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The Biden Crime Family Must Be Stopped Instanter!

Twitter graffiti. During the course of my dedicated microblogging ventures via Twitter, I’ve issued smatterings of individual tweet thought morsels and orts on a panoply of subjects in quotidian frequency and in machine gun splatter and slumgullion gumbo randomness. They’re connected in theme at times but represent tiles of the mosaic. Put together or individually they enjoy a singularity but the joy is in the critical mass compression that this provides. (I trust.) The collective blast. The Gestalt. So, if you’ve the inclination and gumption, gaze upon these stitched threads.

You’re welcome.


One year from now.
Hey, whatever happened to Hunter Biden?
No, I mean when they subpoenaed his laptop that had information involving sex crimes with minors.
No, I mean as far as evidence of his guilt regarding a series of crimes, you name it.
The most dangerous people I know are Trump supporters who think that incredible rallies will inoculate the voting process from fraud.
The last thing American needs right now is another news program without opinion. Opinion is another way of saying analysis.
MISPRISION. “Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority.” [18 U.S. Code § 4. Misprision of felony]
Excuse me, average citizen. May I ask you a question?
Certainly. Go ahead.
Do you know anything about Biden’s plan for the American economy?
Are you aware that Joe Biden and his economic plan will destroy the financial gains that President Trump has made?
I see.
If you’re one of the countless individuals still arguing about whether masks are efficacious at stopping aerosolized virus transmission, that train has left the station.
[DS] treachery is plotted out in 25 year increments. And, perhaps more important to understand, it covers so many areas of contamination and corruption. It doesn’t leave one sector of our society unaffected and uninfected. It’s bigger than Joe Biden and what’s her name.
The level of inherent corruption and institutional putrescence that our government is experiencing now will not be able to be corrected within the next 25 years even if it were to stop now. Think about that.
If I were in charge of the communications division of the [DS] I would ensure that the current level of conservative media remain exactly like it is right now. Because it is without a doubt the most ineffective and ineffectual platform imaginable to counter Demon anarchy.
We might be at the stage where there’s just too much broken to correct. Too much inoperable and dysfunctional to repair. We might need to scrap the project and start all over again. The United States of America may require its second revolution. Now.
Why wasn’t #HunterBiden ever considered by the DOJ a foreign agent? Why was this uncredentialed lobbyist and foreign agent and middleman never considered and deemed exactly what he was?
@RudyGiuliani knows exactly how the DOJ works. Probably better than anyone. Why does he not scream and yell for Bill Barr to take a serious look at this. Why is this one part of his presentation repeatedly and systematically left out continuously? Why?
You cannot compare today’s election with that of 2016. Social media platforms weren’t like they are today. MSM complicity, voter fraud, COVID, 24/7 relentless anti-Trump TDS ubiquitous propaganda, none of that was in existence at the level it is now. This is a different time. Trump advocates love to tell you that four years ago Hillary Clinton was in a better position than Joe Biden is today and Donald Trump still won. What they are not telling you is that [DS] Demons have in place sophisticated platforms to steal the election via COVID mail-ins.
Anybody who is pinning their hopes on a COVID vaccine has been in a coma for the past 50 years.
Let me explain this to Breitbart. Joe Biden loves to look you right in the eye and say to you that you’re out of your mind and that neither he nor his son did anything illegal. And the story will go no further. Not to mention they actually enjoy lying.
Why don’t you think the contents of Anthony Weiner‘s laptop were ever made possible? Simple. Whom would he have destroyed? Answer: Hillary Clinton. Better that than making him a grease spot on Route 3. Right, Ant?
You’ve heard of a drinking game. Let’s try a sobriety game. Don’t take a drink every time you don’t hear anyone on Fox News mention where in the hell is Bill Barr.
Ladies and gentlemen, here comes the eugenics parade right on time. Death panels and Malthusian horrors interspersed among carefully selected news injections. Watch.
#RepealSection230 is a critical concept that I would say is understood by 10% of the population.
I know my friends don’t like to hear this but you should be completely and totally freaked out right about now. Only if your eyes are open.
@realDonaldTrump shows an energy that no American President has shown. Period. Remember when Dubya pretended to be Mr. Athletic? Or when Barry shot a few hoops with a friend. Or JFK swung a club. Or that annoying pretend Hyannis touch football bit. That was nothing compared to the sheer indefatigable athleticism of POTUS45.
Now keep this in mind. Compare and contrast Donald Trump with a senescent coot who drops the lid for days on end. Lid dropping is a euphemism for convalescence and kidnapping. But the American public doesn’t know that because guess who controls the news narrative.
The shadow government [DS] controls the narrative. How much more information do you think the American people have to know before they understand completely that the #JoeBidenCrimeFamily is not just a pithy hashtag?
Once the laughing and tittering anent #JeffreyToobin subsides look at the big picture. To be a part of the nihilistic left today part and parcel of your participation pledge is to accept whole cloth the most depraved perversion and sexual predation imaginable. Think about that. Secondary to Toobin‘s penchant for Der Yank is the shadow government’s ability to stop any story in midstream. Think of this as an experiment. If one of the Trump officials had been involved in similar activity the [DS] would have written it on the sky. Everyone would know. Before you know it #JeffreyToobin will be back at work at CNN. And the reason has nothing to do with the fact that they like him or his commentary. It’s that the alt-left anarchist nihilistic Demons do not respond at all negatively to sexual perversion or assault.
There is no center for conservative media. Conservative media or Republican media or Trump media. Those positive stories never even leach into the mainstream. Think of it as an enormous cone of silence.
@RudyGiuliani has made absolutely no impact whatsoever in terms of the American voter because the average, typical American voter for a variety of reasons has no idea who he is or what he claims.
Most people don’t know how to think. They don’t know anything about issue analysis or trying to put together an argument one way or the other. It’s not because they’re stupid it’s because logic has never been an important part of their routine.
I want to clarify something. I don’t care what you have to say about @realDonaldTrump. Good, bad or indifferent. Your opinion means nothing to me. Don’t take this the wrong way. My opinion and beliefs have nothing to do with yours. So if you’re trying to change my mind, stop.
Some of the most incredible prose has been written in prison. By people who aren’t free. Who couldn’t escape. That’s what I feel when I see some great and brilliant critical commentary. It doesn’t matter what they’re saying because they’re intellectually, spiritually imprisoned. 
Remember, one of the primary characteristics of the psychopath is an inability to appreciate consequence.
The worst thing that anything unknown can do to you is to remain unknown. Once the horror is made apparent to you, then you can deal with it. But so long as evil is anonymous you will remain terrified.
If you really want to be successful on Twitter, never tell the truth.
@TuckerCarlson provided an extraordinary disquisition as to the level of absurdity of the #FakeNewsMedia. What difference does it make? Who’s actually listening to him? Whose opinions or minds have changed accordingly? Truly, why does he even bother? (Other than millions.)
Let’s assume arguendo that the “Russians,” whoever they are, were to actively and actually collude and interfere with American elections. Who would believe it after we’ve heard Russian collusion about everything for the past four years?

Until the morrow.

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The Demons Will Steal the Election Outright and Other Musings

During the course of microblogging ventures via Twitter, I’ve issued a smattering of individual tweet glyphs on a variety of subjects in quotidian frequency and in machinegun sputter and randomness. They’re connected in theme at times but represent tiles of the mosaic. Put together there may appear to be a message. Individually they enjoy singularity but the joy is in the critical mass compression that this provides. (I trust.) So, if you’ve the stomach and gumption, gaze upon these stitched threads.
#RulingClassReality Americans know more about sports than they do the United States Constitution. Even their sports radio is superior to their political talk radio, which today is nonexistent. #BreadAndCircuses is the directional focus. “Superficial appeasement.“
#RulingClassReality No matter the subject and no matter the controversy the American public will forget about it completely in three business days.

#RulingClassReality Fact, social media are the greatest distraction ever devised by the evil mind of humankind. They give the American people in particular the perception they are in control. That their opinion means something and, more importantly, that someone is listening.
#RulingClassReality Americans will tolerate a lot so long as you don’t do anything to interrupt their playtime.
#RulingClassReality Americans have no idea of their history. As Tolstoy reminds us, history would be a wonderful thing if only it were true. History is written by the winners and is a myth decided upon, as Churchill and Napoleon spake.

#RulingClassReality American education is nonexistent. Specifically, the instruction and didactics of critical thinking. Americans are not able to differentiate between that which is critical and that which is a relevant. Issue analysis is likewise nonexistent. 
We live in a time where social media delivery units are distributed giving the American public the impression and the perception that they are in control of public discourse and conversation. Much like the car seat with a big steering wheel that lets a child think he’s driving.
Your country actually risks coming to an end as we and you know it. I want you to think about that. Think about it very carefully.
One of the most annoying things about news interviews is when the host thanks the guest for appearing and, because of the delay, 20 seconds later the guest replies to the initial thank you. I’ve got an idea, don’t thank guests.
There will be a day when you have to ask Facebook and Twitter for permission to think.
If you knew how royally and profoundly screwed up your country is right now as we speak you would never leave your house. Or worse.
Social media provide platforms and fora for women in particular to convince themselves that they are not only still attractive but incredibly sexy and beyond irresistible. Even to the point of using photo apps that show distorted images that are for all purposes unidentifiable.
History will show that social media and in particular photo-based platforms that allow you to publish your own images are the most significant event that has happened to human beings in the history of our existence. Everything changed when you were able to take a selfie.
Bruce Springsteen cannot leave nose prints on glass.
Years ago before Twitter many prominent historians and citizens of note openly questioned whether Hitler had actually committed suicide. They even asked whether he could still be alive. Today that very question would be prohibited from discussion as a conspiracy theory.
Now we wear a mask that makes us for all practical purposes unidentifiable. This is not done accidentally. This is done deliberately to destroy and to alter permanently your sense of self and identity. You the person disappear and are replaced with and by an avatar.
To this day many historians question whether FDR was in fact poisoned. And the facts connected to such are available if you spend 30 seconds researching them. Today Twitter would prohibit you from discussing that and Facebook would see that you were arrested.
The Gulf of Tonkin incident was suspected as being a pretext to the #VietnamWar. Later we learned how the NSA covered up its role in falsely reporting that two U.S ships had been attacked. Today Facebook and Twitter would prohibit the discussion, it being a conspiracy theory.
Why do so many people find it interesting that so many other people are very incredulous as to the efficacy of vaccines? Not the methodology of immunization but the substances that are contained in individual vaccines. Tell me why.
Would you allow your little girl to take Gardasil?
Money changes everything and corrupts everything and we all know this. But what power does is something that money can’t. What is it?
Please don’t be offended if I tell you that much of what you believe to be true is false. Take the Vietnam War for example. As of today we are still combing through the lies trying to make sense out of that horror.
Since we’re talking about UBL it still remains one of the most fundamentally unbelievable stories ever concocted and distributed and disseminated among the American public. If you spend five minutes going through the official story you will be on the floor howling.
One of my favorite stories today is the one that suggests that a majority of Americans have never heard about some conspiracy theory. Pick your favorite, it doesn’t matter. But the sentence that should follow is that Americans have never heard of American history either.
Remember, if conspiracy theories were false no one would keep you from repeating them.
Just a couple of points. When a rap artist hits a particular age will he lose the urban street regalia? Are we going to see one day an 80-year-old ex-rapper walking around wearing an ill-fitting Yankees baseball cap sideways?
A couple of notes. Please teach your children the difference between literally and figuratively. Also, know the difference between complement and compliment. Note as well that supposably is not a word. Stay away from amazing. Chances are what you’re talking about is not amazing.
T-minus-18 days to buy your new wardrobe of reversible kimonos and Pimsler’s audio language series in Mandarin. Take advantage now while sales last.
Do not think for a moment that #FakeNewsMedia want a Joe Biden presidency. No way. Donald Trump has been the greatest thing that’s happened to them since the lie.
The real story about these two (MSDNC’s “Mourning” Joe) and why they are so pissed off at Trump is because they begged him to acknowledge their duo during the incipient days of the campaign. Why? Because they suspected a #TrumpTV deal that was allegedly circulating. Joe and Meager truly believed they would be the hottest couple in the history of news platforms. They thought their matrimonial duo would sweep the country and win the hearts and minds of Americans. It was the biggest non-story in recent history and it kills absolutely Zika.
If you ever find yourself discussing Kanye West in a purportedly legitimate news story you have officially lost your mind. And sense of purpose.
In the world of social media each particular faction speaks to their own. There’s no crossover. Conservative Republicans never encounter liberal Democrats except in a meme or GIF that only they see. Social media actually isolate and compartmentalize more than anything.
When I was growing up in this great country Americans knew more about history and current events. The reason for it was because they weren’t distracted with so much surplusage.
If you have no sense of American history then the horrors you are witnessing now mean nothing.
The new Rush Limbaughs and conservative platforms can only survive if they are allowed unfettered freedom to speak freely on social media platforms. Radio as we knew it is dead. Disco is dead. Bellbottoms are dead. The spittoon is dead. Speech never dies. Its platform does.
I will tell you again. Roe v. Wade will never be overturned because it guarantees the wholesale slaughter and genocide of generations of human beings worldwide. Eugenicist globalists will never allow it.
First, you can’t believe everything you read regarding alleged buzz that’s growing. Buzz, more often than not, is a synonym for utter bullshit. But this reinforces the trope. They tell you exactly what they are going to do and what they want to do.
Now here’s the story. Had this confrontation (where a Trump supporter was jumped and beaten) been about transgender non-binary whatever, the hue and cry would have been deafening. The protests and the screams for justice would be heard around the world. In our country, justice is selective.
In the world of social media each particular faction speaks to their own. There’s no crossover. Conservative Republicans never encounter liberal Democrats except in a meme or GIF that only they see. Social media actually isolate and compartmentalize more than anything.
Again, these anarchists are not left-wing. They are nihilistic seditionist traitors, agents provocateurs. But you knew that. And they tell you exactly what they’re going to do and what they are doing, all under the nose of the authorities.

Until the morrow.

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The Collapse Via Anarchic Dissimulation of the Republic

Enough with the analysis. The navel gazing, or omphaloskepsis, if preferred. The incessant diagnoses of Trump as bully or even Basement Joe as demented and wired for sound and floating in an Adderall-induced MKUltra adult swim. They may in fact be true but they’re irrelevant. This election is in the process of being stolen and these little side sideshows give you the perception and impression that there’s something rational and valid going on versus the abject theft of an election. So, analyze all you want. I’m watching some of the best safe crackers pick the lock on your diary while you sit back and second guess their motivations and sincerity. This election is going to be stolen unless . . . UNLESS the culprits are stopped now, the American public is aware and the plandemic Dempanic COVIDiots, maskholes and maskzis pull away from their hyperkinetic lunacy and focus. The franchise and the Constitution are at stake. And remember, if they can steal this election we can steal one of theirs in the future. Every time I turn on any commercial platform someone’s trying to sell me life locks, password locks, security plans to safeguard bank accounts and personal data. But when it comes to securing the vote, no one’s awake and at the switch.

This is a case of first impression. What he have here (in addition to a failure to communicate) is something even simpler. A Democratic Party off the wall, chains and rail. Spinning and spun out of control sucking up delusional anarchists, alt-left rioters, disenfranchised thugs and thug collectives, BLM’ers still trying desperately to find out what exactly BLM connotes, paramilitary #Antifa brown shirts “spontaneously” recruited as a Soros Sturmabteilung road show. Incomprehensible policy: Green New Deals, reimagining and defunding police, climate change lunacy repackaged and reformulated, BLM street art, the packing of SCOTUS with a crowd that makes the dayroom scene in Cuckoo’s Nest look like a meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society. These people are dangerous. Extremely. And they have no idea what they’re doing, what they want or where they’re going. There’s no satisfying them. No platform, plank, worldview, system, schematic, anything. And I’m not exaggerating. (This time.) How many times have you encountered online or in person some erstwhile friend who spews the most profane, vilest anti-Trump venom, spontaneous Tourette’s coprolalia. Screeds that are celebrated and heralded by others with too much time on their hands. Listen to me, this is your reality now. I’m not exaggerating. “This is it, boys. This is war.”

So what are you supposed to do? Better yet, what can you do? Hunker down and full steam ahead. President Trump is in this one alone, save for those select noble patriots of which we comprise. From June 16, 2015, when he descended with Melania down the Trump Tower escalator the Deep State/Police State/Intel State/Shadow Government/Ruling Class ([DS]hereinafter) blood vowed to teach this man a lesson and take him out. He created, enraged and enlivened and certainly inspired these horrid people. He gave the [DS] a raison d’être, a focus and purpose and recruiting tool like never before. He became their James Montgomery Flagg, the focus and symbolic target of their newfound anarchic exuberance. He is the reason for the mess we’re in. Why? Because he’s the only one daring enough to stand up for what’s right and what this country stands for. That’s why.

But who’s watching Tucker? Mr. Carlson on Faux News is without a doubt the most lucid and relevant voice on any of the MSM news platforms. That’s a fact. And his insightful analyses are wonderful yet for the vast, vast majority of the American voting public unheard. Unheard and virtually anonymous. Our fellow republic kinfolk barely crack a book or deign to plumb the depths of some show that has as a regular guest Victor Davis Hanson. You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re organically delusional if you think Josephine Sixpack cares the slightest over the rather rarefied views of Tuck et Vic. Puh-leeze. If you’re reading this now you’re a member of a very exclusive organization, a cadre of super-focused and sentient voters and psephologists who can’t get enough of interstitial political minutiae. But you are a tiny sliver of the American pie hat’s gone bye bye, by the by. I happened to tune in last night and howled aloud (the best way to howl) when it occurred to me that this was like trying to handicap NWA wrestling in the 70s with Gordon Solie at the helm. Politics today and this election is a work, an angle. With those who are calling the shots from places and locales you’ve never heard or thought of. Some manbunned, testosterone-challenged nitwit twit in a V-neck T signing on to destroy the informational platforms that serve to alert and inform. Because that’s the reason they were allowed to even found the tech platform they serve. Don’t tell me you bought the storyline that cyborg Markie Zuckerberg just happened upon Facebook after a few brews in a Cambridge rathskeller. Please don’t.

And one more thing. Trump denounces racism, racists, white supremacists (whatever that means) and any form of institutional hate, discrimination and ____. (Fill in the blank. If it’s hateful he’s against it. Now, happy?)

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