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LIONEL PODCAST: Surveillance, Habituation & Miscellaneous Horrors Limned

“Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way.” (Christopher Hitchens)


Ahem, amen. As America pretends to care about the Oscars, to hang on every word, to watch each alleged and putative star traipse and perambulate down and up the red carpet, as we feign an uncontrolled interest in the organically irrelevant, the news that must be addressed is again overlooked. Yet, I admit, it always fascinates me as to what makes a film classic in our own mind. What were the films that changed your life? That represented a seminal moment in motion picture excellence. And as neurology and psychiatry become more adept at singling out the particular brain areas that are affected during moments of entertainment, one day soon producers and directors will be able to target particular brain center activity for a particular reaction irrespective of what it means to and for the script and momentum of the story. Very soon, biofeedback and neurolinguistic metrics will be a part of the filmmakers toolkit to ensure audience approbation and the film’s success. The plot and art be damned!

Get thee to a notary! I also take time to pay tribute to a friend of my wife’s and mine who recently passed away, Lesley Gore, who enjoyed at the ripe old age of 16 international musical stardom the likes of which there is no comparison today. She reminds me of a time when the notion of international was more a kin to universal. With greater platforms and vertical delivery today more people are able to spread the message faster and with a greater range than eever before. But relative to the success of yore, today’s stars do not enjoy the same relative audience and relative penetration that they did then. Relative penetration. (Your pun here.)

Antepenultimate. I also speak to the notion that there is anything today that remotely could be considered shocking. That which shocks and shakes our collective conscious has been so diluted by virtue of the persistent and continuous exposure to virtually and literally everything that nothing is capable of horrid. Other than the neck tattoo.

Valedictory. In any event, I commend to you the attached disquisition on that which I find to be of critical importance at least for today. Perhaps.

LIONEL PODCAST: Jon Stewart’s Obsession With Fox Populi

An obsession in psychiatric terms is defined as a persistent idea or impulse that continually forces its way into consciousness, often associated with anxiety and mental illness. And Jon Stewart’s persistent fixation and topic perseveration with Fox News is nothing short of a full-blown obsession. He’s become Delphic, oracular and mantic as he warns the masses of the duplicity that this dreaded channel and news outlet spews. It’s beyond boring and tedious. He believes his own press. He truly thinks he’s the most trusted man in news. His rally to restore sanity or whatever he took very, very seriously. The voice of reason. The mouthpiece of a new and sentient people. Oh, puh-leeze, Jon. Give it a rest. He’s sounding more like Olbermann, who completely went off the rails and is now in TV Siberia boring the living Shi’ite out of his unsuspecting viewer with weekly force-feedings of Thurber.

LIONEL AUDIO: MSNBC For Dummies (A Viewer’s Guide To The Nonstop Hilarity) & Why I’m Addicted

Of the three 24/7 cable news outlets, MSNBC, the de facto news arm of the DNC and Obama stenographer and echo chamber, is by far the most entertaining. Period. Bar none, they are the funniest, quirkiest and most incongruous bunch of talking heads there is. CNN is, sadly, irrelevant and absolutely painful to watch. Sad to say, but Rick Sanchez was their light — a dim one, to be sure, but the brightest one they had. Fox News is the unabashed RNC and Tea Party platform but provides more indicia of balance than the Olbermann network ever had or could.

And speaking of Herr Olbermann, his “indefinite unpaid suspension” is absolute genius in figuring him into the national conversation. If this is indeed a “work,” i.e. a (à la pro wrestling) contrived and planned publicity stunt, Phil Griffin, the panjandrum of NBC’s bastard stepchild network, is the smartest man who’s ever lived. But it’s unrealistic to think that that his genius only would surface now. Politico’s Mike Allen added this take on the matter.

BEHIND THE CURTAIN: Network sources tell Playbook that Keith Olbermann was suspended because he refused to deliver an on-camera mea culpa, which would have allowed him to continue anchoring “Countdown.” Olbermann told his bosses he didn’t know he was barred from making campaign contributions, although he is resisting saying that publicly. Olbermann may not hold as many cards as he thinks. He makes $7 million a year and MSNBC’s prime time is not as dependent on him as it was before the addition of Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell, who make considerably less.

Ouch! Leftie-progressive-MSNBC sycophants can’t see for a moment why what Olbermann allegedly did was in the slightest bit problematic. After all, he’s not a journalist, not a newsman, not a serious broadcaster whose objectivity must be above reproach. Double Ouch! It’s similar to (speaking of wrestling) Vince McMahon who, in order to avoid sports regulation burdens, announced “Wrestling’s not a sport. It’s fake.” Look, K.O. “effed up” when he failed to read the NBC fine print that proscribed contributing to campaigns, especially of folks he’s allegedly objectively interviewing. I know, I know. Fox doesn’t have such prohibitions, but (a) that’s irrelevant and (b) that’s Fox News. What the hell did you expect?

I hope beyond hope that the Keithster is brought back. Instanter. He may be the most grandiloquent, magniloquent, egomaniac  and bloviating blowhard ever to grace the portals of anything, but his raw talent and innate ability to drive the right out of their wingtipped minds is nonpareil. And despite how incredibly uncoordinated the remaining roster may appear — in a charming way, mind you — that network is nothing without K.O. A man who unabashedly rips off Murrow, rails incessantly in 12 minute special comment screeds (Memo to Übermensch: EDITING!), cannot himself conceive of and appreciate his genius and and who spouts a perpetually snarling hubris.

Herein, I provide to you the most thorough dissection, parsing and typing of hands down funniest cable news network on the flatscreen today.

LIONEL AUDIO: MSNBC for Dummies, The Genius of Fox & The Inanity of Cable News Delivery Systems

Not that anyone asked me, but … . (Channeling the great Jimmy Cannon.) I’m in awe of the programming decisions of MSNBC. In awe that someone who obviously takes that many hallucinogenics is given the programming duties of a major cable news outlet. And the grande dame, the doyenne of schmaltz-talk is the Queen herself, Mika Brzezinski, without peer and nonpareil at mind-numbing vacuity and vapidity delivered without fail or surcease. This woman has nary a clue as to anything that vaguely resembles relevance and can work the subject of obesity into any subject. Why? So that she can provide her self-styled image as taught and fit MILF, Cougar (whatever) in stark contrast. “Meager” is to mentation and political dialogue what corn syrup is to diabetes.

MSNBC for Dummies, The Genius of Fox & The Inanity of Cable News Delivery Systems (38:53)

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