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LIONEL PODCAST: Incremental, Random, Disparate, Incongruous, Disordered Thoughts — The Discontinuous Continuum

Legend has it that Bob Dylan contributed a few lines to what became “The Weight.” He added them on the community living room typewriter in the Big Pink, the house he shared with members of The Band in 1967 located at 56 Parnassus Lane in Saugerties, New York. What was born was the following contribution verse: Crazy Chester followed me, and he caught me in the fog. He said, “I will fix your rack, if you’ll take Jack, my dog.” Wow, man. Groovy.

What always intrigued me about this story was the idea of the typewriter that sat for extended periods of time and how band members would contribute lyrics randomly, intermittently and perhaps incongruously. The resultant patchwork and pastiche would be cobbled together and voila! A song. Maybe even a good one.

My digital recorder sits on my desk. The record pause light blinks incessantly. I love the idea of recording thoughts intermittently. Stopping. And recording anew and again. The seamless recording shows no physical partitions as in sound cracks or breaks. The only way the listener would know that recorded pieces or tracks were in fact different might be the nature and subject matter. If done correctly, one could produce, say, 100 separate conversations that are laid end to end with no formal interstitial connectors. The result is either a blended patchwork wave of thought or a confused and schizophrenic mélange of blather.

I must admit, I’m rather partial to the latter.

LIONEL PODCAST: Parsing Abnormal Human Behaviour (Dancing, Reality Shows, The Moribund Mob)

Marcus Tullius Cicero noted, “No sane man will dance.” Let me generalize that to “No sane person.”

Dancing is discussed. As is the new designation of “hot.” The end of the mob and the hyper-lionization of all things related thereto are addressed as well. This is the purest indicium of my scattered disgust for a panoply of things. Progress is never achieved by a society that focuses too much on what’s satisfactory or acceptable. It’s only realized through the deliberate and assiduous detection for all that’s bogus, contaminated and inferior.


LIONEL AUDIO: Object Permanence & Lionel Spiriruality (Plus Street Fairs)

I begin with a walk down memory lane and my love of fairs and carnivals. I hit inter alia New York street fairs, Hell’s Kitchen, early fairs in my life, the Florida State Fair in Tampa, downtown Tampa of the 60’s. Being served food by ex-convicts and mental institution escapees. I provide an ode, a paean to my beloved street festivals and fairs. The smell of charcoal and dirty reused grease. The chance of encountering hepatitis on a stick. How tasty.

And that naturally leads to a discussion of death and dying and our funereal fixation, the macabre and ghoulish dance of the funeral. There’s in fact a reason for the subject matter, but you must listen.

This developmental psychologist (supra) might have inadvertently explained our whackiness anent death. Jean Piaget gave us the theory of object permanence, understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be perceived via senses. First we’re taught as children via peekaboo that someone’s still there even though he’s hiding. We learn it so well that when some die we swear they’re still there despite the fact that we can’t see them. Despite the fact that they’re dead. The concept of death, the complete and total cessation of human existence, is more than many can take. So we make stuff up.

No greater indicia of our imagination and collective insanity exist than our inability to handle the ultimate grand finale. The cosmic sayonara. When we awaken from the dream of life.