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LIONEL PODCAST: Chris Christie’s Silent Scream and Nationwide Self-Immolation

Chris Christie. I’ve seen hostage videos that looked more expressive and inviting than this poor schmuck’s. Relegated to DT’s rear, starting distantly, cluelessly and wondering, “What the hell have I done?” Soon, Double-C, you will find out.Charles Manson said it best. “You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.” A long time ago elections meant something also. Today, they mean nothing save for the catastrophic results of the usual suspects who keep getting recycled and regurgitated through the meat grinder we call elections. Super Tuesday’s over and the only thing super about it was how supernally irrelevant the illusion and mirage of substance and choice really was and appeared to be. Ahem. Amen.

LIONEL PODCAST: Super Bluesday, Illusion of Choice, Mindless Sycophancy, Patellar Obeisance and a Multi-Dementia-nal Electorate

Super Tuesday. Bluesday. A sad day. Distorted and disconnected. The worst popularity contest in the world with no bases of platform or positioning. The politics of entitlement and obfuscation. Wall Street shills and warmongers. Egomaniacs with an ax to grind and a chip on their soldiers. (You read that right.) Go ahead, Murica! Vote, select. Enjoy this twisted franchise. You’ll see. You’ll be sorry. You’ve been duped again by the illusion of choice.