position. America loves to coopt issues that redefine vagueness and make it an art form. One faction has taken as its own the fight against gun violence, as though anyone could possibly be in favor of it. Another faction wraps itself in the Constitutional without so much as a correspondence course in basic historical precepts and rudiments. Doesn’t mater, I seized the image first, it’s mine. Out of a republic with 319 million people we have as presumptive candidates two of the most vile, despicable and unworthy kakistocrats that central casting could have ever created if not hatched. We get what we deserve. And though our republic will endure and survive – after all, we came through the Franklin Pierce years relatively unscathed – prospering and advancing are another issue altogether. These are dark days for Americans but an absolute gold mine for those of us who make our living through political commentary and analysis.

Remember the rules of terror. When there’s a Democratic administration, terrorism is domestic, considered lone wolf, homegrown, self-radicalizing. Think Ruby Ridge and Waco. That enables them to seize weapons, guns, infiltrate militia groups and constitutionalist Tea Party types. When Republicans are in office terrorism’s foreign, Islamist, al Qaeda-esque. Think UBL. Both permit the disintegration of constitutional freedoms and attacks privacy with heightened surveillance and full spectrum panopticon control.

Rule. We are a country of clichés. Trite and hackneyed phrases. Kneejerk and patellar Pavlovian responses. Rote, rank and repetitious.

Please focus carefully on the words of Obama and Hillary. If you don’t know what they mean, you’ll miss their import. Obama referred to “homegrown terrorism.” That implies a local, non-systemic, non-international, non-Islamic form of organized terrorism. It’s just like the term “lone wolf” that Hillary used. Be very familiar with the particularity of language. These words mean something. They will avoid at all costs Islamic terrorism as the cause. If they do, they then plead guilty to an impuissant policy against such. Especially when they keep cozying up to Saudi Arabia, the Al Sharpton of the Middle East. Nothing sticks to them.

Americans, especially those who focus solely on our pathetic mainstream media have no conversance with history or issues especially regarding their beloved Obama. Operation Fast and Furious was launched by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The gunrunning operation, which lasted from 2009 to 2011, resulted in the ATF losing over a thousand firearms. Two of those weapons were linked to the 2010 murder of a Border Patrol agent in Arizona and many of the weapons are suspected to have landed in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. When this was brought up to the Obama administration, who rails against gun violence and crime, the crickets sounded and not a peep was mentioned by the media. This shows the schizophrenic mindset of an administration and a public who’s frankly too busy apply he latest hostage or Facebook filter to read and research and care.

Don’t fall into the trap of dismissing Pulse as just a gay bar. It was more than that. It was a source of communal meeting and celebration. A town hall of sorts. Think Stonewall. It’s where the LGBT community felt safe and merely wanted to have fun and enjoy their life. And be not mistake, their lifestyle and sexuality were the subject and target of this terrorist’s targeting.

We are becoming soft. We’ve been lucky enough to exist for 240 years in relative peace save 9/11 and now this. You’re not used to war or having an avowed enemy. You think you can get all squishy and send prayers and love and remind us constantly how your heart is broken and how we have to get along and love and trust and reach out and sing Kumbaya. You’ll flash the de rigueur Orlando filter or the latest pithy hash tag. You pray for Orlando, stand with Orlando and miss the point altogether. For such a supposed tough country we’re apparently unable to really understand what’s happening. This is war. And that means getting surgical. And precise. And the first thing you’re going to have to do is read and explore and research and unearth the unspeakable truth of who our enemies are and what your government has done to hide, deflect and distract your attention from what needs to be done. Look to foreign and alternative media. Turn this mindless pro-Hillary dreck off and grow a pair, America.

Remember, ask about the #Orlando shooter’s psych background. This is a tricky thing. Why? Hillary and Trump want to avoid any insanity and psyched connection. Hillary has Big Pharma to placate and that means avoiding any connection whatsoever to adverse reactions and side effects. Trump wants an ISIS Islamic terrorism connection and having a lunatic versus a terrorist scotches those plans. But, mark my words. Scratch the surface and you’ll see indicia of mental illness.

History. When Rudy Giuliani and others targeted the Mafia and LCN they didn’t in an effort to seem fair and even-handed start targeting Swedes. And no one objected. They never called organized crime hate. They called it crime and focused on Italian-Americans who happened to inhabit the ranks. In fact it was a known requisite. No one suggested that all Italian-Americans were connected, just that the Mafia as we call it had very few Cambodians among its ranks.

Experience and verity. As anyone who’s ever worked around criminal savagery will tell you, it is often the case when deranged and mentally ill people commit heinous crimes they say a number of things that accompany or precede the behavior. They might cite the Bible, Qur’an, Ozzy Osborne, a dog as David Berkowitz first suggested, name it. Or they might reference Rush Limbaugh or conservative writers. Violent movies, suggestive lyrics, domestic violence, his list is endless. And in the case of a shooting the issue remains had they not possessed the weapon the shooting would and could not have occurred. This is obvious and a matter of fact. What we instinctively look for is the cause. That causal connection. What made someone do it. We often confuse cause with correlation. Or motivation: why some one did it versus what caused and produced the behavior. What’s more distressing and frustrating to many who’ve never encountered it is that mental illness is often the cause, the correlation and the motivation. While mental illness – which covers a range of behaviors – is usually benign as to victimization of others, in some it manifests itself terribly. If I could only ask one question, I’d ask if the Orlando shooter was either taking psych meds or recently discontinued them. It is all too often that connection that is never addressed for a host of reasons including the death grip that Big Pharma has on Washington and lawmakers. But that is for another time. Simply put, this horror was caused by a deranged and mentally ill person. It’s that simple. And that complicated.

How America Handles Terror Versus Israel – A Thought Experiment

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter of this piece.

If Bibi Netanyahu dispatched a contingent of Shin Bet agents to assist American law enforcement types in investigating the Orlando terror horror, they would invariably and most assuredly ask inter alia who the shooter was, his ties to terrorist organizations, his travels, his family, his writings, FBI and CIA monitoring and who handlers were if any, his social media accounts, passport and credit card activity along with banking and the like. Also psychiatric history along with all medications prescribed, taken or stopped. Prior criminal history, job and employment affiliations, peer and employer reviews. Interviews with immediate family and religious and clerical connections. In short, a full spectrum analysis of the shooter.

Here’s what Americans and their social and mainstream media would provide. A legislative history of firearms legislation, anti-NRA memes and postings. A series of hashtag selfies. Social media filters. Late night comedian rants. A misapplication of terms assault weapons and the ubiquitous and dread AR-15. Ribbons, phrases and more memes. The discussion of the abrogation and repeal of the Second Amendment. Calling into question the psychosexual behaviors of gun owners, with a recurring theme of penis envy, penis size and penis referencing in general all sublimated through weapons purchase along with the attribution of homophobia as the sole motivation for the carnage.

That’s how we handle terror.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Most Thorough Analysis of the Orlando Massacre You’ll Ever Hear

That about sums up my feelings. I will not try and compete with your own disgust or claim that I’ve somehow tapped into a greater appreciation of the horror than you have. I’m not for pithy hashtags or filters. I don’t send thoughts and prayers out as I’ve never understood what that even mean. What I do is try and dissect the issues and apply a healthy dose of critical thinking to a horror that’s been coopted by every faction and ideological mob. the usual suspects.

The gravamen. This disquisition addresses the following 20 questions that comprise the usual, the rehashed, the misunderstood and the regurgitated. I commend to you this systematic approach and trust that you will forward same to that pesky thickheaded friend who seems to not grasp a clue of this post complicated and tragic story.

1. Why did Orlando happen?
2. What caused it?
3. Who’s responsible?
4. Explaining correlation versus cause versus motivation.
5. Did gun laws fail?
6. Is it a matter radical Islam?
7. Is it homophobia?
8. How will Trump and Hillary play it out?
9. Why do we need assault weapons?
10. What are they exactly?
11. Can guns ever be eliminated?
12. What does the Second Amendment have to say about this?
13. The goal of governments: disarmament.
14. Why mental illness and the role of psychmeds are never discussed out of fear of Big Pharma.
15. Why won’t Hillary or Obama call it radical Islamist terrorism?
16. Explain the social media reaction.
17. Explain the mainstream media’s reaction?
18. How can we prevent this from happening?
19. Premises liability and security failures.
20. Beware of the conspiracists who allege false flag, crisis actors and staging without any evidence.