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“Censorship reflects society’s lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime.” – Potter Stewart

Here’s the news. I’ve a new channel. A new platform. A new paid subscription membership. It’s not on any social media platform. It’s LionelMedia. New and improved. Remember when thinking was dangerous and unregulated? You know. Freedom of speech. Freedom of thought, expression, belief. Unfettered, unencumbered, unplugged. Remember? Sounds too good to be true. But it’s happening. Here. Countering the deep state, police state, intel state, shadow government and ruling class #BigTech fascists. Ahem.

My story. Tuesday morning, 11 September 2001 CE. Redpilled. Big time. Everything changed for me and I haven’t been the same since. I was in NYC and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. And then I couldn’t believe what I was reading and seeing on TV. But the truth was online. This was before social media and Twatter, Fecesbook and that other thing. It was Wild West Internet. The theories and hypotheses were exploding. Many daft, many deranged and many spot-on and deadly accurate. Perfect. We were called Truthers. Translation: People who didn’t believe the official account (for a variety of reasons). Imagine that, derided for wanting the truth. And it was fun and cool and dangerous. And great.  

But wait, there’s more. If you want to question vaccine safety especially as to kids and you’re not RFK Jr. with Kennedy immunity, you’re an Anti-Vaxxer and you’re off social media. Remember in 2016 when tough guy wannabe and overrated actor Bobby De Niro dared to screen “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe”? Seems that tough guy Bobby got whacked and backed down. As the NYT reported: “Facing a storm of criticism over its plan to show a documentary about the widely debunked link between vaccines and autism, the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday pulled the film from its schedule next month.” Did you catch that? Widely debunked link between vaccines and autism. You’d better say it’s debunked or you’ll go the way of Jenny McCarthy. Who? (Precisely.)

I said there was more. Doubt that UBL was dispatched in a gun battle in Abbottabad and tossed into the drink à la Luca Brasi with not one single morgue shot available and question the seemingly endless passels of ex-Navy SEALs who swear they single-handedly plugged Osama bin Forgotten, you’re a Deather. Ditto for questioning Saddam’s phone cam dispatch. Unsure as to Barry O’s provenance (and you can think Hillary C for that one), you’re a Birther (and a racist). Think that masks don’t work (as Fauci said repeatedly) other than to steam up glasses and perpetuate the culture of anonymity, you’re a Masker. (OK, I made that one up). Bottom line, if you don’t regurgitate the pap, the story line, you’re on your own. And for most folks they couldn’t care less. Just let them pose half nude in front of a bathroom mirror or perseverate the illusion and fantasy of hotness via beauty app and they’re fine. That’s the way it works. Addict folks to social media and then demand that they abide by the rules of insipidity or lose their exhibitionist license. Sorry, Sparky, not for me.

Then, it all changed. After social media hooked everyone with an unlimited narcissism stage it changed the rules. Don’t talk at all of the aforementioned or anything about hydroxychloroquine, stolen elections, Biden’s profligate son, China, geoengineering, the conspiracy theory du jour, pro-Trump ideations, “hate speech” and any of the forbidden phobias or Poof! Off you go. Be gone. Demonetization, shadow-banning, prohibition in toto, suspension, exceptions, labeling, cautionary warnings. Systematic destruction of random and erstwhile protected thought. You will be relegated and exiled in social media Elba.

I need my own platform. I’m being second-guessed, sanctioned, penalized, throttled, demonetized. And for what exactly? Especially now with a spate of ex-Mafia made channels regaling you with lurid tales of hits and murder and “the life.” (Whither omertà?) That’s OK. But dare to discuss COVID therapeutics and you’re Elvis. Sorry. Look, there’s nothing wrong with making money from the dissemination of opinion and analysis. We’re capitalists, after all. (That’s still legal. Right, AOC?) I want to say what I want and share it with the world for comments and reactions and reasonable pecuniary support. It’s what I’ve been doing professionally for 33 years inter alia. Heritage MSM news platforms are dead. Shock jocks are dinosaurs. Nothing shocks anymore. Other than the level of censorship. The only thing available of any informational truth value is citizen/civilian, alternative and foreign media. And this.

So, here’s the deal. $10 per month or $100 per year. Here. You’re not going to get this on YouTube or Bitchute or PoopShoot. Sorry, they’ve got rules and rules mean limitations and limitations mean boring. Look, they’re great if you want to have seitan recipe shows or food blogs. You want to unbox an iPhone? Solid. But if you’re looking to challenge virology myths, shatter false flag switcheroos and/or brutally take apart the latest contingents of shadow government blatteroons, you can forget it. Not to mention, and this is exceedingly self-serving, most of these so-called experts bore me to the point of tears. The same, the ordinary, the usual. The scripted, approved and allowed.

That’s it. Thanks for attending. We’d love to have you. 

Stay focused, Patriots. Or at least appear to be.
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