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LIONEL PODCAST: Amy Winehouse’s Ghoulish Death Watch Is Over? Who’s Next?

I know, it was a joke. Nobody seriously meant to prophesy or predict her death, right? But this is so emblematic of our social and media culture: we’re both the lynch mob and the crowd yelling for the troubled person on the ledge to jump.

I guess this site will be shelved, but who knows? In this photo you you can clearly see the residue of some powder around the late Amy Winehouse’s nostrils. Our society loves this stuff and can’t get enough of it. We love addiction shows, addiction media whore quack “doctors,” rehab shows, celebrity rehab shows. Shows on hoarding, animal hoarding, addictions, OCD behaviors. Our media are a modern day Roman Colosseum, but unlike the Romans who merely subjected Christians to a horrible death, we seem to delight in the emotional decline and mental evaporation of the victim subjects prior to their demise. Their death is almost a disappointment in that the abject suffering has ceased and thus the entertainment value.

Sorry, folks. Amy’s dead. Who’ll be your next victim, er, subject? LiLo’s looking shaky. The media ghouls were hoping Charlie Sheen would blow his brains out. Courtney Love? Kate Moss? The quintessential media addiction whore (who himself is addicted to media whoredom) Dr. Drew throws us a bone or two with his pathetic celebrity “reality” rehab slop. But that’s a work.

Amy Winehouse’s death has whetted the appetite of the ghouls and death watchers. Amy’s now gained full deathtime membership status in The 27 Club, a fact that the unimaginative media will beat to death without surcease. Expect websites and video montage packages on those talented  young actors “who left this world too soon,” all in perfect synchronized auto-mourn. Now, after we followed their every self-destructive move, chronicled every embarrassing moment secretly and perhaps subconsciously wishing that, like the poor soul on the ledge, they’d once and for all jump, we pretend to lament their demise. We feign surprise. Already, Amy’s piece has been added to the end of the year lineups where we cue the funereal dirge and roll through the roster of dead celebs who’ve departed this world  in 2011 — in alphabetical order, I might add. And we move on. But for now, I’ve recorded my thoughts, not only on Amy per se but the entire issue of drug addiction, the war on drugs and our collective reaction to “entertainment death” and waste.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Psychotic Belief That Drug Abuse Can Be Eliminated Through Laws

There’s one issue that never ceases to boggle my mind: Why are drugs illegal? Why do people think that criminal prohibition can stop this? It’s simply one of the most insane things that we continue to do. Through years of habituation and the systematic desensitization to increasing encroachment of civil liberties, the sheeple have just given up all will to resist. But I never shall.

Drug laws will never work. And politicians know that.

LIONEL AUDIO: The War On Drugs Is An Insane Waste of Time, Resources & Civil Liberties

The war on drugs is an absolute failure and waste of time: (1) It wastes our limited police resources, (2) strips away at and erodes what’s left of our Bill of Rights (especially the Fourth Amendment), (3) further softens us up and habituates us to mindless police control and excessive legislation and (4) fails to address the problem of drug addiction in the least. The facts are mind boggling and not subject to dispute. The money spent on this fictive war is Brobdingnagian in amount and the Internet is replete with site after site devoting itself to revealing the charade that this fictional war perpetuates.

(2005) “The United States leads the world in the number of people incarcerated in federal and state correctional facilities. There are currently more than 2 million people in American prisons or jails. Approximately one-quarter of those people held in U.S. prisons or jails have been convicted of a drug offense. The United States incarcerates more people for drug offenses than any other country. With an estimated 6.8 million Americans struggling with drug abuse or dependence, the growth of the prison population continues to be driven largely by incarceration for drug offenses.” [e.s.]

Source: Justice Policy Institute, “Substance Abuse Treatment and Public Safety,” (Washington, DC: January 2008), p. 1.

The citations, quotes and plain ol’ facts that argue against the sagacity of this continued drug war nonsense are overwhelming. The data simply point to the immutable and simple fact that, for whatever reason(s) you care to utilize, the war on drugs is a colossal failure.

“We must have law enforcement authorities address the issue because if we do not, prevention, education, and treatment messages will not work very well. But having said that, I also believe that we have created an American gulag.”

Source: Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey (USA, Ret.), Director, ONDCP, Keynote Address, Opening Plenary Session, National Conference on Drug Abuse Prevention Research, National Institute on Drug Abuse, September 19, 1996, Washington, DC.

Often ignored from the discussion of decriminalization or medicalization is the fundamental right that taxpaying American adults have to imbibe in a substance that may or may not be harmful so long as they don’t operate motor vehicles under the influence of such or deliver it to children. It is the most fundamental of presumed rights that don’t need constitutional endorsement.

And remember: Just say no. Sometimes.

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