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LIONEL PODCAST: I Hate Hate Crimes. And Why You Should Too.

It’s very simple. Thought. Idea. Motive. Inclination. That which propels or drives or inspires. That is the essence of ideation and when you penalize it, directly or indirectly, you’ve created thought crimes. And that is the subject of this disquisition for your edification and review.


Plecia nearctica, or as every Floridan knows them as, the love bug. The joke was they flew united. (Kids, ask your parents.) State officials let these pesky windshield terrorists get out of hand. (Honestly, I always thought it was a car wash industry conspiracy.) Well, that’s the way the feds view the Internet. It got out of control and now they’ve got to find new ways to reel it in short of just shutting it down. And believe me, they’re working on that too. China’s showing us how.