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LIONEL AUDIO: Post-Rally Analyses, Election Day & Psephological High Jinks

Don’t feel bad. I didn’t know what it was at first either. It’s an American pie. I hope.

Election day, midterms and our own New York governor’s race. What’s an informed American to do? Well, it’s not watching the garbage on 24/7 cable news, that’s for sure. The dearth of substance is mind-boggling. Politics is about visceral reactions, gut feelings, team politics and who’s hot and who’s not. Saturday’s Comedy Central rally for whatever, a P.R. work of genius, shows us what’s critical: even in that group of seemingly hip and sentient politically savvy they had nary a clue as to the gravamen of the problems that plague our country. They were just “here for the beer.” And a word on the wonderment of  life after death, the most impossible of oxymorons.

LIONEL AUDIO: Don’t Blame Colbert. Blame Yourself.

Imagine Borat appearing before Congress joking about AIDS. Or Julia Sweeney as Pat testifying as to transgender issues. Or Maude Frickert speaking on global warming. (How’s that for dating yourself, but Jonathan Winters is a genius.) Who’d laugh? Certainly not the crowd who would find Colbert’s embarrassing, inappropriate, out-of-line, disrespectful, mocking, classless appearance before Congress funny. First those issues would be most certainly those they can relate to and identify with. Immigration is, well, shall we say a tad too cerebral for the crowd that would find colonoscopy and Brazilian waxing funny. But it’s not just Colbert. It’s the state of comedy today, hijacked by kids and semi-literates who find fart jokes and boogers funny. And no one loves well-placed flatus follows more than I. (Can you say Blazing Saddles?) You can see it on SNL this past week. And on a season opener, no less. The Daily Show, perhaps the best written political show, can’t get through an episode without F-bombs aplenty.

But this guy’s not to blame. We’re to blame. So many don’t read, think, care or investigate anything. We just want to be amused. Like a parent jiggling keys to distract a crying infant. And dig the dude smelling his pencil.

But first, a proem of labyrinthine beauty. Intricate, complex, fluid ricocheted thoughts.