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LIONEL PODCAST: Teach Kids About Intimacy Not Just Sex

I love this picture. Mr. T-shirt sizes up sex once and for all. And what’s the whistle for? Notice the extraneous lines and wiggles on the schematic. Is that a gash near the glans? Yikes.

This classic example of Americana shows the ubiquitous pedagogic utility journeyman “coach” teaching the rudiments of sporting wood, pitching a trouser tent. Mr. Chubby. Blue steel, cat couldn’t scratch it. Like a baby’s arm with an apple in its fist. You could cut glass with that baby. The classic boner. A hard on for the hard on. The tumescent and turgid . . . you get the picture.

What’s discussed herein inter alia is the fact that sexual education mustn’t be taught solely. Intimacy education must be taught as well. Preventing pregnancy is great and lowering STD transmissibility is fine also. But there’s more to it than that.


This is Lord Kelvin. William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin (1824–1907). The Kelvin scale is an absolute, thermodynamic temperature scale using as its null point absolute zero, the temperature at which all thermal motion ceases in the classical description of thermodynamics. Absolute zero at 0 K is −273.15 °C (−459.67 °F). A friend of mine and I refer to people with absolutely nothing of worth to say or add to public discourse as Kelvins, i.e. because they’re absolute zeroes. Don’t be a Kelvin.

Today’s disquisition begins with my thoughts about school systems around the country voting to make the teaching of cursive writing an elective and non-mandatory in the school’s constantly winnowed curricula. The reaction has been most fascinating heretofore. The usual old school (literally) camp hates change and the more realistic folks who embrace modernity (me) applaud realistic course adaptation. But the message to be gleaned from this logical exercise is how critical thinking (a constant in my worldview) when applied to the issue of discontinuing Palmer method didactics never incorporates nostalgia into issue consideration. Plus, it makes a wonderful analog to myriad issues presented to the sentient. Enjoy, enjoy, my friend.

LIONEL AUDIO: TSA Tyranny Hits Home. My Wife Gets Groped In The Fight Against Terrorism!


I have been trumpeting the concerns about full body scanners for quite a while. And now, the public is speaking up against them. Finally.

And it really hit home when my wife was groped Sunday by a TSA goon at the Tampa Airport after she was singled out for a “random” yet compulsory pass through the radiation field and nude body porno scanner. She was never given a chance to walk through the magnetometer like everybody else. Was never offered to be wanded. No, it was the porno radiation chamber or being felt up by a blue-gloved TSA thug. She suffered the latter.

I commented on this harrowing experience during my PIX 11 Commentary.

There’s a groundswell of objections to this rogue group of mindless authority junkies who are encouraged from the bottom down. here seems to be no rationality. No connection between doing what’s necessary but reasonably. This mindless Pavlovian obeisance to anything the government orders is per se un-American.

  • Former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff is pushing full body scanners because he happens to be the company’s lobbyist. Coincidence? What is rarely mentioned is that the Chertoff Group, his security consulting agency, represents a manufacturer of the machines. Remember, this scanning program is brought to you via a $735 Million gift from taxpayers. You’re paying for this! [Source]
  • This is a systematic method to soften up American sheeple and get them acclimated to greater and more intrusive privacy violations.
  • A TSA employee reportedly admitted pat-down involving touching of genitals meant to intimidate people into using body scanners. [Source]
  • Officials and experts from various disciplines have called into question the safety of the radio employed. They say that the low level beam does deliver a small dose of radiation to the body but because the beam concentrates on the skin — one of the most radiation-sensitive organs of the human body — that dose may be up to 20 times higher than first estimated. [Source] And the more the government swears to its safety, the more suspect I am. Remember, I don’t believe anything until it’s officially denied.
  • And if you think you’ve heard it all, watch this. Remember, this is America. I think.

LIONEL AUDIO: Nude Body Scanners, Kiddie Porn & We The Sheeple Nodding in Pavlovian Obeisance

New York airports will now have full body scanners the media report. There are cancer concerns over the devices as the Telegraph reports.

Dr David Brenner, head of the centre for radiological research at Columbia University in New York, said Government scientists had not taken into account the concentration of the radiation on the skin. He said it raised concerns about a potentially greater risk of cancer than previously realised.

And the vast majority of Americans are per usual nescient, clueless and with nary a concern. All that has to be mentioned is the shibboleth “9/11” and We the Sheeple go into a trance signing over full control to our government who, of course, has nothing but our best interest in mind. And guess what, Cochise, scanner images through an inversion process can be colorized to provide a pretty spiffy nudie shot. Wallet size available. See infra.

LIONEL AUDIO: Nude Body Scanners, Kiddie Porn & We The Sheeple Nodding in Pavlovian Obeisance (16:12)

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