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LIONEL PODCAST: The DSK Case Is Toast Thanks To The “Victim’s” Big, Inconsistent Mouth

This is Nafissatou Diallo, DSK‘s alleged victim, appearing on ABC News. Here she tearfully recounts DSK’s alleged sexual attack on her.

Not buying it. Sorry. For Chrissakes, lady, get your story straight. Rehearse if you have to. Real victims tell the same story the same way each and every time. Without fail and without variation. This woman’s inconsistencies stem from what she told hotel coworkers, hospital staffers, cops, the DA, lawyers, friends, hotel employees and the grand jury. And now, ABC News and Newsweek. Wow. Hello, impeachment. Hello, prior inconsistent statements. DSK’s lawyers will have a field day going through each and every inconsistency and flat-out changed story.

But it finally gives Manhattan DA Cy Vance a way out, an excuse to give to victims’ groups clamoring for DSK’s crucifixion. He can blame it on the Bossa Nova and the victim herself who submarined and destroyed her own case with her own inconsistent and unbelievable words. Can you say nolle prosequi? And after that last debacle with the two cops who were acquitted of rape, he can’t take another loss in another major case. And it doesn’t get any more major than this. Funny, this case sounds familiar.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Truth Behind DSK — The Pathetic Facts Ignored By MSM

You do know why the DSK rape investigation has inspired at least nominal mention of the IMF, don’t you? It’s because there’s sex involved. That’s it. Sex, a rape charge, a rich French dude in a $3K a night suite. And, oh yeah, something called the IMF. And no, I’m not talking about the 60’s TV show about a super-secret covert intelligence program. Were you insane enough to think this might lead to a discussion of Bretton Woods or SDRs or IMF acknowledged policy on the MSM’s part? And, look, I know this kind of talk is the kiss of death when it comes to pubic attention spans which hover at that of a gnat. But, allow me to do some ‘splaining, Lucy. And listen. Trust me, no one in the media of any form or type will get near this. Because they don’t understand it.