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It’s that time Truth Warriors. LIONEL live onstage and in person October 5, 2019 CE at the fabled and venerable Cutting Room in New York City. Doors open 6 PM and LIONEL storms the stage 7 PM sharp. Operators are standing by. Wake the kids, rouse the torpid. This is not anything you’ve seen or witnessed. And it sure as hell isn’t that Gawd-awful standup dreck. This is TRUTH! Hie! Tickets available now . . . for now. Sellout crowds are expected. But never a sellout message. Hie! Anon!

“This is a big f*cking deal!” — Joe Biden (March 23, 2010)

#CreepyUncleJoe’s in. That would be Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. The trichophile. The capped, plugged, Botoxed, sandblasted, plastered and spackled partialist, Sen. Joe Biden. Mr. Common Guy. The everyday man. The creepiest feller bar none. Fraud, plagiarist, opportunist, political leech and lech. Relic, has-been and go-to Swamp Rat ready to again double-down and double-cross Bernie Sanders, faux Socialist and spineless, impuissant feeb, who caved in to the Oven Mitt Fashionista HRC after they threatened the Missus with a surfeit ration of charges. Yep, Joe Biden, a man who’s assumed every position on every subject throughout his interminable reign. Mr. Touchy-Feely. The fellow who quipped anent Trump: “I wish I were in high school, I could take him behind the gym.” And knowing Joe, God knows what he’d like to do behind the gym, if you catch my drift.
This line deserves its own paragraph. Remember this 2007 beaut as to Barry? “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” Clean? Wait. CLEAN?! The first mainstream A-A, that is. Wow. Articulate and clean. Imagine that. Well, Dems, he’s all yours. And we can’t wait.
And he’ll most certainly be the Dem nominee. Gotta be. It’s the only selection that remotely makes sense and I realize that nothing about the Dems remotely makes sense, at least this iteration and incarnation. Gone are the days when they were coherent and actually admirable and vital and relevant and critical to the development and maintenance of policies that eschewed ludicrous war and war profiteering and advanced human rights. Gone are the days when they promoted antiwar sentiment and the solemn tack of civil rights for all. Today the trichophile Joe’s goal is to corral some form of legitimate and winnable cause among the demented whose sole focus today is the recombination, elimination and removal of border security. They push massive migration, immigration and swarms and hordes of humanity breaching the dam. If ochlocracy’s your bag, the Dems are it. Think huge invading murmurations of unchecked, unverified, undocumented, unmonitored, unwatched and unwashed, uncontrollable, unfettered and unimaginably unmanageable humanity pouring into towns, villages and hamlets, already overrun and teeming with legitimate asylum and citizenship seekers. Welcome, Joe. Have a seat.
Focus. Now, notwithstanding the foregoing, remember one thing: As insane, inane and vapid as the Creepster may seem, I’m telling you now and again: He’s the best chance the Dems have of unseating Trump. Not a great chance or a substantial chance but the best chance nonetheless. He’s a formidable opponent and can schmooze and schlep and schmear the schmaltz with the best of ‘em. And remember, the Swamp wants one of their own and Creepy Joe’s one of their own. And don’t think that Obama’s not being a Biden fan means anything. Obama was a Beto booster and will now have to break the news to the Napoleon Dynamite doppelgänger that it’s not his time. Especially when ButtiGiggityGiggity enters the scene. Even today, as you read this, the Prince of South Bend is pledging fealty to his Eminence, the Racial Arsonist of the National Action Network con, the Conniver-in-Chief, the Least Reverend Al Charlatan. That’s right, Mayor Pete’s schlepping and trekking to Sylvia’s to have his mandatory five-minute sit-down to kiss the ring and the arse of the FBI rat in residence.
Back to the message. But listen to me . . . don’t think for a moment that the average Main Street mainstream mainframe American couldn’t and wouldn’t think that Creepy might make a welcome break from the drain and drone and Sturm und Drang of the diurnal cavils, carps and contretemps of the usual. I’m sorry to remind you but people vote (some, that is) for the most idiotic reasons (well, to me that is).
And speaking of treachery. Fox News. My, how they’ve lost their way. Their focus and goal and Murdoch-Ailes direction and vector. Now that the Brothers Murdoch et uxores took over with a venom and vengeance that few have ever seen or heard. That magnificent has been the fall. That immane the redirection. Cue TAPS, Sparky. It’s over. I want you who may prefer a rational more conservative real world look at the real world to now know that it’s official: the Fox News Channel is dead. Gone. Through. Finished. What you’re seeing now are the remnants of a dead star that burnt our millions of years ago yet the light hasn’t reached Earth yet. What you think you see if you watch that pathetic vestige of an Ailes platform is the vestigial memory of a place that has since self-destructed — because the light hasn’t hit yet. Or the realization.
Perfidy, anyone? Look no further than what they did as exhibited by and through the horrid treatment of Bill Donohue of the Catholic League when he dared and deigned to question the particular timing of the supremely suspicious Notre-Dame de Paris arson, er, fire. Yep, the same cathedral — REPEAT: Cathedral! — that Manny the Macaroon Macron wants to rebuild as a multicultural thingamajig. I trust you see what’s happening. And I further trust that you realize that what Dr. Donohue was trying to advance, not via the lens of the oft-suspected conspiracy theorist lens but rather, through the limpid and pellucid perspective of an historian of the first order, with impeccable credentials and that of a sentient member of the Catholic community. No, it appears that his interrogator, the quisling Neil Cavuto, quickly dismissed anything that could in any wise be interpreted as suggesting and recommending a thorough appraisal of reality. A reality that indicates that Christianity is under attack not only by and through those who seek to destroy its foundation(s) but those who seek to euphemize the deliberate targeting of its traditional and theology. (See Easter celebrants versus Christians.)
The valedictory. My fellow patriots, we are under a full-bore, full-frontal, all-out attack on that which represents the undergirding of our society. Our country and our way of life. Our history, identity, tradition, customs, values, language and, yes, religion. This is an existential battle. Make no mistake about it. Dismiss it and such at your own peril. This is not a drill. This is not a dress rehearsal. As Nena intoned: “This is what we’ve waited for. This is it boys, this is war.”

Now, any questions?
Until next time, patriot.


This week we witnessed the sickening subversion of the rule of law, yet again in its full and rancid glory. We observed the horrors of axiomatic provisions and protections of American Constitutional jurisprudence hijacked by a group of turncoats, rebels, quislings and treasonous actors hellbent on upending and reversing the rightful and lawful election of a President via the almighty franchise. The MSM #FakeNews coteries and cabals, apparatchiks and propagandists alike all chimed and chirped in unison at the behest and instruction of their globalist masters the rote, rehearsed and recited reaction to Mueller’s release of his report. The report that took 22 months of our lives, attention and focus, tens of millions of dollars ($25M – $50M to be realistic). Mueller’s Machine ended up charging 34 public enemies number one (theoretically impossible), none whom you can identify or pick out of a lineup. It saw a decorated, bona fide American military giant bankrupted, double-teamed and double-crossed. Oh, lest I forget, in textbook overkill “enemy of the people” Roger Stone was subjected to the most over the top, El Chapo-esque excessive full court arrest press ever seen. And why exactly? Process crimes and perjury traps. And you wonder why it’s sagacious to keep your mouth shut whenever G-men come a-callin’.

But the MSM were there, weren’t they? You betcha. Aiding and abetting, acting in concert, umbilically-tethered to the lie freight train. The key to reacting was simple: Whatever is said, done, reported or released, object to it. Forget explicating why, just object. Rehearse and rehash your talking points as provided and hang on, dig in and never let up. What juridical procedures and protections recommend and mandate are of no importance. The fact that the ever-referenced and never-charged charge of “collusion” is not a crime cognizable at law means nothing. When that evidence fails, switch your guns to obstruction of justice. That’s their tack and attack. And meanwhile my beloved republic sits back and nods hypnotically. Caught up in the swirl and maelstrom of the moment, citizens became numb to the exercise. Per usual. Alas.

This is a coup, ladies and gentlemen. A coup d’état. A palace coup, a soft coup. It’s the new tactic and application of subversion and anarchy from the Demented Left, a shorthand term to quickly, aptly and ably refer to these anti-American loathsome hematophagic vermin. They’ve no plan, vision, worldview or ideology, nothing to focus upon, nothing to target or support. Their world and aim are the systematic destruction and disintegration of anything and everything Trump. As in POTUS 45. As in the duly-elected President of these United States. Your President, like it or not. They’re subversives. Plotters and planners, co-conspirators in a relentless move and exercise to claw back the franchise again . . . and I can’t say this enough . . . to reverse an election.

So, what happens next? Let me address the following this way. What shouldhappen next is something that is without debate among the sentient and aware. The first step must be to declassify the FISA warrants issued in the first place. And therein lies a significant starting point that must be plumbed and dissected and unraveled. The entire process was implemented to explain, explicate and justify how HRC lost a rigged election. Do not miss that point. Listen carefully and with specificity. The entire process that distracted and distorted was an exercise to undo the fact that the Oven Mitt Fashionista — after assuring the population, voters, [DS] donors and big money machers she’d win — lost bigly. And we’re not talking the casual donor here. We’re talking about some super serious dudes and dudettes whose power and influence and connections boggle the imaginations of the casual observer. When you assure them that their trust and dough are well-placed, after you’ve charged ungodly sums so that you and your barely conscious mouth-breathing, slack-jawed predator hubby can deliver 10 minute “speeches” before pocketing gobs of jack, when you’ve hijacked [DS] apparatchik media news platforms and provided them with the rote, prepared and canned drivel and doublespeak they’re to deliver en masse in synchrony, when all that’s happened AND YOU LOSE to Donald Trump, no less, you have to come up with a reason why. And therein begins the process.

The process of the two-step storyline, viz. Russian collusion morphing into obstruction of justice, all begins and began with the hijacking of the (perhaps) once-trusted FISA super-secret Star Chamber cone-of-silence tribunal. The [DS] lied, manufactured, made up, constructed out of thin air a script that defies understanding. And they paid for it. PAID! They hired Christopher Steele, the Lancelot Link and MI6 alum to explore the recesses of his own penchant for paraphilia and undinism and concoct one of the most insane stories ever imagined by mankind. One more time, shall we? The story goes that Trump hired a pair o’ Russian trollops to relieve themselves on the percales of a Deluxe King at the Moscow Ritz Carlton and wax urolagnic where Obama et ux. slept. Let me stop right there and here lest we forget again the gravamen of our Constitutional displeasure. The more the [DS] Dems tergiversated as to the sources, origins, motives and goals of these exercises the more they became entrenched and determined to double down. And the pathetic Right sat back and wept silently, howled at times but did nothing. Zip.

Let me expand. There is no Right machine. No echo chamber, peanut gallery, media, nada. No, the best it can do is to have the orchiectomized pathetic post-Disney Mouseketeer minions weep silently through their pretend testimonials, jeremiads and feigned protestations. How many times did we hear one host punctuate the cobwebbed nothingness with TICK TOCK promising that Hillary would finally get her due? Oh, please! I can remember when the distorted Dems screamed plaintively that they needed to dust off and resuscitate the laughingly titled Fairness Doctrine to combat the then conservative tsunami by the name of Limbaugh. TV, radio, name it, was almost exclusively conservative and I for one found it horribly dull, monumentally inane and insufferably stultifying and tedious. But that was then. Today there are no combatants countering the distorted lies of the [TDS] caterwauling quislings and traitors.  

So timid, timorous and scaredy-cat are the Rights that they won’t even mention a word or utter a peep as to the disappearing act of RBG. When was the last time SCOTUS Ruthie appeared in a verified, time-signatured and authenticated photo, snap, name it? Do they need permission? Look, I’m trying perhaps for naught to awaken and enliven the spirit of adventure and instigation. Wake up, America! Sound the alarm republicans and Republicans (of which I am not) you’re frozen in some media amber, congealed and mired in some suspended animation that has rendered you beyond useless.

Sound the alarm for a new media platform. One manned by the brave, fearless, intrepid and dangerous. POTUS must have his own. Think Trump Media. A 24/7 dedicated information source that concerned and clued-in patriots can and may consult to find what’s happening on this horrid, dank and dark planet. (Figuratively.) But there are more existential threats and concerns that must be addressed. Our American identity, tradition, customs, values, language and collective religion are under attack and it is now incumbent upon you to gird the proverbial loins, saddle up and prepare for a battle the likes of which you can’t imagine or conceive.

Now, any questions?
Until next time, patriot.

What Nobody Sees, Gets, Understands and Comprehends About Assange

Let’s start with this week’s front page monster.There it was. Covered by everyone. An international event nonpareil, immane in structure and import. Monumental! Journalism’s watch dog and attack dog, Julian Assange’s colossal event . . . whatever the hell that was. The brutal capture, a Keystone Cops arrest, Moreno gives our man the Embassy heave-ho and amscray, the bum’s rush, a photo-op nightmare, a manucaption shitstorm without the benefit of mainprise, an impromptu Gore Vidal plug and the whole world scratching its collective head asking, “What was that supposed to be?” A hoary, pallid barbate screaming and howling. The yelp for help heard ’round the world. And why again? Moreno tore up the asylum agreement that Julian utilized after he was arrested for failing to appear anent a Swedish case whose charges had been dropped. Is this any way to run an airline? Is this sounding as nuts to you as it did the world? Well, it was and is and remember I’m saying this. By Tuesday it will be all forgotten. America has the attention span of a gnat and this creepy dude with the hard-to-place accent has no connectivity to regular American folk (though he should have). Especially when they’re told that he helped disseminate and distribute data and info that only seemed to embarrass Americans. Either way, I’m of the belief that Julian Assange is a hero in many respects, though a qualified one.
Ah yes, the questions.While it may seem interesting to re-catalog his journey through the insane labyrinth of this Swedish-UK legal Rube Goldberg system of clüsterfėck, a Lionel neologism, I find it more interesting to ask the following questions as to the rudiments and abecedarian basics of news collection, dissemination and reportage.
Is Assange a journalist?No, he’s a small engine repair tech. Of course he’s a journalist! Where in the name of God did this idiotic query come from? If CNN’s journalism then I’m Eleanor Roosevelt. And Julian Assange’s (JA hereinafter) a freaking journo! It’s that simple. I read a virtually endless litany of mind-bogglingly stupid social media questions as to what’s a journalist and if he has the appropriate decoder ring and accoutrements of the craft. In today’s world even a tatted, man-bunned moonbat named Starchild clicking away at the keyboard in some Brooklyn coffee bar qualifies as a journalist. It’s always been that way. So don’t give me that nonsense about how JA’s not able to seek solace under the umbrella’d rubric of journalist with all the attendant benefits, protections and, yes, liabilities because you simply don’t like him. If anyone’s to “blame,” it’s Bradley, er, Chelsea Manning, records thief and (ahem) whistleblower. Read the indictment. Always read the indictment.
What exactly did JA allegedly do?Read the words of the DOJ.

[e.s.] connected to the Secret Internet Protocol Network (SIPRNet), a U.S. government network used for classified documents and communications. Manning, who had access to the computers in connection with her duties as an intelligence analyst, was using the computers to download classified records to transmit to WikiLeaks. Cracking the password would have allowed Manning to log on to the computers under a username that did not belong to her. Such a deceptive measure would have made it more difficult for investigators to determine the source of the illegal disclosures.

Did you catch that? JA’s alleged to have actively conspired with Manning to hack and crack a password. If true, that changes everything. JA goes from whistleblower to safecracker. From respected protected journalist to “Will the Defendant please rise” criminal co-defendant. This, provided, it can be proved. And don’t think there won’t be a series of challenges before he ever sees the inside of Leavenworth. Those of us who read the specifics of the indictment marveled at how the government was planning to prosecute a case where the last overt acts in the named conspiracy were in 2010. Seems that the Eastern District of VA boys are planning on bootstrapping a terrorism count/statute that would give them more time just under the wire. Maybe. No matter how you look at it, it’s going to be a tough go for the Fighting Feds.
Doesn’t and didn’t WikiLeaks break the law by publishing stolen, unauthorized documents?Nope. At least not in the good ol’ US thanks to SCOTUS in Bartnicki v. Vopper, 532 U.S. 514 (2001). So long as the journalist comes into possession of a newsworthy item and never actually stole or participated in the unauthorized, trespassory taking of the items in question, Jimmy Olsen’s off the hook. I never quite grasped how Hulk Hogan claimed anything deserving of an award against the now defunct putrid rag Gawker as the latter never acquired the Hulkster’s grainy grind video illegally. If memory serves me, two courts ruled the items newsworthy. Oh, well. That’s juiced-up has-been dreck under the bridge. But let’s return to the focus at heart, Assange is protected under US law if . . . if . . . if he never participated in the alleged illegal swiping of government data, transmissions, files and the like. It all revolves around that.
Can journalists steal documents and then publish them?SCOTUS in Bartnickiprovided this pertinent reference. “It would be frivolous to assert-and no one does in these cases-that the First Amendment, in the interest of securing news or otherwise, confers a license on either the reporter or his news sources to violate valid criminal laws. Although stealing documents or private wiretapping could provide newsworthy information, neither reporter nor source is immune from conviction for such conduct, whatever the impact on the flow of news.” Branzburg v. Hayes, 408 U. S. 665, 691 (1972).
So, what are the rules again?This is a marvelous adumbration of the Bartnicki rules. Publishers who legally obtain information that was originally unlawfully obtained, are protected by the First Amendment, and cannot be punished. To obtain First Amendment protections, four elements must be met: (1) the publisher did not participate in intercepting the conversation; (2) the publisher acquired the information lawfully; (3) the published information must be a matter of public concern; and (4) the information must be truthful.

Now, any questions?

Biden Bits, Islamic Murmurations and The Dems’ Denouement: Feel the Pain

Let’s start with Joe Biden. Please, sit down. And listen. As I have stated innumerably, incessantly and most repeatedly, notwithstanding what YOU may feel about Creepy Uncle Joe, what YOU think about his behavior and/or what YOU think is inappropriate, the ultimate jury is and will be the Democratic elders as in the guys and gals with the bucks who write the checks, choreograph plot and strategy and who are the lifeblood of the party. Now, I know the juvenescent social media types have memed away with the most clever and funny renditions of the partialist Creepy One’s tricophilic gesturing that caused skins to crawl en masse. My favorite was how some TDS sufferers referred to Carpe Donktum’s most brilliant memetic masterpiece as a “doctored” piece. Clearly, Jeeves, they’ve lost all sentience and semblance of reality. And let’s keep it like that.
The Pebbles Flintstone of the 116th Congress. Cease instanter the mad dash, the pitchforks and torches and the holus-bolus Gadarene stampede and plummet. No, my learned patriot, the children don’t understand that a wine-swilling moonbat, spouting incomprehensible baby talk and going under the imagineer name of Sandy Ocrazyo-Kotex, may be a fantastic example of initial social engineering. But she’s going nowhere in the immediate long run. Nope, the Creepy One [Herr Biden] is the Dems’ best shot. Initially. Why? Let me count the ways: He’s (1) a donation magnet; (2) a proven commodity; (3) a brilliant campaigner (once you hide the kids, let’s be honest); (3) glib, personable, chatty and the consummate bullshit artist; and (4) a veteran of more campaigns than you can imagine. His problems are manifold, however. And never forget that the Millennial Minnie Mouse is a mere 29.
“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” Thus spake Fitzgerald. Now, while Creepy Uncle Joe’s still a formidable foe for our beloved POTUS, he has serious steamer trunk political baggage and ain’t a sure or done deal. Why and how? Let me again count the ways: He’s (1) voted for every bill, war, tax cut and increase, name it; (2) squishy when it comes to solemn intellectual commitments; (3) been known for years as that creepy, scary, skeevy, touchy-feely, inappropriately tactile lech so this ain’t new; and (4) was shelved for all practical purposes by Barry. Dick Morris makes the great point that the role of Veep changed drastically with Mondale and Cheney, in particular, but as far as Joey, he was a place setting. The titular VP. There in spirit and theory. Until now.
Cratersville, Sparky. What’s the worst news for the Dumbs is that the Creepster was their only chance at anything even resembling opposition against Trump. Laugh all you want, the man could talk dreams, policy, vision, platforms, strategy, legislation, history, name it. Instead we’ve got the Baby Talk Express gooned to the gourd on the floor of her pricey DC digs speaking drunken apostrophes to her Instagram account while delivering interminable incantations while squatting in weirdscape technicolor. You can’t make this up, Sparky. While we’re on the subject, tone down the vapors on Pete Buttigieg, the unpronounceable flavor of the month. Do you honestly, truly and actually believe that an openly gay political tyro should be measuring drapes for the Oval Office? Seriously. Do you believe that America today, now will cast its vote for this fellow? Look, this patterns perfectly with the Dumbs’ M.O. of yore, viz. pick a nobody from the rear of the pack, someone without the usual warts and history that prove problematic. History is replete with such examples (granted, not all winners): Dukakis, Carter, Clinton, Barry. See? It’s not impossible but highly improbable.
The gift that keeps on giving. Even Barry in Berlin at some phony baloney Obama Foundation Circle Jerk made the following circular reference. “And then we start sometimes creating what’s called a ‘circular firing squad’ where you start shooting at your allies because one of them is straying from purity on the issues.” Translation from the Manchurian Candidate: Dems have lost their mission, minds and fate. That simple. They’ve disassembled into a dissembled cuckoo’s nest of fractious freneticism, a frisson folly of foundering falderol. AOC still sucks all the media oxygen out of the room and if I didn’t know better I’d swear DJT’s behind this magnetic mush head. A mush head whose cutesy 15 year-old affect charms and bedazzles the benighted. Laugh all you want at your own peril. (And I haven’t even mentioned Master Beto.)
So, how’s the Dem platform worked out for them so far? In a mere 575 days it will be #Election2020. And in 462 days the opening gavel will commence the Dems’ Convention in Milwaukee. That’s just tomorrow in political reality. That fast, that sudden. In the blink of an eye. And the Dems have clearly nary a clue. And I liked them in days of yore. I really did. They were the antiwar party. They stood for something tangible and real and actual. Republicans in my time were stodgy, corporate, musty, moldy, antediluvian, backwards and backwater. They were goofy, close-minded, angry and anti-progressive. But they were coherent. You knew what they wanted, where they stood and what they’d do if elected. Today, it’s all another story. With the apotheosis of DJT as #POTUS45, he’s injected a clarity and cohesion to his message. Why? Continue.
Plumbing the depths of nationalism. Trump’s made patriotism cool again, not hoary and anachronistic. He’s royally pissed off today’s spiritually sallow, pathetic faux liberals and for that I’m forever grateful. He’s flushed out the rats, the vermin, the swill. The demon dreck. He’s inspired in them a disconnected delirium that incites and invigorates and I am so forever grateful. And what’s perhaps the greatest contribution to free thinking, he’s absolutely emasculated via public orchiectomies that most putrid of media pilonidal cysts, #FakeNewsCNN. The worst without any question. The most abhorrent and abominable. Dear Gawd, they give new depth and appreciation to media suckage. We’re talking gravity levels.
And one final word that is certain to enrage, rile and terrify. McLuhan stated perfectly: “Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.” This explains how so many of the truly terrible remain under wraps. Let’s add one more to the list. The cultural disaster of illegal migration and how Bergoglio is terribly complicit. My utter disgust with the latest iteration of the Vatican is off the charts, chains and rails. I was among many who thought that Bergoglio would be a light of normalcy, normality and a vaccine and intellectual immunization against dangerous ideological recrudescence so badly needed. But a new stalwart, an intellectual behemoth, the voice of a positioned polestar has emerged, who will undoubtedly be silenced sooner than imagined. Meet Robert Cardinal Sarah, the 73 year-old Guinean prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship.

[He] warns that the “west will disappear” as a result of mass migration, adding that “Islam will invade the world” and “completely change culture, anthropology, and moral vision.”
Sarah’s new book, Evening Draws Near and the Day is Nearly Over, is causing controversy in Europe because it explicitly identifies Muslim migration as a harbinger of the continent’s collapse.
“If the West continues in this fatal way, there is a great risk that, due to a lack of birth, it will disappear, invaded by foreigners, just as Rome has been invaded by barbarians,” said Sarah, adding, “My country is predominantly Muslim. I think I know what reality I’m talking about.”

The Cardinal also blamed the European Union for its “desire to globalize the world, ridding it of nations with their distinctive characteristics,” labeling the move “sheer madness”.

“The Brussels Commission thinks only about building a free market in the service of the great financial powers,” he continued. “The European Union no longer protects the peoples within it. It protects the banks.”

Until next time, patriot.

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POTUS Vindicated! #MuellerReport Snake Eyes and Nothing Burger

On the count of three, everyone: WE TOLD YOU SO!We told the rotten and rancid Fake News Media and corporate Ted Baxter sockpuppet [DS] apparatchiks that nothing would ever come of the Nothing Burger called the #MuellerReport. We warned that it was a colossal waste of time, taxpayer money and so many Americans’ gullible faith. It was misplaced focus, all designed to address one sole, solitary position: The Mueller Report was contrived and manufactured to justify and explicate how the Oven Mitt Fashionista lost a rigged election. After, of course, it was used surgically to attempt to undermine and destroy a man, a brave citizen, who dared seek the highest office. A man who deigned to defy [DS] cabal coteries and covens. That plain. That simple. There was never the slightest indicium of Russian collusion, contamination, interference, election fraud, nothing, nada, niente. Zip. No evidence, proof, probable cause, reasonable suspicion. The 22 month investigation is now over and done — 675 days of stripping the (what were) well-placed and well-established provisions of the Constitution. Why exactly? Better yet, how did this country sit back and allow this? How did good Americans allow this folderol to advance unabated, unfettered and unspecified? Simple. The Right was asleep. Impotent. Ineffective.

Whither justice? But don’t think that anything will change as to the perfervid fixation with getting this President. Not at all. In fact, whatever off-the-charts outrage they autogenerated over an “investigation” few could explain much less comprehend, it hasn’t abated in the least. It’s all moving now to New York, whether through the SDNY Feds or the State Attorney General, Health Department, TLC, Parking Division . . . name it. They will never stop, these demented Democrats, simply because this sure as hell beats formulating a platform and vision. Why cobble together the best team to address the issues and focus of the nation when you can just waste millions of taxpayer money going after an innocent man? A man, by the by, who’s inspired billions in media revenue and viewership and to whom #FakeNewsCNN owes its very existence. A man who turned the tables on classic (and most provincial) American politics with an approach that only he could produce and will replicate deftly through a decisive 2020 trouncing of the next victim shoved his way.

Trump’s an innocent man!You heard me: AN INNOCENT MAN. For that is what he was and is. Why do I say this? Simple. It is axiomatic that prosecutors must not follow political vicissitudes and whim and must only focus on that which is the subject of probable cause and adduced evidence. It’s called proof. These Star Chamber ghouls never had a scintilla of evidence anent and against President Trump about anything. Nothing. In fact, the culprit, instigator and criminal at the heart of this entire rats nest is the monumentally corrupt Hillary Rodham Clinton, who, I trust, will be indicted, arrested and frogmarched to the hoosegow instanter and anon. She must be. And her stream of criminality could not have been accomplished without the guiding hand of Barry O, [DS] handmaiden, puppet, marionette and Manchurian candidate. History will never be able to fully comprehend the magnitude of his complicity in authorizing the fetid groundwork of a cabal heretofore unimaginable. And all with the Fake News Media cheering on and conspiring openly and notoriously.

The Constitution trashed: Liberty subverted. “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime,” spake Stalin’s Secret Police head, Lavrentiy Beria. We don’t need no stinkin’ probable cause, right? (They thought and think.) Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein et al.didn’t even pay lip service to any Constitutional precursors to activate this nightmare and prosecutorial blunderbuss. No proof required. No reasonable suspicion, hunches. Nope. They figured that for mere political gain they’d doggedly pursue everything and anything POTUS. Why? Because they could. And because they opened a new and horrid chapter into the revision and disregard of the Constitutional and juridical rulebooks.

Let me repeat: It sure as hell beats formulating a platform and vision.Look at the crew of Dems actually being considered for elevation to POTUS 46 status. Name the moonbat. Go ahead. Can you believe this crew of sorry, pathetic, unqualified, daft, vacant loons? I’m not going to run through the roster, you know the list. I believe at last count it was 178. (Kidding.) But when Creepy Uncle Joe Biden barely squeaks by Bernie in the polls as a DNC frontrunner after having spent his entire adult political life actually, literally and truly voting for and/or supporting every known cause of everything, this clown’s barely noticed and is in for the shock of his life. And, get this: He would have been the toughest candidate Trump would have to face in the general only because of name recognition and voter familiarity.

A rancid retinue the Alt Left. What’s the frontrunner saying? That’s right. Joe Biden. The creepiest lech in a group shot, bar none. Hide the kids and grab the wife! The king of the impromptu neck rub, this amateur masseur perv skeeves out the crowd even by DC standards. Watch his version of the #MuellerReport rollout along with the other list of dimwitted moonbats. Remember, Uncle Joe doesn’t have to come up with anything vaguely resembling a plan so long as the usual suspects bleat and crow and carp and pound tables over, er, something. Note also how those of this crew who usually deride us conspirateers are working overtime in crafting the most exotic of labyrinthine theories and hypotheses as to Lurch Mueller either being on the take, a sell-out or just plain corrupt and/or incompetent. He, the man they heralded as the straightest of shooters bar none. Amazing, isn’t it, how this works.

All for naught. Roger Stone, Rick Gates, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, George Papadopoulos, and Gen. Michael Flynn. That’s it. Oh, I forgot. A bunch of Russian NPCs and three companies. Nugatory. Trifling. Insignificant. De minimis. And guess what, none of them had anything to do with Russian interference or anything. Period. Are you able to tell from the bite of my harangue the anger I have towards this utter and absolute waste of time?And I’m being kind. And remember the initial mandate. But the real issue now remains to demand that AG William Barr deep dive into the origins of this fiasco and find out what happened. I mean everything. Review the criminally culpable and morally reprehensible lot: former head spook John Brennan, former DNI chief James Clapper. And please don’t forget Susan Rice, Barry’s National Security Adviser, who repeatedly leaked classified information. Remember the entire unmasking phenomenon?

How did this ever start in the first place?This is the gravamen of the demands that many of my Conspiratorium compatriots have, viz. to [DECLAS] critical portions of the FBI’s June 2017 application to monitor (then) Trump foreign policy aide Carter Page under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). And that’s in and of itself an understatement because the warrant that was provided for Page was Title 1 versus §702 based. As you know the former entails in essence a walking wiretap: Anywhere Page goes, anyone he sees or talks to, everyone and everything is sucked up in the vacuum of this Mega Warrant. In fact, should the referenced Page lawsuits against the various agencies prove fruitful, the man will make Bezos look like Bill Gates.

Wake up! Something happened to this great country. Something that inspires community somnolence and intellectual torpor. It seems that the pathetic Right just sits back and nods hypnotically at various catastrophic events whilst Alt Left legions wax frenetic over everything and anything at the highest of volumes and gets all the attention and coverage. How is the message being delivered to regular, normal hard-working Americans? Remember, if you’re reading this you’re a member of a very select group of the woke cognoscenti. Seriously. The levels of nescience combined with issue ennui are catastrophic. Most folks are simply too preoccupied with their own lives and situations. Imagine by analogy standing outside a stadium and trying to guess the score by the roar of the crowd. That’s America.

Until next time, patriot.




#IStandWithJudgeJeanine. I know you heard the news that Fox News last week preempted Sixth Avenue’s answer to Learned Hand, Judge Jeanine Pirro, from her weekly show for reasons I’ll and you’ll never know or understand. And she was replaced, er, preempted for reruns of “Bowling for Sportshirts” or some Gawd awful remnant and retread ostensibly after her not-so-well-received comments anent and regarding newly-minted Congressperson Ilhan Omar. Seems that JJ’s quips and witticisms as to the compatibility of what Ms. Pirro viewed as Sharia with a member of Congress’s allegiance to the Constitution were not well-received. So what, I say. This while quislings Shep Smith and Judge Nap crank out interminable anti-Trump blather daily on what was Roger Ailes’ creation. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because Fox News sold out. Big time. The Mouse is in the house, kids. ABC . . . Disney . . . Iger. The same TV Boeotians who shitcanned Roseanne FROM HER OWN SHOW and kept on board that vile and despicable James Gunn, whose Twitter feed could be used as Exhibit A in a symposium on improper, unhealthy and sick child predation fantasies. That’s right. The not-so-wonderful world of Disney has reinstated sicko slime slug James Gunn as the writer-director of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. No, he stays on. In fact he was theoretically shelved for a bit while Disney pretended that he was 86’d. But it was all a con. He was never jettisoned. Not for a moment. For some reason this sicko gets a pass whilst TV legend Roseanne gets the heave-ho FROM HER OWN SHOW! So, how demented were his Tweets, you ask. Google them on your own time. But not on an empty stomach.
Gawd, how I loathe them. Words cannot describe how delicious I find elite Hollyweird nincompoops caught in the delicious dragnet of one of the most far-reaching, dastardly yet incomprehensibly stupid scams ever. Well, maybe not that stupid in retrospect when you consider how long it’s been going on and at what levels. But here are a few questions that particularly piqued my interest. Next to who were the geniuses who thought they’d get by with photoshopping and superimposing their miserable seeds’ mugs on the bodies of actual athletes actually performing.
Why wasn’t William H. Macy charged but Felicity ux. was? Macy wasn’t charged with anything. Yet. From the looks of things it seems almost shameless not to include this feller in the snare. I mean, the feds allegedly have him on tape assenting to and ratifying the conspiracy to violate a veritable endless litany of Title 18 offenses. And not one charge?! Now, the possibilities and reasons for his separate treatment are multifold. This may in some wise act almost as an analog to the innocent spouse provision. (I said analog for good reason.) He may also have provided incredible evidence against and anent others in return for charges not being filed, all of which seems improbable beyond description. The chance to claim the scalp of a bona fide Hollyweird big shot is something most prosecutors couldn’t and wouldn’t pass up for anything. I mean, who can claim notoriety better? The guy who nails Jerry Lundegaard or the one who bags Lynette Scavo. Think about it, Sparky.
Clawback as another analogy. The phrase and concept refers to a bankruptcy law provision where the trustee voids transactions thus returning property back for the benefit of unsecured creditors. The context and application I speak of is as follows. Say that it’s determined that a college admission was fraudulently obtained, say further that that degree or matriculation record is expunged, quashed and killed. Assume arguendo further that by the time the fraud is discovered, the con kid has completed law school or medical school or any endeavor thus requiring initial and honest and actual and legitimate acceptance into a baccalaureate degree program. Are the postgrad degrees clawed back? Undone, stripped, revoked? Is the subsequent professional career void ab initioin that it was never legally or properly obtained? And if so how far back can and could authorities go? Not to criminally charge, mind you, but administratively?  
When minor players sing and heads roll. Those of us who’ve been in the criminal law trenches have seen all too often seemingly insignificant pinches turn into the critical thread pulled that destroys the entire fabric of the racketeering and criminal organization. One person, one underling, some guy or gal who figures they’re not going to be sent up the river indeterminately while some snotty, elitist Hollyweird big shot escapes the long arm of the law. And sings. And, perhaps, composes. And that’s what we’re seeing now. “Sources” say that some of the biggest, and I mean BIGGEST, names in all areas of tech and business and entertainment are belting out the hits. It’s suspected and expected that the feds will show that they’ve been involved in these scams for years and what you’re about to see will be a cosmic juridical bloodbath. And good. ‘Bout time.
Nothing new. Look, college admissions have been skewed, screwed and spewed (no, I don’t know what that means either) when it comes to athletic scholarships and the like. We’ve heard of sports stars have been recruited for college teams, kids who can’t even read their diplomas. And throw into the mix parents who just blatantly buy off the school through under or over the table “contributions” to a host of charities and building funds. Oh, by the by, you’ll love this. “Institutional Advancement” and “Transactional Philanthropy” are two terms of art that crooked colleges, especially the vaunted Ivy League, use to euphemize blatant payoffs and “no show” acceptance. These guys are straight from the LCN. What utter shite!
But this is different. What we saw here in the latest #CollegeAdmissionsScandal defies anything that was even remotely conceivable. Truly Bernie Madoff quality graft and slime here. Monumental in its level of corruption. Not to mention, when have you ever seen such lowlife cons as some of these idiot brats, Numero Uno being Olivia Jade, Loughlin’s spawn? This one reinvents chutzpah, balls and balderdash. No remorse, regret or clue. Look, enough with the obvious. But I’d give anything to be front row for her parents’ sentencing when this little darling’s videos are played. These revealing Kodak moments when these Snowflake dunderheads brag how they gamed and ginned the system. How they really don’t care about school but wanted to just party. Oh, they’ll have plenty of time to party now. The college dorm influencer on house arrest. And, good question, why weren’t they, the adult college students, charged with anything? No, great question.


There are few things more dangerous than taking one’s position or fate for granted. Next to making the case for Judy Tenuta scoring a Nobel. Anyhoo. Look, overconfidence is lethal. When a movement forgets how it got there and what the issues were and the climate was that enabled its momentum in the first place, that spells certain doom. The movement sputters. Slows. Grinds to a halt. I’ve seen it happen. Just look at Judy Tenuta. But I digress.

That’s precisely what I fear anent #Election2020 and President Trump. I fear that Americans will feel that Trump’s reelection is in the bag and in the cards and that there’s nothing to worry about. That when any rational, sensible voter looks at what he’s done, certainly Trump will be the only possible consideration. Right? He’s a shoo-in. That was Hillary’s problem and mistake (of many). And if you think that Trump’s hand-picked coterie of advisers are up to snuff, that makes one of us. I love that man and the cause and our republic and I know what I’m talking about. Maybe ex-Fox News honcho Bill Shine’s sayonarawas the hint that he’s wised up. I trust that media whiz Brad Parscale will unload and unleash his genius at the critical moment that will render the Dems and their presumptive candidate, Creepy Joe Biden, paralyzed, immobilized and crushed. Dear Gawd, I hope. I trust that Americans will understand that the level of prosperity and record unemployment across all demos they now enjoy is due to the political muscle and know-how of DJT. I trust a lot of things, er, I mean I hope a lot of things.

But, yes, these are fascinating times as times always are. And no, this is not the end of civilization as we know it and, no, we aren’t on the brink of civil war. But we are facing new cataclysms and fissures and revolutions within the political systems of our republic. Just look at how we aren’t even remotely conversant with actual terms of art anent policies, politics and platforms. Take socialism. Please. What you’re hearing spouted and pushed ain’t socialism. What, you say? Let me ‘splain.

Somewhere post-Bernie, nescient American commentators confused Democratic-Socialist for Socialist. I mean, who’s really surprised? The words are similar and we’ve this strained idea of what economic theories are compared and contrasted with totalitarian regimes and the like. Maybe. Neither he nor AOC remotely represent anything socialist. Trust me. What they promote is welfare state capitalism. Now, stop. Did you just read and hear what I said? Do not move on without understanding what that means. This caca del toroand the proliferation of such by Bernie et AOC and these seemingly endless polls stating that Gen-Z’s (of which I don’t believe) are leaning towards socialism miss the boat. “Free stuff ≠ socialism.” Remember that.

And speaking of monumental ignorance, FNC’s Judge Jeanine knows as much about Shariah as AOC knows about supersymmetry. What was she thinking with her latest protestations? Does she think Roger is still alive? Has she forgotten that Disney controls her puppet strings? The days of Fox as we knew it during Ailes is over. Got that, Tucker? If you think Fox’s 6thAvenue fortress is the Presidio of conservative protection, you’re out of your mind and off your meds. It’s all changing drastically. Everything from top to bottom and what I fear is that some folks don’t seem to get it.

Even the once relatively rational DNC seems to be outdone and outmaneuvered by new cliques and covens of neo-Dems. Ilhan Omar dusted off every classic anti-Israel, anti-Semitic trope and what did they do, the Dems, that is? Nada. Nancy Pelosi, who’s lost all control of her partyand caucus, along with Chuckles Schumer agreed upon some watered down something or other that addressed generic thoughts and ideas anent and regarding “hate,” a word that has been diluted to such levels never thought imaginable. What’s happened? These are new time and new players and a new country and I don’t believe most have noticed such. What was then ain’t current now, Sparky.

And with that, let me return to what POTUS must do immediatelyto win again in 2020. First, forego and abandon any ideas of debating anyone. Second, starve the #FakeNewsMedia of ad revenue by avoiding said dates. Third, focus on town halls versus anachronistic and otiose debates. Third, TrumpTV — a privately-owned 24/7 accessible video platform that allows voters and opponents access to what’s new, planned and pertinent as to myriad issues of note. Fourth, boycott all #FakeNewsMedia by any and all White House personnel, advisers, staff and the like. And finally, MAGAzine (coined by others, note attribution) that highlights FLOTUS Melania. A full-color, glossy masterpiece that will sell out in seconds, privately funded with proceeds directed to a charity of note, all in compliance with election laws and the like.

This is war. War plain and simple. “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting,” spake Sun Tzu. It’s real and happening. Now.

Until next time, patriot.


It’s time to review some of the basics. The rudiments. The essential and abecedarian elements of that which every and any sentient and woke patriot must know. It’s not about party or labels or the usual schmaltz. It’s about attending to the issues that matter and that count. Issues and causes and stories that impact our lives and us directly. Issues that, sadly I report, virtually no one in office or in the usual fake news bowels are addressing or even dealing with remotely or otherwise. You won’t hear of this on MSM corporate news platforms (right or left) and you certainly won’t hear any of the usual suspects (right or left) even broaching the subject matter. It’s too hot, too controversial and too true for their tastes. Don’t kid yourself, my fellow patriot, the media left and right are cons. They’re a work. An angle. A vaudevillian troupe. An opera buffa. The cult of personality meets Ted Baxter. The only thing going for us now is the greatest President in my lifetime, Donald Trump. Period.

Now let’s begin. But, ask yourself if you’re able to handle this. Seriously.

The left-right paradigm is dead and beyond irrelevant.The notion that there are identifiable and palpable and tenable differences between parties is a joke. A bad joke. Left-Right. Conservative-Liberal. Two sides of the same coin, contrived and arranged and orchestrated by brilliant people who long ago tapped into the intramural and provincial politics that Americans so enjoy. Trump, I’m happy to report, is a delicious anomaly. He redefines and recalibrates the political fulcrum and resets the pendulum and none of the Deep State [DS] curs and hounds have the slightest clue as to what to do. This was a man no one saw coming and no one could have ever predicted would be so destructive to the status quo and the “business as usual” crooks and felons who inhabit our beloved republic. He’s the real deal, my friend. And as real a deal he is, sadly neither he nor either party nor any of the bobblehead media poltroons can go nigh certain subjects near and dear to my heart. Here are but a few inter alia.

Vaccines.You have to be in a coma or the victim of mind control (perhaps administered via vaccine) to have missed the multitudes of research, reports and data anent the (at least) need to investigate the causal connection between some of today’s strains of vaccines and resultant (putative) spectrum disorders and autism. In fact, POTUS proudly announced his understandable concerns. It needs to be readdressed. This is not an indictment of immunology, inoculations or the mechanics of disease suppression, this is called research. It is the very real need to investigate whether yet again innocent Americans have been victimized and damaged by a pharmaceutical industry that has shown virtually no interest through the years in keeping us safe from myriad drugs, potions, witches brews, concoctions and, yes, vaccines. Just look at how even suggesting that something might be amiss generates frenetic overreaction and censorship. What’s the problem here? What is everyone so afraid of?

5G horrors.Excuse me, but have we lost our sentient minds by not so much as questioning what being bathed in and by 5G towers — already here, by the by — means? Do a cursory review in various periodicals and literature and you’ll be slammed by the suspicions and (warranted) fears enunciated and explicated by numbers of experts and industry watchdogs. If you’re going to read or watch one introductory piece as to and anent the potential health hazards that 5G represents start with this: Dr. Sharon Goldbergtestifying at Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing October 4, 2018. Just watch her testimony and ask if perhaps we’re from some other parallel universe that considers this important. Because no one’s talking about it other than the singularly sentient. Just last week I was stuck in a green room and had to endure Newt Gingrich on Fox News laud the magic of 5G technology and how it would prove indispensable to autonomous driving contraptions. The anchor nodded almost hypnotically as Newt waxed incoherent as to the marvels of new citizen radiation saturation. And not to be outdone, President Trump last month tweeted that he can’t wait for 5G and . . . wait . . . 6G technology instanter. The man’s still greatbut needs some pointed remedial instruction as to these horror towers.

China and BRICS.Look, I’m all for cinching down on a ravenous China via tariff applications but you have got to be kidding me if you have no fears or concerns as to the enormity of what this surveillance dystopia means to us. China is an Orwellian Disney World. Coupled with BRICS coalition partnerships and methinks we’ve a chimera that knows no equal in the annals of modern times. And remember, they’re socialist or “socialist with Chinese characteristics.” Not bad for a country after 70 years post-Mao revolution. The next time some armchair economist throws you the usual line about the horrors of socialism as an instrument of economic disaster, remind him of China. Not that I’m hankering for a Beijing pied-à-terre, mind you, but listen carefully to anyone who suggests for a moment that socialism necessarily spells economic doom.

Geoengineeringand (what you might incorrectly call) chemtrails.Dear Gawd, just look up. Look at those gauzy, hazy streaks that hashtag the sky that were never here before. Listen to me, they are not contrails or water vapor or innocent exhaust. You don’t have to be an aeronautical genius to know that. So why won’t anyone, and I mean anyone, pretend to be remotely interested in at least calling out the obvious? What the hell are they spraying? Even Moonbat the Ditz AOC never mentions a word. Don’t you think Solar Radiation Managementwould pique her capricious interest? No, you see what this has been subsumed under is the rubric of the dread conspiracy theory. I even had a local TV weatherman (I know, who waits until 6 PM for the weather to be read by a guy in a bad suit?) still confuse water vapor and true contrails with geoengineering. Look, I’m wasting my breath. Or finger tips. Alas.

Robots and AI. Whenever the subject arises folks get all goofy over the idea of some cute little R2-D2 looking out for them and keeping them company. Some new hi-tech pal. Or they’ll snicker and snigger over the notion of sex robots that channels into their juvenescent mindset. But listen and listen well, patriot. It’s not robots you should focus on but the AI part. The intelligence that they claim is artificial. For now. This is mindboggling, Sparky. And the implications I know have not been considered by anyone and I don’t expect them to be. It’s who we are.

The bloody wall! Where is it? How’s it coming? What’s the level of completion? When will it be done? Hello? Anyone home? The wall. Remember the wall? (Help.)

Hillary’s still not indicted. So long as the Oven Mitt Fashionista remains free, liberty is one step closer to extinction for every day hers remains intact. Dig? This weekend she was traipsing about and parading as some expert in civil rights as Selma was remembered. Good Gawd, Mr. President, have you know pull? Have your DOJ charge her with something, anything. Something that involves a mugshot. Nothing fancy. No Gitmo (though #OvenMitt4Git is kinda catchy), no treason. Just treat her like an ordinary criminal and thief which is precisely what she is. Now, sir.

Grid fears and EMP cataclysms. The day we get hit with a massive Carrington-Class Event or solar superstorm haymaker (natural or deliberate) this place will go into first class, full-tilt apeshit meltdown. You know it and I know it. And the level of calamity that such will inspire is inexplicable and immane. We are not equipped to handle it, deal with it or remotely address same. Imagine every ATM, computer, TV, appliance, light, air conditioner or heater, refrigerator — get the picture — out. Indefinitely. Darkness. No order. Mayhem, looting. Riots, anyone? Are you listening? What’s in play? What’s the drill? Infrastructure, anyone?

Social media recategorized as a utility.Imagine if your cellphone carrier suspended your phone line because you made some anti-vaxxer comment during a conversation. You’d scream bloody murder and deservedly so and you would claim censorship that requires and warrants immediate attention, anddeservedly so. Why? Because mobile phone lines are in effect a utility. Think electricity. Power. Well, what do you think search engines are or social media platforms? Don’t give me this business about their being some privately-owned amenity that you voluntarily engaged in and with. Social media are critical to business, expression and are in effect communication utilities that require protection and legislation to prevent your being bounced or tossed because you dared utter the wrong conspiracy theory.

Human trafficking and domestic violence. Nobody’s saying anything and I think we know why. The level of sex trafficking involving women, men and children, the degree of systematic and systemic predation at the highest level and tiers make some folks rather loath to howl about the problem. From Bergoglio and the Vatican to Weinstein to Nxivm to Hollywood to the halls of Congress to Epstein and the Lolita Express, the levels of sin and abuse are incomprehensible so a lot of folks figure that everyone might be best advised to just lay off the subject matter lest they inspire further inquiry as to the depths and degrees of depravity that have been heretofore honored.

Until next time, patriot.

“Information is the currency of the 21st century.” – Lionel, 2010 CE

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