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LIONEL PODCAST: Brainwashed Climate Changers and Malthusian Monsters

From Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley. I commend this (in part) to you. You will never see or hear of this on mainstream media for obvious reasons.

In this autumn of 2015, humanity is being subjected to an unprecedented mass brainwashing campaign in the name of pessimism and the renunciation of a better standard of living for oneself and one’s children. This campaign is advancing under the banner of climate change, global warming, overpopulation, industrial pollution, and general historical and cultural pessimism. Unfortunately, Pope Francis and the Vatican bureaucracy are playing a deplorable role by supporting this campaign, which is touted in the current pope’s first encyclical entitled “Laudato Sii.” The Roman Catholic bishops of much of the world have demanded the phasing out of all fossil fuels, including coal and oil, a reckless, irresponsible, and potentially lethal recommendation for the poor of the planet whom Francis says he is trying to help.

The controlled media of much of the world are laboring hard to create a pessimistic block universe, a new prisonhouse of the human mind. The problem is obviously that only the increased application of science, technology, and modern industry – including production facilities on the moon and other planets and in interplanetary space – can provide significant improvements in the standard of living, longevity, and quality of life of billions of poor people across the globe. But if every proposal for modern production, including modern energy production, is immediately dismissed with the slogans of climate change, then the situation of mankind is a blind alley, and thus truly tragic.

Fortunately for all of us, although there has been some global warming lately, it seems to have stopped about 15 years ago. In addition, whatever warming has occurred is far more likely to be attributable to solar activity than to the carbon emissions of which the climate charlatans prate.

To be a climate scientist is almost automatically to be a charlatan. Climate science is not a real discipline, like history, philosophy, mathematics, geology, astronomy, meteorology, and others. All of these disciplines maintain an open mind as to where scientific inquiry will take them. But climate science is automatically bound hand and foot to a specific conclusion – anthropogenic global warming caused by carbon emissions, which must be fought by wholesale deindustrialization and the introduction of anti-economic and backward technologies like windmills and solar cells.

One does not have to be a climate scientist to have an educated view of the anthropogenic climate change/global warming claim. For a historian like the present writer, it is easy to refute the exaggerated claims of the foundation funded thinkers of our time by going back to about 1000 to 1200 AD, the time which has long been known as the Medieval Warm Period, when, in the absence of widespread use of coal and oil, ocean and air temperatures rose to levels as high as today, and higher. The historian does not have to muck around with ice cores or other inherently problematic forms of evidence; we are lucky enough to have a written document to use as our source. We refer here to the medieval scholar Adam of Bremen, who wrote in northern Germany in the 11th century A.D., telling us of Winland, an island in the North Atlantic, where grapevines spontaneously grow. We would say Vineland.

The earliest record of the name Winland is found in Adam of Bremen’s Descriptio insularum Aquilonis (“Description of the Northern Islands”, ch. 39) written c. 1075. Adam implies that the name contains Old Norse vín (Latin vinum) “wine” (rendered as Old High German win):

“Moreover, he has also reported one island discovered by many in that ocean, which is called Winland, for the reason that grapevines grow there by themselves, producing the best wine.” (Praeterea unam adhuc insulam recitavit a multis in eo repertam occeano, quae dicitur Winland, eo quod ibi vites sponte nascantur, vinum optimum ferentes).

Be careful when consulting, online reference works on the Medieval Warm Period, since the climate science charlatans long ago identified the Medieval Warm Period as one of the main vulnerabilities in the junk science they were peddling.

Over the years, the more cynical and outspoken of the Malthusian demagogues like Maurice Strong, Alexander King, and Aurelio Peccei have admitted that the principal purpose of campaigns around the limits of growth, overpopulation, or climate change is to prevent the scientific, technological, and industrial development of the Third World (or developing countries, or the postcolonial sector). This is already a very serious matter, since it amounts to saying that anthropogenic climate change/global warming is an ideology of genocide, just as surely as Alfred Rosenberg’s ravings were an ideology for genocide in the 1930s and 1940s.

The oligarchy as a whole is compelled to seek an ideology like global warming in order to prevent the development of technology, which constantly erodes the irrational privileges of financiers and similar figures, while providing upward mobility to scientifically trained representatives of the lower classes. The oligarch must assert overpopulation, since this allows him to classify some people as superfluous and inferior, thus helping to cement oligarchical privilege.

Another reason is the one discussed by Sigmund Freud. Oligarchs who fear that their outrageous class privileges might be taken away can easily develop into paranoia. Under these circumstances, the interior of the oligarchical mind feels that all available objects have been deprived of libidinal cathexis. This is experienced by the oligarchical paranoiac as the end of his world. A frequent reaction to this internal impoverishment is to project a zero level of libidinal cathexis onto the outside world, as for example in the claim that the end of the world is approaching. The oligarch is then delighted to find that this warped intuition provides an admirable rhetorical tool for duping and stampeding the weak minded.

The argument here today is that Malthusian thinking, otherwise known as environmentalism, radical ecology, zero growth, or other names represent the inherent mental and emotional attitude of oligarchy (the rule of the few) as it has been expressed over almost 3 millennia, going back to archaic Greece. In a profound sense, today’s acrimonious debates are not primarily concerned with scientific hypotheses, evidence, or findings in the theory of anthropogenic climate change/global warming. We are rather dealing with the perennial, compulsive attitude of the oligarchical mind towards human society.

Right now, the oligarchs, charlatans, and demagogues of the world are straining mightily to bind humanity into the straitjacket of their discredited ideology. They want to see anthropogenic climate change/global warming and their view of its consequences enacted into a binding treaty imposed upon all nations of the earth, an agreement which could in theory be enforced by military measures.

The climate change canard. As Obama’s science czar, the most frightening John Holdren, espouses, the bases of the hysterical climate change frisson is anti-industrial Malthusian genocide and depopulation. The debate between Cornucopians and Malthusians underlies much of the flashpoint and rhetoric behind disagreements over the implications of alleged environmental science and the mythologic of climate change. Cornucopian refers to the “horn of plenty” of Greek mythology and as such cornucopians for the most part are radically and vehemently against economic and population growth strictures with limits, while Malthusians named after Thomas Malthus, take the opposing position. Immerse yourself in this subject matter. Learn of Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Malthus and Bentham. Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley is without peer in his admonitions and historical exposure of these horrid purveyors of crypto-eugenics.

While you slept, the word plotted without you. Just a few samplings. A few ideological amuses-bouches to scare you witless.

  • “The superior power of population cannot be checked without producing misery or vice.” (Malthus)
  • “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed — and hence clamorous to be led to safety — by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” And, “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false face for the urge to rule it.” (H. L. Mencken)
  • “It’s unlikely that the U.S. is going to take serious action on climate change until there are observable, dramatic events, almost catastrophic in nature, that drive public opinion and drive the political process in that direction.” (Robert Stavins, the head of Harvard’s Environmental Economics program)

LIONEL PODCASTS: Why Dr. Oz Is Right & Why the MSM Are Trying to Destroy Him

Gawd bless this man. For this. Dr. Oz dared to discuss the toxicity of the biotech industry’s favorite pesticide “glyphosate” — a dangerous chemical that even the World Health Organization now admits likely causes cancer and the “Monsanto Mafia” was sicced on him. Haven’t you heard? He dared to chanllenhe the all-great, all-knowing Monsanto and Big Agra, two concepts most of the sniveling, mouth-breathing cretinous GMO defenders are clueless anent. And he ever dares to question the sagacity of vaccines! Heavens! And he’s called a quack. No, a quack is Bill Nye, Monsanto shill and sell-out. That’s a quack. Or Neil deGrasse Tyson who also skirted around the GMO issue until he had it handed to him and he wisely backed off. Neil’s also a UFO gatekeeper and rock star wannabe, which is fine (as to the latter), but he doesn’t know how to reel it in.

This plot to destroy Dr. Oz originates with all the usual “Monsanto Mafia” suspects such as Henry Miller, the indignant biotech puppet and Stanford biotech operative who helped run disinformation campaigns and fake science front operations for Big Tobacco. See the full details on Henry Miller here.

Also signing the attack letter against Dr. Oz was Dr. Gilbert Ross, executive director of the American Council on Science and Health — a shady industry front group that spreads biotech disinformation and lies under the false label of “science.”

Dr. Ross is a convicted criminal and Medicaid fraud artist. He was “convicted of racketeering, mail fraud and conspiracy,” and was “sentenced to 47 months in jail, $40,000 in forfeiture and restitution of $612,855” in a scheme to defraud the Medicaid system, reports the U.S. Right to Know campaign in a page describing the ACSH’s sleazy practices.

Well, Ted Baxter? And the MSM have nary a clue what the issues are but the dog whistle’s been sounded and the attack mode has been initiated and off they go. Throw into the mix the usual anti-conspiracy sockpuppets who’ve made up their minds that Oz is a quack, somehow Oprah-related, and it’s more fun to attack and smear without an ounce of data per usual and per custom. Thank Zeus for alternative media and the Internet and you can understand full well what’s happened. Enter Biog Agra, Big Pharma, the biotech mafia and astroturf sloganeering and libel. As Dr. Bob Arnot said on CNN:

“[T]he most interesting part of this is this letter. First of all, it’s not from the Columbia faculty. It’s from ten physicians, all of whom have industry ties. And if you look carefully at the letter, what it’s really about is that the industry is furious that he has taken on genetically modified crops. So you basically have industry henchmen who are after Dr. Oz here. One of them in fact, head of the American Council on Science and Health, spent some time in federal prison for Medicaid fraud, so I’d be very careful about who has written this letter.”

LIONEL PODCAST: Vaccines Fascists & Martial Law For Starters

North who? NORTHCOM. “Created in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) is charged with responsibility for overall military defense of the U.S. homeland and defense support of civil authorities (DSCA).” Those simple words belie the potential for incomprehensible and inconceivable excess. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Bless him. He called the feds a “sock puppet” for the vaccine industry, Robert Kennedy Jr. spoke out Monday against making it harder for parents to exempt their children from vaccinations. “All of the studies show the primary reason people don’t vaccinate — the primary reason — is mistrust of the regulators. The solution to this problem, to the extent that it’s a problem in New Jersey, is to restore the regulatory process, not to compel people to do something that they may feel they have very good reason not to do.”

Therefore, herein the problems lie. Problems that are glaringly obvious to those of us in the business of constitutional conversance, know exactly what these issues convey and connote. But those are just a few of the issues addressed. And thus, this podcast.

LIONEL PODCAST: Scientific Illiterates Yell the Loudest

This is MRT. Mitochondrial Replacement Therapy. And believe you me, the voices will rise in objection with nary a clue as to what this even envisages or implies. And that’s the theme of today’s discourse. It works like this: I don’t like you or the main proponent of an idea who’s been attached and tethered to an idea. Or I will refer to you as a Truther, Birther, Deather, Climate Change Denier and now a Vaxxer. Or anti-Vaxxer. Or I’ll dredge up Jenny McCarthy as an example of the lunacy of the idea. Funny, Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s a different story. Anyhoo. But that’s it; you’re a loon. Insane. And then you’ll meet the folks who opine loudly yet have no idea of what the science involves or the like. This goes back to the Scopes Trial in 1925, where people were up in arms over Darwinian Mechanics and evolution and natural selection despite knowing nothing of how it even works.

Be chary, Mary. You’re probably not a physician or immunologist or autism expert. But I am an expert in civil liberties and how they devolve. And, by the by, I addressed this very topic of MRT a year ago. See infra. Can you say prescient? Vatic? Pythonic? And relevant? Enjoy.

LIONEL PODCAST: Measles or Autism

Oh, really? How much say do you have over your children’s health? If you fear that vaccines cause autism, if you believe that certain drugs affect our child negatively, right or wrong, what power do you have? That’s the issue. Not Chris Christie or Rand Paul. Those aren’t the issues. The issue, as I explain herein, is your child. The issue has been personalized beyond all reason. The message is the same. The refrain never changes. The issue is whether you as a parent, who may believe that a vaccine as tested is dangerous and should be avoided, do you have the right to say no? I’m not a physician or an immunologist and have studied not autism and the like, but I will tell you anecdotally that virtually every parent I meet or know seems to have a child on psychmeds or who suffers from ADD, ADDHD or autism. I’m not exaggerating, this isn’t hyperbole, it’s true. And that in no wise means that vaccines are the reason, but as a parent aren’t you and should you be able to decide? Without being called a lunatic, that is.

LIONEL PODCAST: Anti-Vaxxers Are the New Crop of Hated Conspiracy Theorists

Argot. An anti-vaxxer is a derogatory slang term for an anti-vaccinationist or one who opposes vaccinations. They join the list of truthers, birthers, deathers and climate change deniers as the latest crop of paranoid, baseless, tinfoil hat conspiracy theory loons. It’s the latest attempt to demonize and ridicule an entire group and class of individuals.

This is the anti-vaxxer message. In a nutshell, this is their position. That kids are being forced to endure a host of untested, thimerosal and mercury-tainted poisons that cause or are linked to autism and a host of behavioral disorders. That it’s all a part of a grand new world order, globalist, UN-based, psychotic eugenic Malthusian nightmare to sterilize, castrate, lobotomize depopulate a sheeple society. Bill Gates is its master and your children are his slaves. And do you think that the autism pandemic is coincidental? Wake up! The sheer number and frequency of vaccines are unbelievable and if you can’t see that, you’re nuts. Medicine and pharmacology have made mistakes throughout history. can you say thalidomide? Lobotomies were once the rage. And must I remind you that Ignaz Semmelweis, the 19th century Hungarian physician, thought it peachy for doctors to wash their hands in obstetrical clinics. They thought he was a kook! Wake up!

The vaxxer message. Do you want polio and smallpox again? Fine. Ask the kid on the left what he thinks about vaccines. So if you don’t care to join the 21st century, then move to a desert island. There’s nothing wrong with vaccines and if there was, the government would stop it. What are you, some conspiracy theory lunatic? You think the CDC is a conspiracy? My pediatrician, whom I trust, knows what’s best for my kids and his kids and she wouldn’t suggest some poison for her own kids if here was a reasonable risk of harm. Vaccines should be mandatory. Period. No questions asked.

Enter Chris Christie. While in England, Double-C said “there has to be a balance and it depends on what the vaccine is, what the disease type is, and all the rest.” He added, “Not every vaccine is created equal and not every disease type is as great a public health threat as others.” Uh oh. He’s officially thrown down the gauntlet. And in the UK no less, he crucible of globalist groupthink. Wow. Sit back and watch the fireworks now.

This podcast. Herein I explain how the anti-vaxxers are immediately being marginalized and labeled as the newest crop of loons. Exhibit A: Jenny McCarthy. Remember you always attach someone who attracts derision to a cause you loathe. I describe the memes, the theories and what you should pay attention to to form your own opinion and worldview.

LIONEL PODCAST: My Interview With A Bona Fide Genius


Cary Harrison is a genius. Not an exaggeration. Not hyperbole or a well-intended, polite compliment. No unwarranted magnification, puffery or grandiosity here. But there’s more. And he’s more.

He’s a raconteur, radio performer, TV host and American information treasure.

As Henry van Dyke said, “Genius is talent set on fire by courage.” And if you’re in this here alternative news and interpretation biz, you’d better have beaucoup courage and a pair of elephantine, gargantuan,  and Brobdingnagian bawls. All of which, he’s ably and sufficiently possessed.

Enjoy this. Two great friends looking and laughing at the world through the peculiar prism of unmitigated temerity and the aforementioned bawls.

LIONEL PODCAST: There Are Flying Saucers

“There is no doubt in my mind, after 37 years of study and investigation that the evidence is overwhelming that planet Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled vehicles whose origin is extraterrestrial. There are no acceptable arguments against flying saucer reality, only people who either haven’t studied the relevant data or have a strong will not to believe that Earth is at the bottom of the heap sociologically and technologically in our local galactic neighborhood.” — Stanton Friedman, The Case for the Extraterrestrial Origin of Flying Saucers, 1995

It is not subject to debate. The data are everywhere.

“The evidence is overwhelming that the Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled vehicles from off the Earth.”

“There are no good arguments to be made against the conclusion that some UFOs are intelligently controlled vehicles from off the Earth.  Some skeptics may be well intentioned, but they are almost always ignorant of the significant scientific data indicating UFO reality.  They read the newspapers but not the solid information.  They are unaware of the myriad landing-trace cases, the multitude of “critter” reports and Earthling abductions, the numerous large-scale scientific collections of data, the many published scientific studies indicating that trips to nearby stars in our galactic neighborhood are already feasible without violating the laws of physics or invoking science fiction techniques.”

Stanton Friedman, nuclear physicist, premier Ufologist and leading UFO researcher, author of several books and numerous articles on UFOs.

I can think of nothing more fascinating and truly awesome! than the notion of life forms vastly superior to those (us) who think they’re vastly superior, swimming about the multiverse, multidimensionally and anti-gravitically, at inconceivable speeds, surrounded and pillowed by their self-contained personal gravity and inertia fields, destroying our hard-wired notions of space travel absolutes. And it’s been going on since man first slogged from the bog.

Think if it this way. Mother Earth is 4.5B years old. Or 4500M years old. If another planet were 4501M years, they’d have a Mil on us. From 1903 to 1969 we went from Kitty Hawk and the Brothers Wright to Neil Armstrong and his small step for man. In 66 years! Think what a planet can do with 1000 millennia under its belt.

LIONEL PODCAST: America Needs to Grow a Huge Set of C.O. Jones

We’ve become impuissant. Castrated. Geldings the lot of us. Orchiectomied invertebrates. No hits, no runs, no errors. Play it safe. Watch what you say. Get along, move along. Curse the maverick. Chide the revolutionary. Don’t make waves. Pray, be obsequious and obeisant. Be scared and timorous. And vote. Pretend it matters. Know your shibboleths and pat, trite phrases. Disregard history, make it up as you go. Learn the two sides of the coin. The left-right paradigm. The illusion of choice. The perception of option. Your lone voice matters, right? Watch what you say. Offend no one. Blessed be the troublemakers. Here’s to you, Ms. Rivers. You inspire pissed off in so many colors. Join the ranks of Messrs. Bruce, Carlin, Gregory and Hicks. Just don’t bother us. Leave us to our Facebook where we chronicle our oblivion and tag the unsuspecting hostages. Leave us alone on Labor Day to barbecue our charred carcinogenic animal carcasses and flesh slabs. Let us bake melanomas into our flesh. Just leave us alone. We’re busy being busy. “Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.” (Albert “Big Al” Einstein)

LIONEL PODCAST: We’re Living In The Twilight Zone

Barney Fife: “All I’m saying is that there are some things beyond the ken of mortal man that shouldn’t be tampered with. We don’t know everything, Andy. There’s plenty goin’ on right now in the Twilight Zone that we don’t know anything about and I think we oughta stay clear.” “The Andy Griffith Show: The Haunted House (#4.2)” (1963)

Adios, Sheriff Andy. I’ll take Barney over this growing crop of lunatics any day of the week. And I’m tired of hearing the cop apologists weigh in with their drivel about how we citizens don’t understand the necessity of gunning gown the innocent every now and then. I’m a lawyer yet I understand the frustrations people have with the profession. I’m not an apologist. I dig their perspective. I understand the horrors you’ve experienced in the system. I don’t bore you with stories of how you’re unable to understand the big picture or that your take on jurisprudence is de minimis because you’re a civilian. Cops had better wake up, especially their superiors. Because there are more of us than you. You work for us. You’re a public servant. A peace officer. When we insult you or fail to evince the proper scared fealty to you, you have to do what we do. Live with it or join the military which is really what you seem to want to be. A soldier versus a law enforcement professional.