July 2021
America is stuck in the defense mechanism of avoidance. And who can blame it? Avoidance: Dismissing thoughts or feelings that are uncomfortable, or keeping away from people, places, or situations that are associated with uncomfortable thoughts or feelings. The lone soul. Damn, this is tasty.
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You realize nothing’s getting better, right? Well, not yet, that is. Force multiplier. The outlier mode. This is the latest newsletter. Alerting the masses. Some obviousness. But I hope you’re able to take this. It can get rough. Truth is funny that way. Trump is gone so focus on the here and now. This is...
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“Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your book.” Those words were most never said in real life. But it details the respect I have for the enemy. Meanwhile in real life, this is yet again ignored by design. And this. The worst toup in recorded history but great.
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Lionel on Twitter

Social media absorb the anger and momentum of a society when they feel slighted. And that’s the worst thing that could happen. It should inspire you to take action that really matters. Mass traction efficacy. This is masturbatory. Intellectual self-pleasure and meaningless.

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