Maintaining Sanity During Insane Times


The level of panic and misdirection are off the bloody charts. Here in New York we’re being warned about makeshift morgues that will be overflowing. Followed by a shortage. Of morgues. How’s that for sobering, Sparky? The Javits Center is now a 1000+ bed MASH unit ready to receive casualties. There’s talk of military takeover, martial law, shutdowns, lockdowns, shoot on sight orders, police ditching their posts via BLUE FLU mobilization. Infighting, scare tactics. Pols jockeying for the evening news. People walking around in HazMat suits, masked, gloved and socially distant.
Every conceivable reaction you can imagine is pouring through every media orifice. It’s news diarrhea. Drinking from a fire hose. And it’s impossible to react or to gauge one’s behavior accordingly because there’s nothing that can be done. There’s no remedy. No solution. We sit and wait and watch what politicians say and do. 
Oh, and blame Trump. Absolutely. It’s all his fault. Everything. He hand-crafted the virus. He created the supply shortages and under-purchased critical items even before he was elected. He’s a time bandit who traveled to the past and laid the groundwork for this pandemic. It’s all his fault. He talks too much. He doesn’t talk enough. The Coronavirus Stimulus Package is right, wrong, too much and not enough. It’s his fault if it fails and Pelosi’s Dems’ triumph if it works. Everything that is wrong, goes wrong or goes south is Trump’s fault.

And Obama did nothing wrong. Nothing. Or Hillary or Pelosi or Creepy Joe or Bernie or AOC or Schiff. Listen, no one has ever done anything wrong but Trump. Got it?

That’s the refrain.
Now, do you feel better? Does that about summarize it all?
I’m awash in experts. Experts with no plan or ideas. Experts who are killing me with their expertise. Everyone’s a Chloroquine expert. And an expert in Deep State treachery, martial law, the swamp . . . I’ve had it.
Had it with everything.
Here’s my plan. As in what I’m doing. Ready?

  • Do nothing until I know what the hell I’m doing.
  • Think in terms of what’s next and tomorrow.
  • Read headlines maybe but only insofar as government directives and orders.
  • Stay home as much as is possible.
  • Turn off all news, particularly mainstream media Ted Baxter corporate news.
  • Limit Twitter to the most perfunctory scans possible.
  • Ditch Facebook.
  • Monitor my family’s health stats and chronicle the onset of anything new.
  • Intermittent fasting and calorie restriction. Why? Lose weight, Einstein.
  • Stay away from negative, ignorant and panic-prone idiots.
  • Watch no YouTube doomsayers, Cassandras or self-appointed Deep State experts.

Stay healthy.
Until the morrow.


About the author

Truth warriors and verity sentries, the primary political focus of this channel initially pivoted decidedly towards the 2020 “election.” And how couldn’t it? The CV1984 claptrap is prolix and dutiful and woke heteroclite psephologists are now zeroing attention to address the incomprehensible (now) reality: a Joe Biden presidency. That simple. And I’ve (again) one focus, scilicet unabashed unvarnished naked truth. Join us. Mother America is under attack ideologically and spiritually by an enemy determined to destroy Her foundation and essential principles. This is an existential fight and as such requires the commitment of a new centurion, a heteroclite truth warrior committed to protecting our constitutional republic. But it’s a new war and a new enemy. Political left and right are dead. Liberal versus conservative might have made sense during the Reagan epoch but not now.

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