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LIONEL AUDIO: Star_ucks, The Source of Me & The Quiddity Of Our Media

I can’t get it out of my head. I’m still stuck on Black Friday. It confounds me. In cataloging abnormal and aberrant human behavior, one of the main indicia of such is the lemming-like, sheeple convergence on Black Friday. And the media’s coverage. I can’t get enough of the story and the pschodynamics of “crowdthink.”

I’ve a few thoughts on the subject. My PIX 11 News commentary highlights such infra.

As you can see my disquisition on the subject is the model of pellucidity. (Ahem.) Or not. You know you’re on to a good topic when, as in the case here, you can substitute riot photos for actual Black Friday photos and no one’s the wiser. The audience absolutely sees that what you’re showing isn’t at all far-fetched. How fetching!

Discussed herein.

  • The source of my appreciation of the absurd
  • The miserableness of people
  • Women’s loud shoes
  • Whistlers and bad singers
  • Stuttering as a child and tricks to conquer such
  • New media, new delivery systems
  • Barney Fife and Ted Baxter: Two of the most important figures in our American culture

LIONEL AUDIO: Oprah, Child Molesting & Keith Olbermann

Some segue, you must admit. The first portion is a review of an Oprah Show dealing with sexual abuse, viz. men in her audience who described in graphic detail their own molestations when boys. Next a discussion of the colossal boneheadedness of self-appointed liberal brain trust, this guy (supra). Finally, the use of perspective prisms.

If Olbermann’s dismissal or suspension or whatever is contrived and planned, it is noting short of genius. Say what you want about the guy, he’s the main draw to MSNBC and drives the right nuts. Is he a journalist? No. Is he a serious reporter? No. But he’s a lightening rod for attention and Zeus knows those poor folks need anything to attract viewers.