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Libya Is A Smashed Hornet’s Nest? And We Smashed It. You Happy Now?

‘What country are you talking about?’ US envoy slammed for rose-tinted Libya views

The US Special Envoy for Libya says the country is moving towards democracy, even though it’s currently involved in a bitter struggle between rival factions. Speaking to RT, legal analyst and media commentator Lionel said nothing could be further from the truth.

The claims about Libya “joining together” were made by Jonathan Winer, the US Special Envoy for Libya in a blog for the US State Department. He also said the country had managed to unite to seize the moment to overthrow a dictator, and that this was a “moment of pride for Libyans and those outside the country,” who were seeking “freedom from Gaddafi.”

However, Lionel, who was speaking to RT, recalls a very different chain of events.

“When did that happen? My recollection was a little different. I remember there were a series of military actions with NATO and other forces that basically removed a sovereign leader allegedly, allegedly, in retrospect, who became despotic,” he said.

Winer, who according to the State Department’s website, is responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing US policy on Libya, also claimed that Libyans are “working to bridge differences and to realize the democratic aspirations of the revolution for which so many sacrificed so much.”

However, the current situation in Libya is a far cry from the fairytale picture that Winer is trying to present, with two rival governments vying for control and constant fighting between militias. The second government was set up after an umbrella of armed groups from the western city of Misrata seized the capital Tripoli last August.

To add to the misery, the North African country has seen the emergence of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) as another destabilizing factor, while tens of thousands of migrants are using the country as a launchpad to try and cross the Mediterranean Sea and flee to Europe.

“What democratic aspirations are we talking about? Have people suddenly realized we have to do something? We have to form a parliament and some type of government, which we have never had before, which we are not used to – to form a constitution. To think there will be civility and order after systems of order have been destroyed is insane!” Lionel commented, speaking to RT.

Despite the daily violence in Libya, Winer mentions in his blog that “many Libyans” from all sides of the political spectrum have “come together and made real progress in negotiations towards the formation of a unified, national government.”

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Even the UN understands the situation is desperate. In July, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya Bernardino Leon briefed the UN Security Council on just how bad things have got in the country.

“The situation in Libya continued to deteriorate amidst significant political fragmentation and violence. Too many Libyans continue to die in this fight among brothers and far too much destruction has taken place,” Leon said on July 15

“When I read this, and I am being very honest with you, I almost laughed. I wondered which country are you talking about? When you go into an area and you remove the controls of it – when you remove law, you remove order, when you then allow tribal factions and religious factions and cliques and families and whatever… How can you expect order to be maintained?” Lionel concluded.

LIONEL PODCAST: Save Your Energy. Voting Means Nothing. Sorry.

Why bother?  It seems so antithetical to the notion of democracy and the direct contribution that voting makes. How many times have you heard that pithy apothegm that suggests that if you don’t vote you can’t complain? I prefer George Carlin’s version of reality, if you vote you can’t complain.

And who’s paying Mitt for this RT plug? In this latest installment of let’s pick on RT, Mitt Romney laments the fact ck on RT, Mitt Romney laments the fact that he can’t escape this international news network. Really, Mitt?

LIONEL PODCAST: Baltimore Is About the Economic Genocide of Black America

The source of the cancer. The tensions stem from a multiplicity of sources, some of which is certainly the police, the prison industrial complex, policing for profit, mass incarceration, the militarization of cops and the like. Yes, Freddie Gray may have precipitated the initial involvement and interaction, but there’s more at stake. The media have been horrid in their approach. CNN shows particular tone deafness when it comes to causation factors.

Repeat: It’s not about the police. So-called leaders of the black community appointed and anointed by corporate media puppeteers are most cautious to limit their protests and collective demands to the narrow sphere of police abuses and police-community devolved relations. Yes, they’re certainly important, but are co-symptomatic of a greater pathology. Economic demands of any kind are never made by the usual suspects, a bunch of Botoxed and spackled Ted Baxters limited to a minute-thirty package before they’re off to news, sports and weather. Ending police atrocities and 1033 militarization is of course absolutely essential, but JOBS are at the very necessary center of any long-term solution to the systemic problems of the black and poor community. This POTUS, elevated via a mindless apotheosis and deification whilst he spouted a series of vacuous claims of hope and change, needs to nationalize the Fed, demand of Yellen a $500B loan issued to our Department of Labor at 0% with a 100-year maturity. A paltry $500B is a pittance compared to the $27T line of credit the Fed offered Wall Street and foreign banks in 2007-2008 derivatives panic. This POTUS, elevated via deification and proclamation, has been an abysmal failure. The mainstream lapdog Jurassic and ossified mainstream media have nary a clue as to economic fundamentals and history so here we are, rehashing and regurgitating the same trite pap.

Whither POTUS? In a moment of rare candor President Obama remarked as follows infra, but be not mistaken. It is high time that this POTUS get very specific. He must utilize some mass-impact economic demands that will lead to an economic recovery, and not merely pay cheap lip service to millions of people who are quite literally dying for real answers and solutions to a problem that transcends police excesses.

“If you have impoverished communities that have been stripped away of opportunity, where children are born into abject poverty; they’ve got parents — often because of substance-abuse problems or incarceration or lack of education themselves — can’t do right by their kids; if it’s more likely that those kids end up in jail or dead, than they go to college.  In communities where there are no fathers who can provide guidance to young men; communities where there’s no investment, and manufacturing has been stripped away; and drugs have flooded the community, and the drug industry ends up being the primary employer for a whole lot of folks — in those environments, if we think that we’re just going to send the police to do the dirty work of containing the problems that arise there without as a nation and as a society saying what can we do to change those communities, to help lift up those communities and give those kids opportunity, then we’re not going to solve this problem.  And we’ll go through the same cycles of periodic conflicts between the police and communities and the occasional riots in the streets, and everybody will feign concern until it goes away, and then we go about our business as usual.”

This podcast. My prescription for change and improvement and my endorsement of attacking the interstitial problems at the root of black economics. Please, mainstream media, listen and take note.


LIONEL PODCAST: Cashless Societies, Big Pharma Lies and Media Sleight of Truth

Now you see it, now you don’t. This may shock you, so, I trust you’re sitting down. Cashless societies stories have been missed altogether by this incredibly impuissant media, well, to be fair, the American mainstream media, which rank consistently as the most detached and disconnected waste of collective flesh ever amassed under the incredibly ironic banner of information delivery system and platforms.

You put the lime in the coconut. Other intrepid journalists haven’t missed a beat. How ’bout a hand for Paul Joseph Watson, evra’buddeh! Other alternative and foreign media sources, that is. And I must admit that the notion of alternative media I find is most unfair as it should be the standard. Alternative to what, the sputum and bilge of our sorry infobots and Botoxed buffoons wasting electrons with minute-thirty stand-ups and look-lives creating the illusion of relevance.

Do I look fat in this? The specter and considerable ramifications of cashless countries have been the subject of concern to intellectual purists, constitutional sentries and liberty guardians for decades and for good reason. And we are not just talking mark of the beast stuff, though I must admit, the Biblical presaging is most curious and fascinatingly vatic. No, alternative and foreign news sources are replete with references daily to the specter of a cashless society and — I’ll say it again! — our ossified, Jurassic mainstream news media have nary a clue as to the implications of this truly potentially cataclysmic event. Just think, citizen net worth that is able to be destroyed or seized in a mouse click. Imagine any vestige of personal empowerment removed by virtue of legislation that a torpid and incurious news media don’t know anything about, recognize or even understand.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. When the subject of The Bigs (Agra and Pharma) is brought up, Ol’ Ted Baxter and his vapid cronies scratch their collective heads and utter something about “What’s the big deal?” and move on in that slow narcotized shuffle and gait. Well, ciizens, recently there was the regurgitated and seemingly perennial study that essentially suggested that not only are vitamins worthless but they could be dangerous, as in could kill you. It had all of Big Agra and Big Pharma’s fingerprints all over the story, the fact that many in the alternative and for media recognized immediately. But not our Ted Baxter, no siree. And with the latest media kerfuffle involving Dr. Oz and how the Monsanto Mafia were sicced on the good doctor, you would think that this would have inspired the media to take a more aggressive approach in investigating his newfound wrath. Yes, operative, term: You would think. To all of us with two neurons to run together, we knew right away that it was because of his outspoken statements regarding vaccinations and glyphosate. In fact, we could have written the script. Yet the usual suspects, the skeptics and smart-assed nobodies assumed the pose and position of casting his statements aside as that of a vaccine or Monsanto “truther” and it was off to the races. For that is the level of intellectual discourse today. But, I digress.

Where’s that big stick, Teddy? And finally, there is a war on truth in this country. A reiteration and repackaging of Cold War rhetoric that should scare the shite out of you. As Paul Craig Roberts noted, your government attempted to use “two minor presstitutes to help him redefine all who take exception to Washington’s lies as “threats” who belong to a deranged pro-Russian propaganda cult.” And, you guessed it, your comatose mainstream media did absolutely nothing to cover it or even feign interest in the story. So listen, my children, and you shall hear a man of liberty who knows no fear. Ahem.

LIONEL PODCAST: Russia’s Alleged “Weaponization” of Information While We’re Shooting Blanks

It’s not propaganda; it’s the truth. The laughable moment when it hits you: what’s the truth? When is the truth true and not skewed and varied and altered reality? And according to whom? Tell me the story of the Vietnam War — from the point of view of an NVA regular. Wait, that’s not the way it happened. Oh, it most certainly did, from his point of view and vantage. And therein lies the inherent problems attendant to developing and establishing a one-size-fits-all “no bout a doubt it” truth.

 ‘Weaponization’ of Information House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing April 15

“The agency charged with leading the effort – the Broadcasting Board of Governors – has a well-documented history of dysfunction,”, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), said in a statement announcing an April 15 hearing “to examine Russia’s use of media to destabilize Ukraine, Eastern Europe and beyond, and the U.S. government’s inability to respond effectively.”

The hearing, entitled “Confronting Russia’s Weaponization of Information,” will be held on Wednesday, April 15th at 10:00 a.m. in 2172 Rayburn House Office Building.

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, announced the Committee will convene a hearing to examine Russia’s use of media to destabilize Ukraine, Eastern Europe and beyond, and the U.S. government’s inability to respond effectively.  The hearing, entitled “Confronting Russia’s Weaponization of Information,” will be held on Wednesday, April 15th at 10:00 a.m. in 2172 Rayburn House Office Building.

Chairman Royce on the hearing: “For years, Putin has used the Russian media to consolidate power at home and divide societies abroad.  The strategies employed today by the Kremlin are highly sophisticated and well-funded with an estimated annual budget of more than $600 million.  Russia’s media machine has polluted the media environment, the truth is lost, listeners don’t know whom to believe, and fear divides society.  Unfortunately, the U.S. has been slow to respond to this challenge and the agency charged with leading the effort – the Broadcasting Board of Governors – has a well-documented history of dysfunction.  We need to reform the BBG if we are to have a chance against this ‘weaponization’ of information.”

Note: During the 113th Congress, Chairman Royce and Ranking Member Engel introduced “The U.S. International Communications Reform Act of 2014” (H.R. 4490) which passed the House unanimously.  H.R. 4490 proposed to overhaul the Broadcasting Board of Governors, create cost savings, and increase agency efficiency.  This legislation will be reintroduced in the coming weeks.

The information war. In 2011 Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State declared while appearing before a congressional committee to ask for extra funds to spread US propaganda through new media said that US is losing the global information war.

“During the Cold War we did a great job in getting America’s message out. After the Berlin Wall fell we said, ‘Okay, fine, enough of that, we are done,’ and unfortunately we are paying a big price for it,” she said. “Our private media cannot fill that gap.” 

“We are in an information war and we are losing that war. Al Jazeera is winning, the Chinese have opened a global multi-language television network, the Russians have opened up an English-language network. I’ve seen it in a few countries, and it is quite instructive,” she stated.

Questions. For your review, please consider the following questions.

  • Define specifically what is disinformation and propaganda versus spin doctoring versus the truth, the acceptable truth.
  • How can anyone watching mainstream American media today think for a moment that they’re receiving the straight news without distortion or bias? Or, correction, without unacceptable distortion or bias.
  • What exactly is the accepted Western position as Ed Royce describes?
  • Can anyone with two neurons to rub together believe for a moment the sincerity of Liz Wahl in her “spontaneous departure”? Remember Charlo Greene who quit over marijuana in another “spontaneous” non-publicity stunt move? As to Wahl’s heroic move, I commend to you this review: How Cold War-Hungry Neocons Stage Managed RT Anchor Liz Wahl’s Resignation.
  • When mainstream media shows are devoted to American mainstream media news that fail to reveal the truth, are they crypto-Russian agents spewing “non-Western” messages?

Why You Should Give a Damn About Greece and Syriza

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of Syriza

Who? This is Alexis Tsipras, the 40 year-old 186th Prime Minister of Greece since 26 January 2015, and the Leader of the Coalition of the Radical Left also known as Syriza since 2009.

Radical left?! Now, right away when many robotized and media lobotomized Americans hear not only “left” but “radical left” they react predictably patellar, in a hardwired obeisance and hypnotic reflex. The ardent right holds their noses, the professional left claps and bleats like a barking seal. Both seizing upon a morsel of data. A word, a code, a meme. And having not the faintest or foggiest idea why. It’s the script, the playbook. The directional messaging has always been the source of confounded interpretations. American global news referencing is nonexistent. And while I neither endorse nor declaim Syriza, I’m fascinated by what this means for the EU and austerity, in particular.

Well I never been to Spain but I kinda like the music. Gracias, Señor Axton. The anti-austerity movement fortified by Syriza is now seen in Spain’s Podemos (“We can”) movement. Somewhat reminiscent of Sí, se puede, used by that leftie rabble-rouser Cesar Chavez and his equally leftist, crypto-Commie UFW. Oh, yeah, and Barack Obama too. Ahem. Podemos, led by a ponytailed Pablo Iglesias, 36, the movement to reverse austerity and tackle corruption has struck a decisive chord.

Less than a week after Greece elected an aggressively anti-austerity government, the leaders of Spain’s own insurgent force, Podemos (We Can), urged supporters to take to the streets in a show of strength as it embarks on a tumultuous electoral campaign. “Tick tock, tick tock,” chanted thousands as they occupied the broad avenues of central Madrid, counting down to a year packed with municipal, regional and general elections. Just a year since its creation, Podemos has vaulted to the top of opinion polls, threatening to bring an end to the bipartisan political system that has governed Spain since the death of General Francisco Franco in 1975. [Source]

Pablo Iglesias of Podemos

Are you paying attention? No, what this means is something much deeper. A full frontal attack against globalist banksterism and asset-stripping financial terrorism. And that still won’t get folks’ attention. And mention austerity and you’ll get that blank and vapid and comatose look. Austerity is defined quaintly as “official actions taken by the government, during a period of adverse economic conditions, to reduce its budget deficit using a combination of spending cuts or tax rises.” Greek and Spanish austerity opponents would beg to differ and refer you instead to persistent unemployment, evictions and growing inequality and the contamination of systemic corruption. Pay attention. This is happening worldwide. And while we end to think of ourselves as being inoculated from worldwide calamity, we’re anything but. When Europe sneezes, we catch cold, as someone said.

Complexity is painful. Europe and the world and the EU in particular are beta tests for a new world configuration. Let me try to be clear(er). My friend, Webser Tarpley, makes this point and I want you to imagine anything like it being made or published in our MSM. Especially his reference to the “Troika of International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank/Bundesbank, and the Juncker-Moscovici European Commission.” And imagine the reference being sandwiched between the latest viral video of a duck playing the piano and Bruce Jenner’s sex change operation. Oh, I almost forgot, and The Stupid Bowl. And remember, anything with foreign names proves soporific. Unless, of course, it’s the latest man-made and manufactured terrorist group. And while we’re at it, RT has been exemplary in its coverage of the Greek elections. Truly superb. Now, as for Mr. Tarpley … .

The ability of Alexis Tsipras and Syriza to win an election and form a government within hours has stunned the Berlin neo-Brüning austerity clique dominated by the vindictive German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, Merkel’s grey eminence.

Tsipras has wisely formed a principled coalition with the conservative anti-austerity Independent Greeks of Panos Kammenos, who is now Defense Minister, showing that he is not a prisoner of the absurd left-right schema, and does not intend to let ethnocultural wedge issues block the immediate measures for economic recovery without which no problems can be solved. According to Athens political observer Michael Chiotinis, Tsipras would now be well advised to back another conservative, Kostas Karamanlis, for President of Greece — as another step towards a de facto national unity government to strengthen the hand of Athens in the coming clashes with the infamous Troika of International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank/Bundesbank, and the Juncker-Moscovici European Commission. [Source]

“If it’s not about American Sniper or Bruce Jenner or DeflateGate, I’m not interested.” I fully expect the following to be absolutely and completely missed in toto by the usual suspects but I love a challenge. What is so significant about Greece and Syriza is the following.

  • The movement involves a mass-traction economic policy. Not the vague platitudes and incoherent policy prattle of the hashtag activist dupes and dolts.
  • It’s seen as pro-worker, pro-labor and pro-infrastructure. Wow, how’s that for subversive?
  • It destroys completely the myth of the left-right paradigm and for that reason alone, sadly, will remain most cryptic and beyond the reach of many.
  • It doesn’t waste time with silly arguments about the pseudoscientific fraud of anthropogenic global warming and climate change which do more to harm the worker than anything can imagine.
  • It is not as one commentator suggested, the OWS of Greece. It’s anything but that. In fact, it’s the opposite. Antipodal.
  • It’s New Deal in spades. (When was the last time you heard that term used remotely favorably?)
  • It’s fundamentally anti-Malthusian.
  • It builds upon the notion of principled alliances.
  • It provides a firm focus on power, which (again), runs counter to the incoherent and synthetic argument of the hipster anarchist.
  • And you have two global charismatic leaders, 40 and 36 years old, respectively. While we keep rehashing and recirculating the same sorry, sallow faces.

This is know joke. Greece and Spain and anti-austerity measures and the like are not parlor talk for the Europhile or practitioner of global obscurantism. This is not to be dismissed as a rehash of the new world order argument. And, incidentally, why NWO mention inspires the eye-roll is beyond me. No, this is about a world depression resulting in large art from reckless deregulated and globalized financial speculation, especially the $1.5 quadrillion! world derivatives bubble. Greece and Spain are models, templates and indicia of a worldwide condition that you must be conversant with.

After, of course, you tackle Bruce Jenner’s transsexualism and download that “hilarious” viral video of that duck playing the piano.

LIONEL PODCAST: BBG Governor Blanquita Cullum on Andrew Lack’s RT Comments, Journalism and Fascinating Miscellany

Governor Cullum. Blanquita Cullum is my podguest today and refer you to her curriculum vitae infra. She and I share a fascination with information systems and the like which I detail herein as well as a reference point in talk radio and journalism and information systems.

Propaganda. I’m not one to usually quote Noam Chomsky but will make an exception here. His views on thought control and propaganda are worth noting. His 1989 work “Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies” borrows its title from the distinguished moralist and foreign affairs analyst Reinhold Niebuhr. He expresses the view that intellectuals create an emotionally potent oversimplification to delude and sway the public, who are naive simpletons. Necessary illusions keep them on course. Not the totalitarian regimes, mind you, who actually have less overt control, but the no-liberal keepers who protect the bewildered herds.

BBG. OMG! Earlier this week, the newly minted chief of the US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), Andrew Lack, told the New York Times that RT poses a significant challenge for him and his organization, putting it on the same level as ISIS and Boko Haram terror groups. I kid you not.

We are facing a number of challenges from entities like Russia Today which is out there pushing a point of view, the Islamic State in the Middle East and groups like Boko Haram,” he said. “But I firmly believe that this agency has a role to play in facing those challenges.”

She knows a little something about the BBG. I’m pleased and honored to speak with my great friend Blanquita Cullum, who knows a little something about the subject, not to mention the state of broadcast journalism and information platforms in general.

For eight years, Blanquita Walsh Cullum served as a Governor on the United States Broadcasting Board of Governors BBG. Nominated by President George W. Bush in 2002, Governor Cullum is the first Hispanic woman and the first radio talk show host to have served on the BBG. The United States Senate unanimously confirmed her to that position. The BBG is the independent, federal agency responsible for all U.S. government and government-sponsored, non-military international broadcasting. The nine BBG members, including the Secretary of State, oversee the Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty, Radio and Television Marti and the Middle Eastern Broadcast Network. She was the Chairperson of the Radio Free Asia Committee for six years, Chairperson of the Voice of America Committee, the Language Service Review Committee and Chairperson of the Communications Committee.

“The First Amendment has always meant freedom of speech and a variety of voices. A news outlet isn’t a terrorist,” Cullum told RT’s show, The Big Picture. “I may disagree vehemently with, for example, MSNBC, but I will always fight for their right to be heard because if they are not able to be heard, I am not able to be heard,” she explained. Hear! Hear!

Lionel on RT: “Missouri Is To the Grand Jury What Florida Is to Elections”

On November 28, 2014, I appeared with RT‘s Ameera David discussing inter alia Ferguson, the grand jury process Missouri style, Bob McCulloch and the entire slew and lot of all those involved and concerned.