They Stole It Fair and Square. (Or Did They?)

“Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.”
—Marshall McLuhan

They stole it fair and square. If Trump has no success in the courts, that is. You know and I know that the [DS] shadow government had every inch of media and vote-tallying and recording and counting covered in those states run by Demon governors. From computer programs to crooked PA election supervisors obscuring vote counting inspection. It was classic Tammany Hall, Boss Tweed, Mayor Daley, Box 13 stolen vote corruption front and center. Stop pretending it’s not true and stop with this insidious nonsense that the dotard coot and Carmen Harris weren’t beneficiaries of mail-in ballot switcheroos and the like. ‘Twas Covid, baby. The game changer. The ruling class told us to our faces what they’d do and they did it. These guys are OG old school oh so predictable. And it better not go towards a Trump reelection (they tacitly warn) because Soros et al. will unleash swarms of BLM/Antifa squadrons of shock troops, storm troopers and urban terrorists to descend upon your cities and lay waste. Like Sherman’s March to the Sea. Just level with us, Sparky. You know it’s true. Pallets of bricks and systematic looting teams ain’t brought to you courtesy of Trump enthusiasts. Plywood everywhere. Stay inside and indoors. Here come the Biden brown shirts. Can you say March on Rome, anyone?

So, let’s get started.

What’s Twitter graffiti? During the course of dedicated microblogging ventures via Twitter, I’ve issued agglomerations of individual tweet thought quantum morsels and idea orts on a panoply of subjects in quotidian frequency and in burp gun splatter and slumgullion gumbo style. They’re connected in theme at times but actually represent tiles of the mosaic. Put together or individually they enjoy a singularity but the joy is in the critical mass compression that this provides. (I trust.) The collective blast. The Gestalt. So, if you’ve the inclination and gumption, gaze upon these stitched threads.


Prolegomenon. You are going to be dealing with people you thought you knew but didn’t. People who appear to be adults who are emotional children. People who up until now never cared about politics or elections one way or the other. But now they are caught in the maelstrom. Beware. These demented people are to be avoided like the plague. When engaging them nod in apparent approbation but in effect placation. Whenever they say something you respond, “Interesting.” And immediately move on. They are not to be addressed or engaged. These people are insane. TDS victims have now entered disease levels never before anticipated. You are going to be seeing the perseverated repetitions of mantra-like accusations of Trump being everything from a racist to white nationalist to directly responsible for the murder of Cecil the lion. When engaging these people keep in mind that they have no particular political or philosophical ideology. Their sole raison d’être is the opposition of Donald Trump. Remove Trump from the equation and they melt and dematerialize. Hatred is their oxygen. Their fuel. It is almost guaranteed that anyone that you engage who presents chronic TDS has no historical perspective to compare the election to. Don’t bother bringing up Bush v. Gore or any historical point of reference. Their history began in 2016. No matter their chronological age now. If you attempt to suggest that rioting and the destruction of property are unwarranted, illegal or immoral aside from the quizzical look, you will most likely hear something to the effect that property can be replaced and/or this is vindication or recompense. Or something. Do not engage anyone exhibiting the signs of TDS. No matter how angry they might make you or how correct you may feel you are, you will not win and you will certainly not make any headway whatsoever. TDS is a form of intellectual sleepwalking. Do not wake them.
Have you ever just known something? Here’s something I just know. China was so involved in this past election in ways that would boggle your mind and cause you to reimagine the idea of corruption. And you will never hear it mentioned once. But put your money on China. Trust me.
This always fascinated me. It’s apparent to anyone who’s ever had a parent that Joe Biden labors under the neurological yoke of a witches brew of senescence. But we can’t comment on that. But this herpetic lesion (John Brennan) can pass judgment on Trump’s sanity. Why?
So, tell me. Now that Kellyanne Conway bowed out because of that brat lunatic daughter of hers, whatever happened to the bad seed? Well, she got her wish, or so she thinks. So, where’s the daughter and that homunculus husband of hers? Well, why are they so quiet?
Listen, if Carmelita Harris and the other guy won fair and square, I have no problem with that and celebrate democracy. I may not like the results but that’s the way it is. I’m not an obstructionist. I’m not an anarchist. I’m a constitutionalist. But I will not countenance fraud.
Let me tell you something. If you think AOC isn’t going to pose significant problems for the Democrats in the future, you’re out of your mind. George Soros owns her along with her legions of anarchobullshit nihilists. She has no idea what she wants other than destabilization.
The Harris administration wannabes are working in concert with MSM apparatchiks to create the perception of immutability and certainty that President Trump has been defeated. They’re proceeding forward without so much as a reference to the fact that the election has not ended.
The Harris administration is talking about everything from climate change to Covid to postnasal drip to unwanted facial hair, anything to give you the impression that they have taken up shop and that they are in control. Well, Carmen, I hate to burst your bubble. But you haven’t.
The Harris administration does not want to hear anything about Al Gore. Or his 37 days before he threw in the towel after they bribed him with being the first carbon billionaire. No, history is not their strong suit. Delusion and illusion and anarchobullshit are.
Right now as we speak holy men, shaman practitioners, miscellaneous clergy are all being enlisted by the DNC to pray to any deity who’ll listen that the American people will not understand the absolute criminal theft that is occurring right now before their eyes.
Do you know what a Twitter warning label means? It means you’re 100% correct. You’ll never see a Twitter warning claiming that a tweet suggesting there’s absolutely no corruption with the election is subject to dispute. It’s only claims of corruption that are disputed.
Remember poor old Judge Nap? This is the guy who was laying the groundwork for either a new deal with CNN or the new reconstituted Fox News that he was tipped off about. And then, the shite hit the fan and, well, you know what happened.
This is by design. I’ve been telling you about Fox sell-outs for so many years but just like the star that burned out in the heavens millions of years ago where the light hasn’t reached you yet, you still think you see it. You still think it’s there.
If you want to crack me up just show me anyone speaking in tongues. Works every time. And the reason is simply this. Those wishful celebrity glossolalia practitioners all seem to chatter that identical indecipherable Tarzanspeak. But here’s the part I find fascinating. There are people currently confined to mental institutions who did the same thing. But they didn’t wear expensive clothing or have a TV deal. But exhibited the same identical behavior. What does that tell you? I know what it tells me.
The future is plant-based. Not exclusively. But predominately. For many reasons. For no better reason than your health. This is a reality that we have told you about for decades. It’s here. #WFPBNO
It is very easy right now to lose your mind as much of the Democratic contingent has. And I’m not exaggerating. Any political party who can look at a very ill senescent dotard and think nothing of it shows a detachment and disconfiguration from reality. And that’s a fact.
There are many good people who truly want @realDonaldTrump to win reelection as do I. But I make sure that I’m grounded in reality. I make sure that my hopes and, when earned, despair are based on fact and not divination or interpretation of YouTube prophecy and wishful thinking.
So, where is Al Gore right now? Hiding. Part of the deal he made when he walked away from his rightful win. They promised him that he would be the first carbon billionaire. So he said, screw it! I’m outta here. Don’t you think someone would want to hear his take now? Well?
Stop talking about conceding. Start talking about the very real fact that the election is not over. Al Gore didn’t “concede” until December. Lose the word concede.
What’s the difference between socialism, communism and Marxism? Spelling counts.
One of my favorite phrases is that Trump is leading an orchestrated attempt to discredit election results. Think about that for a moment. When you’re trying to release an innocent man from prison are you trying to discredit a jury’s findings? Or are you trying to seek justice?
There’s a spike. No, it’s down. No, it’s back up. The numbers are up. The numbers are down. Flatten the curve. Stay the course. Mind your own business. Wear a mask. Go in. Go out. How does it feel to be controlled?
Why is it that despite putting on one of the most important criminal exposés of the #BidenCrimeFamily no one listened to @TuckerCarlson? Why is it that no one will listen to @JamesOKeefeIII?
You think this is a joke, don’t you? Not only do you think it’s a joke but you can’t believe that this is the guy, Zeke Emanuel, Biden picked for his Covid plan team or whatever and therefore, by implication, doesn’t believe Joe Biden should be alive. Only in America.
If I told you that China was involved in vote theft and/or suppression what would be your reaction?
If you were to tweet right now that this election is not subject to theft or abuse or fraud, I guarantee you will not receive a warning from Twitter. Why do you think that is?
Every lie will not be revealed. Every injustice and violation of law will not be addressed or prosecuted. This is a matter of fact and has nothing to do with the current situation. But the moment you stop pursuing justice, then you can guarantee there will be no vindication.

First, imagine what the fake newsers will do without Donald Trump. Imagine this exchange?

Get me Keith Olbermann on the phone.

Keith Olbermann on line one.

Dude, what are you going to do if Harris is the next president? How are you going to continue with your screaming like an idiot when you theoretically won?

I don’t know.

Precisely. Have a nice day.

I think I’m going to go into the front seat of my car and scream into my phone. I do that to feel better. Why? Because nothing makes me laugh more than to see someone sitting in the front seat of their car and screaming into their phone. It’s the funniest nonsense I’ve ever seen.
This man is a genius. Bill Barr, truly. No, seriously. Nobody has ever been able to appear to be so effective and so powerful and yet did absolutely nothing to stop the corruption that will soon pay him handsomely upon his departure from government.
Tucker Carlson has become the Amazing Randi of American politics. He just proves what we always knew was bullshit and yet, the bullshit doesn’t stop. Despite people exposing pro wrestling and magic and carnival sideshows, none of the aforementioned was shut ever down. Despite the incredible effort on the part of @TuckerCarlson exposing Hunter Biden and the #BidenCrimeFamily not one single investigation, charge, arrest, indictment or anything sprung forth. Nothing. Like it never happened. Just like Hillary Clinton. Lock her up, my arse! Nada.
My friend, I know you know this so please don’t be offended by my apparent sarcasm, but simultaneous with the development of the vote was the means to steal it. This is nothing unique. But worthy of reminder.
“President-elect” Harris is already working on her various task forces addressing everything from climate change, whatever the hell that is, to Covid to non-binary, er, stuff. And what are we doing? Sounding the alarm. Along with more patriots than you could imagine. Onward!
The institutional corruption that infects our republic cannot be over emphasized. It’s like nothing imaginable. It knows no bounds or corollary. It is simply incredible. And here’s the best part, they do it right in front of you. They hide in plain sight. And what do we do? Nada.
“Learned helplessness occurs when an individual continuously faces a negative, uncontrollable situation and stops trying to change their circumstances, even when they have the ability to do so.” That’s what happened to us. We gave in and gave up. And still do. Every day. Why?
Some of the most brilliant and diabolical people you’ve ever imagined look upon humanity as laboratory rats. And they pay particular attention to how these subjects react and don’t react to certain stimuli. What makes them angry, what makes them docile and what makes them them.
I can guarantee you one thing. If you see any group of people in the streets acting in the slightest way aggressive or even violent you can bet the farm that they are agents provocateurs and are part of an organized choreographed “impromptu“ shock troop strikeforce. Bet on it.
And if history tells us anything it provides example after example of law-abiding citizens being overwhelmed by sudden swarms of shocktroop violence. They will cower and submit and become paralyzed in fear. This is a given. This is absolute. This is on the record. This is a fact.
The only people taking to the streets I guarantee you will not be Donald Trump supporters or impassioned citizens demanding recounts of all legal votes. No, the only people in the streets ever are the choreographed shocktroops ready to spring into action on a moment’s notice.
In 2018, Stacey Abrams was in a brutal election for Georgia governor. It’s a race she barely lost to Brian Kemp and she was congratulated for contesting the race and challenging the votes because she claimed there was widespread voter suppression and a variety of fraud. See?
Stop spending your precious days pointing out hypocrisy on the part of the DS radical left. It’s getting old. We know. Enough already! The only answer, the only cure and the only means by which we can address these problems is the court system. That’s it. If not, the military.
Are you willing to be led around by the media leash? How much of what you do is actually propelled and determined by free will and a singular desire based upon your beliefs? If you’re like most Americans you’ve never ask yourself this question because you never knew you could.

Remember those COVID testing drive-thrus along the highway? Remember the heavily masked government apparatchik who’d ram up into your brain a stick that allegedly retrieved a sample of mucus but may in fact have deposited a special “gift“ you’ll learn about later?
What degree of control are you willing to relinquish to the DS power structure? Gone is the notion of government being your jailer. The current strictures that you face as a citizen have nothing to do with that of historic DC institutional government. You must understand that.
Spend your time today trying something that for many of you is a new endeavor. That is becoming the autodidact. The self-taught student of history and current events. All of the information you need is at your immediate disposal. Right in front of you. But you have to look.
The idea of the media pollster must be readdressed. These are vote suppressors and vote confusion media. These are individuals who provide a paid-for narrative to redirect or redistribute or reformulate voter activity, creating false paradigms by design.
Let me clarify something. And please listen carefully. There is nothing under the Constitution or the rule of law which prohibits a national presidential election from being scrapped and redone if systematic organic fraud and criminality are detected. Period.
I’ve never seen so many American pols think that their job as lawmakers is to go on Fox and complain about that which they should be addressing as official reps of their state. During Watergate I don’t remember anyone substituting Sam Ervin for a shot with Irving R. Levine.
Al Gore was POTUS in effect for 37 days before SCOTUS played switcheroo and a “Not so fast, Al.” That was just 20 years ago. You see, if you know a little bit about history it helps explain things. And as Tolstoy said, history would be a wonderful thing if only it were true.
That’s right, you trained poodles. Just wave your hands and your trembling fists in feigned and frightened solidarity. Salute your captors. Maybe they’ll let you go this time so you can finish your tiramisu without incident. You feckless spineless twits.
If memory serves me the oven mitt fashionista Hillary Felon Clinton ordered Joe Biden never to concede on any account or for any reason.
Biden’s first move? You mean Harris‘s first move? And that first move is to stop the investigation to determine whether the selection has been prematurely called. That’s the first move. Face diapers aren’t even on the radar.
Trying to find the truth is like trying to find someone in a crowd. Not a Times Square New Year’s Eve crowd, when we used to have those things. But a decent size group of people. Minimal effort, a tad bit of focus and an earnest desire to find something you love. The truth.
Everything you need to know is available online without any restrictions or filters. The truth is right before you. The only catch? You have to look. You have to perform the most minimal of efforts to research by using any browser at your disposal and opening your eyes. And mind.
Let me translate for you. Covid will go the way of the spittoon once the DS gives the go-ahead that the coast is clear. You will see such a colossal rollback with citizens tossing their face diapers into bonfires celebrating that the coast is clear.
The MSM are wholly owned subsidiaries of the shadow government and ruling class. Their duty is to promote the official word of their DS masters. That’s all they do. They don’t investigate, they repeat and not report. And they are repeating the trope that Harris has won. Period.
The shadow government media are bulldozing the idea that everything is over. That you must not be petulant crybaby spoilsports and just roll over and admit defeat. For the good of the country. For peace. Because if you don’t, the plywood goes back up and you’ll have hell to pay.
In 2000 SCOTUS gave the country its first court-appointed president. And whether you would like the results or not, one fact is true. They stole the election from Al Gore. And Al Gore gave in because the deal they made him was far more lucrative than even being POTUS.
As per the 12th Amendment, the House would select the next President while the Senate would pick the VP if no candidate has a 270 majority of Electoral College votes. By law, states have until Dec. 8 to certify their results or have their state legislatures appoint electors to the Electoral College, which is set to convene on Dec. 14. Congress is scheduled to officially count elector votes and declare a winner on Jan. 6. Republicans control 26 state delegations, while Democrats hold 23. This is why President Trump wants every legal vote counted. This is why despite what media organizations announce the process is far from over. In the November 2000 election, it took 37 days for lawsuits to work their way to SCOTUS and the first court appointed President.
Take into account everything but always make sure you put it into perspective. President Harris is going to find out that the applause and acclaim that that’s being experienced now will transform immediately in 73 days. That’s the way it always is.

And one more thing about face diapers. The environmental catastrophe contained within your face diaper. Oh, yes. Remember how they were so concerned about plastic straws? Wait until you see what billions of facemasks will do to the environment. Research “flock workers” and the various respiratory diseases that are attendant to that particular employment and ask yourself what you were doing daily involving repeated inhalation. Go ahead, do some research. Stop watching CNN and think. Research microplastics. And read this: COVID-19 Pandemic Repercussions on the Use and Management of Plastics.

Stay focused, Patriots.

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