Now That Everyone Agrees That Twitter Shadowbans Free Speech and Must Be Dealt With Accordingly When Will Alex Jones Be Vindicated and What Exactly Has He Done to Disconnect From Guaranteed Expression Protections?

10 DEC 2022. Over four years before Elon Musk took over Twitter and exposed the company’s collusion with Democrat politicians, government agencies and left-wing groups to silence conservatives on the platform, Alex Jones publicly confronted then-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about the biased censorship. He was  right. So why’s he still banned?

2018 Flashback: Alex Jones Called Out Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Over Censorship At Capitol Hill Hearing

Over four years before Elon Musk took over Twitter and exposed the company’s collusion with Democrat politicians, government agencies and left-wing groups to silence conservatives on the platform, Alex Jones publicly confronted then-Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about the biased censorship.


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Truth warriors and verity sentries, the primary political focus of this channel initially pivoted decidedly towards the 2020 “election.” And how couldn’t it? The CV1984 claptrap is prolix and dutiful and woke heteroclite psephologists are now zeroing attention to address the incomprehensible (now) reality: a Joe Biden presidency. That simple. And I’ve (again) one focus, scilicet unabashed unvarnished naked truth. Join us. Mother America is under attack ideologically and spiritually by an enemy determined to destroy Her foundation and essential principles. This is an existential fight and as such requires the commitment of a new centurion, a heteroclite truth warrior committed to protecting our constitutional republic. But it’s a new war and a new enemy. Political left and right are dead. Liberal versus conservative might have made sense during the Reagan epoch but not now.

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  1. Karrin Ochoa

    SATAN programming

    silent assassination through adapting networks

    the action of making multiple copies of a gene or DNA sequence:
    “a technique known as random amplification of polymorphic DNA” · “sequences were obtained from multiple amplifications from individual samples”

    brain washing
    washing the personality
    wiping it out

    Joost Meerloo, released his book “The Rape of the Mind” (1956) in which he said:“The tragic facts of political experiences in our age make it all too clear that applied psychological technique can brainwash entire nations and reduce their citizens to a kind of mindless robotism which becomes for them a normal way of living.”

    the rape of the mind
    The Rape of the Mind – Chapter 18 – Freedom, Our Mental Backbone – Joost A. M. Meerloo

  2. Karrin Ochoa

    The people on the planned pandemic boards call it a vaccine.

    The elite are like hoarders and their house is the world. They think they have it all together because they own a lot of stuff but their obsession with rodents has gotten the best of them.

    I’ve noticed that a LOT of hoarders talk about how no one listens to them, they don’t feel heard, they don’t feel seen, etc. but will turn around and tell their families to shut up as soon as they start saying the “but it’s all YOUR stuff” lines. The families are often silenced, manipulated, abused, etc. by the hoarders in order for the hoarder to keep doing what they’re doing, yet they are also the first ones told by the therapists to stop making mean comments or assigning blame.

    So many hoarders blame their family members because “no one will help clean up”, but when their families talk about how mean the hoarder is during help sessions, or how much they block any cleaning effort, or whatever, and turn the blame back on the hoarder, it’s often the FAMILY who is told to stop and not the HOARDER who is told to take responsibility. After years and years of dealing with some of these hoarders, I feel SO BAD for the families that they are silenced and not validated in their really strong feelings about the situation!

  3. Karrin Ochoa

    more preparedness exercises


    this is their formula

    pandemic exercises

    catastrophic contagion

    how dramatic

    The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, conducted Catastrophic Contagion, a pandemic tabletop exercise

    countries have done a good job in getting their vulnerable populations vaccinated.’

    Noting that most intensive care cases and COVID-related deaths came from older and more vulnerable cohorts,

    but thanks to a large uptake in the national vaccination programme,

    Dr Ryan also warned, however, that as the world works to stop the spread of ‘much more transmissible’ variants, ‘even gains that have been made can be lost’ if we’re not careful.

    These people are focused on the next catastrophic contagion…whatever you focus on grows. Why focus on what you don’t want…that’s like planning a vacation to go someplace that you don’t want to go to.

    They act all noble, and get all dressed up, as if they are superheroes at work.

    Mike Ryan
    just one example
    He said: ‘If we continue to allow that virus to evolve, there’s every chance it can evolve into something that our vaccines no longer protect against.’

    he encourages people to take the vaccines…quote
    They will stop you from becoming that victim.’

    Dr Mike Ryan explains… – World Health Organization (WHO)

    very Hollywood
    he believes issues cannot be separated
    all social justice issues are one
    climate change and pandemic
    the same thing
    according to this participant in the catastrophic contagion

    the future contagion is a fantasy
    future contagions are being premeditated by who.
    health can be contagious
    good habits, wholesome habits, are easy to practice
    propaganda is easily recognized for what it is
    advertisements for the new world order backfire

    people are free when they use their minds to question what they see and hear
    people are free when they stop practicing and stop preaching and start to listen to the still voice of guidance from within that awakens them in order that they may see through illusions into the truth

    life is not a spectator sport
    life is not a game
    freedom is knowing what a woman is

    practicing for an undefined catastrophy
    one that’s contagious
    relating to geological catastrophism.

    sudden great damage or suffering

    contagious could mean
    (of an emotion, feeling, or attitude) likely to spread to and affect others:

    emotional imbalance leads to illness

    Is this terrorism?
    premeditated threats
    public announcements
    professional videos
    multicultural outfits and everything

    Did they mention how they are going to deal with all the shake, rattling and rolling from their last premeditated pandemic event…that rolled out so…unwell?

  4. Karrin Ochoa

    Although suicide is a top-10 cause of death for men overall in the US, it is not a top-10 cause of death for Black men.

    A report from the U.S. Department of Justice states “In 2005, homicide victimization rates for blacks were 6 times higher than the rates for whites”. The report also found that “94% of black victims were killed by blacks.” Black boys and men age 15–44 are the only race/sex category for which homicide is a top-five cause of death.

    2020, African Americans were less likely to be vaccinated against COVID-19

    2021 to 2022, there was an increase in African Americans who became vaccinated.

    Still, in 2022, COVID-19 complications became the third leading cause of death for African Americans.

    African Americans have higher rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) compared to Whites, with 5 times the rates of syphilis and chlamydia, and 7.5 times the rate of gonorrhea.[180]

    The disproportionately high incidence of HIV/AIDS among African-Americans has been attributed to homophobic influences and lack of access to proper healthcare.


    The prevalence of HIV/AIDS among Black men is seven times higher than the prevalence for White men, and Black men are more than nine times as likely to die from HIV/AIDS-related illness than White men.

    This is about diet, behavior, drug use, blood, sex…not homophobia or racism. reporting an outlying percentage of European ancestry among African Americans, 29%

    non-Bantu branches of the Niger-Congo (Niger-Kordofanian) family

    Barbadians are a multi-ethnic and multicultural society of various ethnic, religious and national origins; therefore Barbadians do not necessarily equate their ethnicity with their Barbadian nationality.

    this is where most black skinned people can be traced back to

    they do not equate their ethnicity with nationality

    between 15 and 30% of enslaved Africans brought to the Americas were Muslims

    the Nation of Islam, founded in the 1930s, which attracted at least 20,000 people by 1963

    Malcolm X

    is that for dancing boys?

    20% of the total U.S. Muslim population…African Americans

    they are less than one percent Jews or atheists

    they mixed African Spiritualism with Southern Babtist

    By 1913, over 1,000 inventions were patented by Black Americans

    this says a lot

    they had opportunity

    Granville Woods had 35 patents to improve electric railway systems, including the first system to allow moving trains to communicate. Garrett A. Morgan developed the first automatic traffic signal and gas mask.

    back in the day, the railroads were very corrupt

    Lloyd Quarterman worked with six other Black scientists on the creation of the atomic bomb (code named the Manhattan Project.) Quarterman also helped develop the first nuclear reactor, which was used in the atomically powered submarine called the Nautilus.


  5. Karrin Ochoa

    Santa Cruz County, Sheriff David Hathaway doesn’t want Ducey to protect the border.

    “Our border communities are overwhelmed by illegal activity as a result of the Biden administration’s failure to secure the southern border,” Ducey said in a statement at the time.


    Sheriff David Hathaway told FOX 10 Phoenix he’ll arrest anyone who tries to place them in the county, which he referred to as “illegal dumping.”

  6. Karrin Ochoa

    The Bill Gates funded, Harvard-run “SCoPEx” project is just one of several schemes that plan to deliberately pollute the atmosphere to alter the future of life on Earth. That project has been openly touted by CNBC, while a similar project called Stratospheric Aerosol Infection is being openly advocated by deep state power broker John Brennan
    -Natural News

    In their hypothetical plan, the fleet would start with eight planes in the first year and rise to just under 100 within 15 years. In year one, there would be 4,000 missions, increasing to just over 60,000 per year by year 15. As you can see, this would need to be a sustained and escalating effort.

    if for whatever reason the aerosol missions stopped, within a few years the temperatures would shoot up at breakneck pace. A pace that would likely be too fast for humanity to adjust.

    The AMS official policy statement regarding this type of geoengineering begins with a warning, “Reflecting sunlight would likely reduce Earth’s average temperature but could also change global circulation patterns with potentially serious consequences such as changing storm tracks and precipitation patterns.”

    In a 2017 study in the publication Nature Communications, the authors warn their work “… reemphasizes the perils of unilateral geoengineering, which might prove attractive to individual actors due to a greater controllability of local climate responses, but with inherent additional risk elsewhere.”

    He was the founding executive director of Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program and served as lead senior economist at Environmental Defense Fund.

    Dr. Gernot Wagner from Harvard University
    His geoengineering research focuses on economics, governance, policy, and public perception, including the chemtraWagner is married to Siripanth Nippita, a gynecologist at NYU Langone Medical Center and the chief of the family planning division as well as the director of Reproductive Choice at Bellevue Hospitails conspiracy theory.

  7. Kolchak Squirrel

    Dick Morris to Newsmax: Indicting Trump Will Only ‘Stoke Enthusiasm’
    One more question to the clicking clacking teeth thing we call Dick….

    So are you asking or telling us to basically indict Donald Trump? I know what he’s saying is the emotional outrage that may occur…but come on man. I highly doubt it at this point if you look at it pragmatically. Even when proven they manipulated the facts, changed the narratives and casted those who sided with personal liberties and our national Constitutional rights, nothing is getting done for the positive here. If Americans took the example of say…Brazil right now with the evidence piled in front of your faces…you may just get relief or a nation back, still will be fighting with the mentals for years to come. The damage has been done and after 4 useless twats as POTUS…and many years of lost and dead Americans along the way…tell us Dick, what are the chances of Trump being POTUS again when the party that he needs is gone? The society itself has changed since then as well. Oh well, go back and sell gold coins you shyster. Bunch of bullshit I tell you.

  8. Kolchak Squirrel
    Don’t You Think This Twitter Bit Done Got Out of Hand? Lyin through the government gotcha busted by “the man”….turns out majority don’t give a shit.

    The ones who do…don’t have the power due to the masses being total fucktards and twats.

    Someone asked me today why I am such an angry person. I am not angry at all…just point blank range with what I gotta say. Good night, I’m leaving the building.

  9. Kolchak Squirrel

    While imaginary viruses we’ve never actually found and isolated directly out of the bodily fluids of any sick person, we just do these poisonous cell culture experiments and claim particles created by this process are viruses are spreading at high levels in NYC

    That’s better.

    Mask up NYC!

  10. Kolchak Squirrel

    We are heading into perilous times, and you need to be grounded, frosty, and have made up your mind on what hill you are going to die on. If you have not, .gov will decide what hole you are going to die in, after you have lived on your knees for a short time.

    It’ almost here folks. No time left to fiddle around and ‘think about it’.

  11. Kolchak Squirrel

    The plenary power that Washington has usurped will finally be rejected by the States, and the people.

    Don’t believe me?

    Pull up any metric (the St. Louis Fed tracks a massive amount).

    You, and your family, are worse off than 100 years ago

    housing affordability
    quality food availability and affordability
    quality appliances and furnishing your home affordability
    employment prospects and longevity
    general happiness and quality of life
    Or, are you willing to trade all of that for that iPhone that you can now carry…

  12. Kolchak Squirrel

    A Half-Serious Prediction Of What The Next Two Years Will Look Like

    “January 29, 2025: Democratic Congress ratifies bill to “eliminate” all political opposition…”

    You’re four years behind the curve.

    January 6th, 2021: Democratic Congress declares that any attempt to protest their fraudulent elections constitutes an “insurrection”… jails protestors without trial.

  13. Kolchak Squirrel

    2024…be ahead of the bent curve.

    *November 5: Mainstream media outlets excitedly announce that Democrats are winning in a landslide, and that a “Big Blue Wave” is sweeping the nation on this “Election Day” 2024. All project John Fetterman (D-Pa.) to be the next president of the United States.

    *November 11: Final totals are announced for the 2024 election, giving Democrats a 61-39 hold on the Senate and a 292-143 edge in the House. The Big Blue Wave has done its job.

    *January 29, 2025: Democratic Congress ratifies bill to “eliminate” all political opposition. President Fetterman signs the legislation into law. After achieving one-party rule, top Democrats boast, “We have — finally — saved our democracy!”

  14. Kolchak Squirrel

    EU Vice president Eva Kaili saying Qatar “is a pioneer in labor rights and diplomacy as well as a highly educated country” while saying western countries don’t have the moral authority to lecture Qatar. Today she was arrested for money laundering involving Qatar.

  15. Kolchak Squirrel

    StackOverflow to ban ChatGPT generated answers with possibly immediate suspensions of up to 30 days to users without prior notice or warning.

    I had it confidently saying that “Snake” begins with a “C” and that there are 8 words in the sentence “How are you”.

    I guided it into acknowledging its mistakes and afterwards it seemed to have an existential crisis because literally every response after that contained an apology for its mistake even when I tried changing the subject multiple times.