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LIONEL PODCAST: #LOTUS4POTUS Selection Eve – America Doomed, a Republic in Freefall

MAKE AMERICA SANE AGAIN. “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” Thus spake America’s anarchist sweetheart Emma Goldman. But E-Go never met Lionel and would have certainly changed her tune once she reviewed his courageous, bold and revolutionary platform. For POTUS . . .  LOTUS (Lionel of the United States).

For your consideration. The two major candidates offer undifferentiated direction and no actual choice. The lesser of two evils is still evil. And less. That’s why I am asking for your vote. On November 8, 2016 CE, write in #LOTUS4POTUS. Eschew and reject abstention. Make a choice. The only choice.

The Lionel Platform. Here’s but a sample, an amuse-bouche, inter alia.

  • Lionel would reintroduce Glass-Steagall and shatter the glass ceiling.
  • Lionel would introduce a citizens election bill of rights ensuring greater transparency in maintaining the integrity of the franchise and mandating analog “paper trail” recordation, vote verification and authentication and backup.
  • Lionel would reverse the militarization of police departments and agencies through abuses of 1033 programs and their progeny and would call for a re-embracing of the spirit of Posse Comitatus.
  • Lionel would nationalize the Federal Reserve instanter and frogmarch Janet Yellen from its headquarters in a public display symbolizing with limpidity that there’s a new sheriff in town.
  • Lionel would reenergize, revamp and refurbish our crumbling education system and add a concerted and directed emphasis on arts and music programs.
  • Lionel would declare health care as a right all Americans are entitled to, channeling FDR’s Four Freedoms.
  • Lionel would immediately address the $4.0 quadrillion derivatives bubble and the impending global financial and monetary disaster that looms.
  • Lionel would demand immediate review of geoengineering and aerosolized nanoparticulate dispersal under euphemisms chemtrails, climate engineering, solar radiation management and the like.
  • Lionel would adopt the fundamentals of the American School of Economics instanter rejecting the cryptofascist Austrian School (libertarian mumbo jumbo) and equally dangerous Reaganomics trickle down fantasy.
  • Lionel would reverse the course of globalist reckless adventurism of bankster asset-stripping jackals disguised as public policy or national security. 
  • Lionel would mandate absolute adherence to the Hill-Burton Act in light of potential catastrophic health emergencies and disasters such as plague and pandemics. 
  • Lionel would shatter the myth of the left-right paradigm and the illusion of rational and palpable differences between the two party illusion.
  • Lionel would reject whole cloth the patently unconstitutional supranational UN jurisdiction and recognition of such as a globalist Trojan Horse especially as to climate change myths and derivative carbon taxing, cap and trade, and track and tax stratagems. 
  • Lionel would propose and impose a Wall Street Sales Tax (Tobin Tax or Robin Hood Tax) of 1% on stocks, bonds and derivatives to stanch state and federal budget cuts.
  • Lionel would recoup the American money system.
  • Lionel would reinstitute citizen privacy rights and clawback 24/7 worldview panopticon surveillance grids via NSA and attendant corporate complicity via back-door configuration and encryption schemes. 
  • Lionel would remove once and for all the prison industrial complex by its obliteration into smithereens.
  • Lionel would advocate the medicalization and decriminalization of all drugs, narcotics and substances with emphasis on drug education and rehabilitation to curb and address addiction.
#LOTUS4POTUS is a mélange and conglomeration of Lionel Nation and Lionel Media. The reference sites infra are your ignition switch to mass traction sentience.

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LIONEL PODCAST: The Hillary Clinton Election Is an Inside Job Conspiracy of the First Order

“The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

This is the ultimate and quintessential inside job. The very fact that this woman hasn’t been incarcerated much less charged with the slightest of infractions speaks volumes. Nothing. Nada. Think about it. Despite innumerable leaks, drops, WikiLeaks, DikiLeaks, Podesta emails inter alia, the mainstream media who’re in the tank for the evil queen look the other way. On every inconceivable level from the Clinton Foundation and CGI crime cartels and enterprises to pay for play and selling out the State Department to even lying about her being gravely ill, she’s traipsed through the garden inviolate and unscathed. It’s fixed. She’s paid off the boys. It’s a conspiracy, Sparky. The ultimate inside job.

LIONEL PODCAST: No Matter What Weiner or Hillary or Huma Do, Voting Changes Nothing in a Corrupt System

“Nothing is said or done about the issues that neither left or right is discussing.”

The Hegelian Dialectic. Formulated by German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, the Hegelian Dialectic provides that the human mind cannot understand anything unless it can be split into two polar opposites, i.e. the Left/Right. It’s why this nonsense doesn’t matter.

What difference does it make? “For example when people are talking about two political parties, [Republican or Democrat], what they’re actually referring to, without realizing it, is the thesis and the antithesis based off the Hegelian Dialectic,” General Maddox with realnewsaustralia.com wrote. “The only real debate that occurs is just the minor differences between those two parties.”

The ‘Establishment parties’ create political theatre, to demonstrate and exaggerate their political differences, but in reality once they are in power many promises are broken and the differences prove to be not as great as they pretend.

LIONEL PODCAST: Thought Prisoners Are We of a Rancid and Corrupt Regime

Yell all you want. It won’t do any good. In outer space no one can hear you scream. Or vote.

LIONEL PODCAST: After Hillary Steals the Election Someone Grab the Flag

Lionel at The Cutting Room NYC 23 October 2016 CE

Recollecting Hillary’s balloon seizure and Angelo Bruno grimace. But she’s fine. As are her morals and sense of propriety and perspective. Nothing vaguely resembling consistency on message or continuity in feigned veracity. Enjoy. And welcome to the maelstrom, the vortex.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Most Comprehensive and Breathtaking Explanation and Disquisition of the Horror That Is #Election2016

We’re a classy country that appreciates decorum and elegance. Just not for elections. But always. Even our hallowed roster of esteemed and venerable entertainers weighed in with untold panache and style. I apologize in advance. It’s what and who we’ve become. We’re lost as a civilization, devolving daily as is are once believe republic. Don’t ever think that we can’t or won’t go the way of Rome. Enjoy this disquisition and summary of #Election2016. It’s all you need to know.

LIONEL PODCAST: Assange, WikiLeaks and the Death of Mainstream Media Pretend Journalism

Julian Assange is a planetary hero.

A hero. Of the first stripe. Were it not for Mr. Assange what would we know today? And what would we remain ignorant of still? But what’s more intellectually is how we still fail to understand the relevance of the revelation. And how the media would have been doing heir job by at least reporting on the drops the way it did the Pentagon papers. Proudly, no less. And remember, they were in effect stolen as well. Whither  journalistic curiosity?

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but it seems like a series of events during the last couple of days are related.

Before the tweet went out saying his Internet had been cut off, Wikileaks disseminated a series of hash codes which are most likely meant to verify the authenticity of documents contained in “dead man’s switches”, which Assange has previously planted. So if something further happens to Assange, we’ll be able to verify that the documents that eventually get released have not been tampered with. [The Ralph Retort]

LIONEL PODCAST: The Hillary-Trump Media Sexcapades Sideshow and Psycho Circus

In 2014 as he was discussing the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, CNN rodeo clown Don Lemon, reported and reputed to be the stupidest human on television, discussed the chance of something “supernatural” happening and actually asked panelists about the possibility that a black hole was involved. I swear to Gawd.

Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under. — H. L. Mencken

We repeat and never report. We’re the Ted Baxter sockpuppet echo chamber cookie cutter bumper sticker bought and sold Hillary-controlled mainstream media that sold it soul decades ago but like the planet that has burned out millennia ago, it takes years for the reality to hit you. We’re hear to destroy and grind into pulp Herr Drumpf and he’s making our jobs exceedingly easy. Welcome, my friend, to to show that (unfortunately) never ends. With apologies to Mr. Lake.

Psephology today. The lesson to be learned is how the American people actually respond to political races in general. The biggest mistake that one can make is to assume that deep issues matter. That an electorate does research and knows his history and is up events. On the contrary. Focus not on an idea but, better yet, a feeling. Focus in on a feeling that allows the targeted voter bloc to assume the stance of superiority. Demonize the opponent and his followers. Treat the opposition as a brand. Conflate superiority with factual conversance.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Delusional Voter Turned Her Back on America

Incomprehensible horrors to the republic. Incalculable bellicosity and warmongering as a platform, scheduled and crafter and scripted by necocon think tanks. You will rue this day. You will not be able to reclaim that which you’ve squandered. Behold the media’s infantilism and “journalistic” autonepiophilia. But I digress . . . enjoy this aural selection and amuse-bouche.

LIONEL PODCAST: Wikileaks and the Destruction of the Media

Take a gander infra. Go ahead. This is monumentally amazing for even the mildly sentient. Why? Because the mainstream media have covered absolutely nothing of the matter. A worldwide story of indescribable import and it’s ignored altogether because the information contained therein is embarrassing to the Clinton regime.

“I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans.”

Where’s the LGBT love? The HRC acolyte has labored under the delusion that she was for inter alia gay marriage and the full panoply of LGBTQIA legislation. Well, Sparky, that just ain’t so.

And you thought Billary were in favor of LGBT and same-sex marriage?

And this bit of statistics that indicts the interference mistress Martha Raddatz incredibly. The idea that a moderator should not interfere with the debate and should certainly not participate against one of the parties I would think would be axiomatic. Well, not so fast.