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LIONEL PODCAST: You Don’t Know Shi’ite About Lockerbie!

You wanna bet? I’ll bet you that you’ve never heard of Tony Gauci but you’ve most probably heard of Lockerbie (Pan Am Flight 103) and maybe Abdelbaset Mohmed Ali al-Megrahi, whom you probably know him as the “cancer-stricken” terrorist bomber who was released by the Scottish government from prison for humanitarian reasons. Trust me, and I don’t even know you, if you’ve listened to our MSM sock puppet media solely, you know absolutely bupkis about Lockerbie. Herein, I explain the foundations of our nescience with some background facts that will astound you.

Scottish Sun says “top-secret dossier” from review commission that ordered Megrahi retrial shows Maltese witness Tony Gauci could have been paid to keep up testimony.

Malta Today

The report by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, that looked into the evidence against Libyan suspect Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi and ordered his appeal to go for retrial, has described the key testimony against him by Maltese witness Tony Gauci as “unreliable”. The SCCRC report suspects that this formed part of a cover-up over the trial that saw Megrahi jailed for killing 270 people in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie.

Cancer-stricken Megrahi was released from incarceration in 2009 on humanitarian grounds and is now residing in Libya. The news was broken by Marcello Mega, an investigative journalist who has followed the case closely. According to the SCCRC report, shopkeeper Tony Gauci is described as an “unreliable” witness. The SCCRC said the Crown prosecution suppressed from Megrahi’s defence team statements showing how much Gauci changed his mind about crucial details over the years.

Gauci claimed to have recognised Megrahi as the man who bought clothes in his shop Mary’s House on Tower Road, that were linked to the suitcase carrying the bomb that blew up Pan Am flight 103. The SCCRC said: “The effect of all of these inconsistencies is powerful. The court was left with a distorted and different impression of the witness. In this way Megrahi was denied a fair trial.” The SCCRC also found that police said in evidence they first showed Gauci photos of Megrahi on September 14, 1989 – when he had in fact also been shown them on September 8. The report said: “This was not disclosed to the defence. There is no statement from Gauci produced, no police witness statements produced.” The SCCRC said if Gauci had been shown Megrahi’s pic six days before he picked him out as resembling the buyer at his shop, then that ID was totally undermined.

In its report, the SCCRC challenges the integrity of evidence given by retired Strathclyde detective constable Harry Bell, who had a close bond with Gauci. It reveals Bell, DC John Crawford, a retired Lothian and Borders cop, and an FBI agent all made statements claiming that Gauci had talked of a “striking similarity” between Megrahi and the buyer. But Maltese officers revealed Gauci was unsure, was coached and told to age the photos by ten to 15 years.  The report says: “This is different to DCI Bell’s evidence at trial. It also implies the witness is unclear.” The SCCRC also obtained evidence from police memos that Gauci was made aware from his first contact with investigators that his testimony could be worthmillions: one undisclosed memo reveals the FBI discussed with Scots cops an offer of unlimited cash to Gauci – with “$10,000 available immediately”.

The SCCRC also said that in court Gauci was vague about the exact date on which the clothes were bought. The date was narrowed to either November 23, 1988, when Megrahi was not on Malta, or December 7, 1988, when he was. Gauci said Christmas lights were not set up yet on Tower Road when Megrahi allegedly visited his shop. Police said they could not find out when the lights were switched on. But the SCCRC easily established it was December 6 – a day too early for Megrahi to have been the buyer. The commission’s report says: “It is clear that the police were in no doubt that Gauci was clear in his recollection.” It adds “no reasonable court” could have concluded Megrahi bought the clothes from Gauci’s shop. The commission also noted that early uncertainty on the part of Gauci was never passed over to the defence, nor was the fact that Scots detectives feared he was trying too hard to please them. The fact a senior Maltese detective also considered Gauci to be an unreliable witness was never disclosed to lawyers representing Megrahi.

Million-dollar reward?

A big mystery surrounding key witness Tony Gauci is whether it was true that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) paid him and his brother Paul $2 million over the course of his testimony. The Herald Scotland had claimed recently discovered papers show Scottish police officers investigating the 1988 bombing were aware the US intelligence service had discussed financial terms and witness protection schemes with Tony Gauci and his brother. It has not been confirmed that the brothers accepted any money, but the fact that an offer was made is directly relevant to the credibility of Tony Gauci, who became the lynchpin of the case. Paul was never called as a witness. The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission found that document, thought to be from the CIA, during its three-year investigation, which concluded that Megrahi should have a fresh appeal.

LIONEL PODCAST: Earthquake Insanity & Our Only Hope Is Me

As a student of human nature and pop culture expert, I can state that yesterday’s New York reaction to the earthquake made me sick. It was nothing short of pathetic. Our media have abnegated their responsibility to inform. They overreact over a slight tremor and all but ignore the globalist looting of Libya. If I were allowed to reconstruct the media and to dismiss those who are mindlessly tethered and moored to a bygone era, the world would be better off. And we’d be better informed and entertained. Enjoy.

LIONEL PODCAST: I Survived The Earthquake Of 2011, Libyaration, The LIFG/Al Qaeda & The Myth Of UBL’s Murder in Abbottabad

STRATFOR is a global intelligence company and has been cited by media such as CNN, Bloomberg, the Associated Press, Reuters, The New York Times and the BBC as an authority on strategic and tactical intelligence issues. Read what they have to say about Ol’ UBL being whacked and being given the Luca Brasi treatment. And on this day, oh yeah, we felt a bit of an earthquake. Can you say HAARP? Relax. The media overreaction was breathtaking. Remember, this was the city that withstood 9/11. A tremor is like a fish fart compared to that.

The Nation (Pakistan) by Azhar Masood | Published: August 19, 2011 [N.B. This is copied “as is” without corrections or notations. And it’s replete with errata. By the way, how’s your Urdu?]

ISLAMABAD – Globally recognised intelligence and forecast STRATFOR has rejected the US Central Intelligence Agency claim that the man killed in Abbottabad’s compound by US Naval SEALs was al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden. This was one of the reasons the CIA kept Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in dark.

The STRATFOR says: “The possibility that bin Laden was already dead and in terms of his impact on terrorist operations, he effectively was. That does not mean, however, that he was not an important ideological leader or that he was not someone the United States sought to capture or kill for his role in carrying out the most devastating terrorist attack in the US history.” In its latest intelligence gathering, the STRATFOR claims that aggressive US intelligence collection efforts have come to fruition, as killing of Osama bin Laden was perhaps the top symbolic goal for the CIA and all those involved in the US covert operations. Indeed, President Obama said during his speech on May 1 that upon entering the office, he had personally instructed CIA Director Leon Panetta that killing the al-Qaeda leader was his top priority. The logistical challenges of catching a single wanted individual with Bin Laden level of resources were substantial and while 10 years, the United States was able to accomplish the objective it set out to do in October 2001.

Because of bin Laden’s communications limitations, since October 2001 when he fled Tora Bora after the US invasion of Afghanistan, he has been relegated to a largely symbolic and ideological role in al-Qaeda. Accordingly, he issued audiotapes on a little more than a yearly basis, whereas before 2007 he was able to issue videotapes.

The growing infrequency and decreasing quality of his recorded messages was the most notable when al-Qaeda did not release a message marking the anniversary of 9/11 in September 2010 but later followed up with a tape on January 21, 2011.

The bottom line is that from an operational point of view, the threat posed by al-Qaeda – and the wider jihadist movement – is no different operationally after his death.

“The killing of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden represents possibly the biggest clandestine operations success for the United States since the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in 2003,” it claimed.

The confirmation of his death is an emotional victory for the United States and could have wider effects on the geopolitics of the region, but bin Laden’s death is irrelevant for al-Qaeda and the wider jihadist movement from an operational perspective.

The operation that led to bin Laden’s death at a compound deep in Pakistan is among the most significant operational successes for the US intelligence in the past decade.
An important local source told this scribe: “If it was not the case why all the evidences leading to the confirmation of Laden’s death were eliminated. His was never subjected to postmortem. Neither the DNA was collected nor it was matched.”

Another important source conceded: “How come one of the wives of bin Laden, Hamal, who remained in the custody of Iranian Intelligence and hidden mole of US intelligence community made her way to Abbottabad. Hamal never appeared in public.”

“Hamal has deep US connections. When she traveled from Iran to Pakistan her movements were under watch and the watchers had decided Hamal to end her journey in Abbottabad”, the sources added.
Senior intelligence analysts in Islamabad argue: “A three trillion worth manhunt concluded very discreetly. Dead body of the ‘man killed” by SEALs had no media mention as was done by the US authorities in case of Iraq’s President Saddam.”

After receiving this vital information, this scribe phoned a senior Pakistani journalist in Washington DC early Thursday. He did not rule out latest findings on this subject saying: “Why the CIA was in hurry to remove all possible evidences of the bin Laden’s killing who dominated world politics for over a decade?”

The Washinton-based journalist termed the crash of US Army’s Chinook helicopter and killings of over 36 US Naval SEALs as a part of the effort to finish left over evidence which could lead to facts of May 2 US action in Abbottabad.”

The STRATFOR further states the primary threat is now posed by al-Qaeda franchise which can attempt to stage an attack in the United States or elsewhere in retribution for bin Laden’s death, but they do not have training or capabilities for high-casualty transnational attacks.

Pakistan’s former spymaster Lt Gen (r) Hamid Gul told TheNation they never challenged credence of the STRATFOR. “I agree with the latest intelligence gathering about May 2 operation’s follow up. This remains one of the reasons the CIA never informed its Pakistan counterpart ISI when it decided to kill a fake bin Laden”, he said.

LIONEL PODCAST: It’s Rick Perry For The GOP And Why It Doesn’t Matter. Plus “It.”

A concilliabule has met and has decided who will be the candidates. The candidates are Obama and Perry. Either one will do. It doesn’t matter. Both have pledged globalist fealty. They’re one and the same. Fungible. Identical. But the questions that must be asked are simple: the implosion of the dollar and who pledges American troops to war. Let me explain.

And in addition, let me attempt to explicate the latest fascination of mine. And I’m not sure what it’s called or how it’s best explained. But it’s the attraction factor that subjects and causes enjoy, an almost Higgs boson analogue. I’ve become fascinated by what lures people spiritually, politically and intellectually. Everything that humans enjoy en masse has that component, that “it,” that thing, that attraction factor that fascinates me. Let me explain that as well.

LIONEL PODCAST: Amy Winehouse’s Ghoulish Death Watch Is Over? Who’s Next?

I know, it was a joke. Nobody seriously meant to prophesy or predict her death, right? But this is so emblematic of our social and media culture: we’re both the lynch mob and the crowd yelling for the troubled person on the ledge to jump.

I guess this site will be shelved, but who knows? In this photo you you can clearly see the residue of some powder around the late Amy Winehouse’s nostrils. Our society loves this stuff and can’t get enough of it. We love addiction shows, addiction media whore quack “doctors,” rehab shows, celebrity rehab shows. Shows on hoarding, animal hoarding, addictions, OCD behaviors. Our media are a modern day Roman Colosseum, but unlike the Romans who merely subjected Christians to a horrible death, we seem to delight in the emotional decline and mental evaporation of the victim subjects prior to their demise. Their death is almost a disappointment in that the abject suffering has ceased and thus the entertainment value.

Sorry, folks. Amy’s dead. Who’ll be your next victim, er, subject? LiLo’s looking shaky. The media ghouls were hoping Charlie Sheen would blow his brains out. Courtney Love? Kate Moss? The quintessential media addiction whore (who himself is addicted to media whoredom) Dr. Drew throws us a bone or two with his pathetic celebrity “reality” rehab slop. But that’s a work.

Amy Winehouse’s death has whetted the appetite of the ghouls and death watchers. Amy’s now gained full deathtime membership status in The 27 Club, a fact that the unimaginative media will beat to death without surcease. Expect websites and video montage packages on those talented  young actors “who left this world too soon,” all in perfect synchronized auto-mourn. Now, after we followed their every self-destructive move, chronicled every embarrassing moment secretly and perhaps subconsciously wishing that, like the poor soul on the ledge, they’d once and for all jump, we pretend to lament their demise. We feign surprise. Already, Amy’s piece has been added to the end of the year lineups where we cue the funereal dirge and roll through the roster of dead celebs who’ve departed this world  in 2011 — in alphabetical order, I might add. And we move on. But for now, I’ve recorded my thoughts, not only on Amy per se but the entire issue of drug addiction, the war on drugs and our collective reaction to “entertainment death” and waste.


This is Lord Kelvin. William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin (1824–1907). The Kelvin scale is an absolute, thermodynamic temperature scale using as its null point absolute zero, the temperature at which all thermal motion ceases in the classical description of thermodynamics. Absolute zero at 0 K is −273.15 °C (−459.67 °F). A friend of mine and I refer to people with absolutely nothing of worth to say or add to public discourse as Kelvins, i.e. because they’re absolute zeroes. Don’t be a Kelvin.

Today’s disquisition begins with my thoughts about school systems around the country voting to make the teaching of cursive writing an elective and non-mandatory in the school’s constantly winnowed curricula. The reaction has been most fascinating heretofore. The usual old school (literally) camp hates change and the more realistic folks who embrace modernity (me) applaud realistic course adaptation. But the message to be gleaned from this logical exercise is how critical thinking (a constant in my worldview) when applied to the issue of discontinuing Palmer method didactics never incorporates nostalgia into issue consideration. Plus, it makes a wonderful analog to myriad issues presented to the sentient. Enjoy, enjoy, my friend.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Poop On Rupe And What Murdoch’s Waterloo Means To Us

This is the end, (not so) beautiful friend.
This is the end, my only friend, the end.  — That Morrison Guy

PM David Cameron’s office announced that the government will support a motion calling on Murdoch and his News Corp. to withdraw the $12B bid for BSkyB. Gulp! Cameron’s 180 means Murdoch, who once held unimaginable influence in British politics no matter which party or who was in charge, now finds all three major political parties treating him like the proverbial purple-headed syphilitic leper stepchild. (Tasty, huh?) Rupe’s even been “asked” to appear before lawmakers sometime next week to answer questions about the conduct of News International, Murdoch’s UK company. Cue the Dragnet theme.

But as I explain herein, what doomed the man who once sported Tang-colored hair was what his News of the World did to the family of Milly Dowler, the 13 year-old British girl who in 2002 was abducted as she walked home from school and eventually murdered. Rupe’s NotW goons hacked into her mobile phone voicemail box and deleted messages to make room for more, thus giving her frantic parents the false hope that maybe Milly was still alive and checking her messages. That doomed Murdoch’s crew.This story has no American analog. This isn’t about the government spying; it’s about greedy corporate media slimebags using the cops to spy on citizens.

And it’s only begun. Stay tuned.

LIONEL PODCAST: Me & Mr. (Alex) Jones, A Most Dangerous Synergy

I had the unparalleled pleasure of appearing on Alex Jones’s radio show yesterday. My appearance with Alex is available

and on the YouTube features infra. I had previously introduced Alex when he gave the keynote speech at Talkers Magazine’s New Media Seminar in New York.

After my introduction and Alex’s (to put it mildly) stirring address, he invited me on his show and this is the product. This podcast piece is not meant as a paean to or hagiology of Alex; it’s a recitation of the facts on how our spoken word medium has changed dramatically. But only a fool would fail to catch the significance of this quodlibetarian’s media delivery system model and his message. And I, sir/madam, am no fool.

LIONEL PODCAST: Lionel Psychoanalyzes And Deconstructs Weinie

The parsings of Weinie are multiform, varied and virtually without end.

  • Virtual adultery and infidelity. The law doesn’t actually address violations of marital primacy when no actual physical contact occurs, save onanistic self-pleasure. Would love letters or billets doux count as low-tech or snail mail variations of violations? The law has recognized oral sex and other non-intercourse lascivious behavior and “unnatural” acts as adulterous in nature, but violations of emotional fidelity and primacy have yet to be addressed.
  • Whether this pathetic example of hedonism and selfishness, a reckless self-absorption and immediate self-gratification, is actually worse than actual yet meaningless sexual conversation.
  • The psychopathy of Weinie, viz. the lies and teeth, gnashing mendacity.
  • The penile paronomasiac, the punny and the punitentiary.
  • Why women refrain from such tawdriness.
  • The shame of having shampoo-challenged Luke Russert, who possesses the panache and wherewithal of flan, act as a latter-day Torquemada and nail Weinie to the wall. The horror!
  • Possible explanations of causation and excuses: (1) adverse reaction to Viagra, see Priapism; (2) Peyronie’s Disease also known as Induratio penis plastica or (CITA) Chronic Inflammation of Tunica Albuginea, as evidenced by his political inclinations of leaning left — not to be confused with the mind-bogglingly lame MSNBC slogan of “Lean Forward,” known by only two people as to what the hell that even means; (3) vast right-wing conspiracy; or (4) hackers.
  • The increasing relevance of alternative media. Remember, it was Breitbart who brought this, not ABC or Fox News or the New York Times. And watch the slovenly and torpid MSM just watch, slack-jawed and drooling, unable to grasp the significance of this event. What’s this about Katie Couric going to ABC? Wake me when it’s over.
  • The siren call of media attention that no woman can resist. The women who received Weinie shots couldn’t keep their mouths shut. (That’s not even a pun because he NEVER MET THEM!) The days of Marion (Mimi) Fahnestock are over.
  • Nothing explains a person better than his or her sexual ideations, preferences and fantasies. It’s rare that we get to see the deep, interstitial thoughts of anyone, especially the public figure. This shows us the sniveling, adolescent sexual coward Weinie. But does that make him a bad politician? I’ll take competency over purity any day.
  • Media types will stretch and distort the obvious. Watch how cyber experts and pop psychology frauds come in and conflate the story with cyber-bullying and Zeus knows what.

Years ago I heard a story, a tad apocryphal but great nonetheless. A pol was caught red-handed, in flagrante delicto, in a sexual dalliance that was actually photographed by ninja paparazzi. When asked why he did such a thing, the unrepentant pol responded (and I beg your forgiveness, but bowdlerizing will ruin the impact), “When you set a trap with pussy, you’re gonna catch me every time.”

He was reelected without opposition. Just tell the truth.

LIONEL PODCAST: I Hate Memorial Day

Stop fetishizing war. Stop bathing combat death with a disinfectant. It’s not all glorious and valiant and it certainly doesn’t mean that our freedoms are being protected. It’s Fleet Week in New York City.  Since 1984, the City has honored the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. And that’s fine. But what it transforms into is a Frank Capra production where we laud and applaud kids in uniform only to forget all about them when they come back either dead or mangled. Oh, we talk a great game about Memorial Day and supporting the troops, but if we really wanted to honor them we’d stop allowing them to be the private enforcement arm of globalist banksters and crime cartels, viz. IMF, WTO and the UN.

My thoughts on Memorial Day etched in video.