Reelect President Donald J. Trump

Tomorrow. It’s not just an election; it will determine the next 25 years of the course of our constitutional republic. That simple. One day until Armageddon.
Twitter graffiti. During the course of dedicated microblogging ventures via Twitter, I’ve issued agglomerations of individual tweet thought quantum morsels and idea orts on a panoply of subjects in quotidian frequency and in burp gun splatter and slumgullion gumbo style. They’re connected in theme at times but actually represent tiles of the mosaic. Put together or individually they enjoy a singularity but the joy is in the critical mass compression that this provides. (I trust.) The collective blast. The Gestalt. So, if you’ve the inclination and gumption, gaze upon these stitched threads.

You’re welcome.


Let me say unequivocally that during this election and the tenure of President Trump I am so honored to call so many of you my new best friends and fellow patriots. You have given me the opportunity of a lifetime to see liberty upfront and in person and I want to thank you.
Take a good look. You will never see our country this united behind any candidate and, more importantly, this united in support of a movement and our constitutional republic. Take a good look and take it all in. Donald Trump inspired us. And we will be forever grateful.
It’s here. Tomorrow. Patriots, this is what we’ve been waiting for. It’s for the whole enchilada. This is the Super Bowl. The World Cup. Everything. @realDonaldTrump just redefined and restructured and rewrote the history of modern civilization. His impact is indelible.
Tomorrow two things happen. @realDonaldTrump is reelected and your face diaper expires.
Have you in recent history ever felt such a connection to fellow Americans than you do right now? Have you ever been prouder of being an American?
The radical left had as its accomplice #AGBillBarr and a complicit #DOJ. They were the most important in terms of allowing this insurrectionist infection to spread. Had the DOJ done its job BLM terrorism and #Antifa would have been stopped dead in their tracks. And that’s a fact.
The radical left was bought out right by #GeorgeSoros who orchestrated everything up to and including domestic terrorist rioting, the destruction of personal property, voter fraud and intimidation and buying and selling prosecutors and government officials to enforce his tyranny.
Please promise and vow that now until Wednesday morning you will not post, tweet or retweet any news stories from anti-American ruling class shadow government apparatchik #FakeNewsMedia.
Whenever the radical left saw that you were gathering en masse celebrating your appreciation of liberty and President Trump it immediately shut down your voice as a “conspiracy theory“ without explaining or hinting at what was being conspired and if it was illegal or improper.
@realDonaldTrump doesn’t have to travel this much, appear this much or subject his body and mind and soul to the physical and mental rigors of marathon campaigning. But he wants to. And he wants to do it for you, me, our families and the future of our constitutional republic.
The mainstream apparatchik shadow government media want you to believe despite crowd after crowd  supporting President Trump that Joe Biden is ahead in the polls by double digits. This is an experiment to see how much you can be duped. That simple.
There is not one American voter today who is not 100% conversant with the absolute fact that Joe Biden is gone. Vegged. Demented. Through. Sorry, but it’s true.
The radical left wants you to believe that despite event after event showing proud Americans gathering in all states of weather, in all locations and in all states that Joe Biden is ahead by double digits. This is how little they think of your intelligence.
The radical left congratulates, promotes and rewards delegated politicians when they step on the freedoms of Americans and crank up draconian liberty restrictions that don’t apply to them or their spouses. They do this in plain sight. They hide nothing.

The radical left looks the other way when Joe Biden and his soon to be institutionalized drug addict son committed repeated acts of racketeering and bribery but focuses with laser precision on clarifying stories that no one cares about one way or the other. You see how it works?
The radical left is notorious for exploiting and manipulating the fragile and in the case of Joe Biden, the neurologically compromised. They will use you and abuse you and set you up and put you out to pasture the moment you are of no use.
The radical left gave you lockdowns and sheltering in place and contact tracing and surveillance and inconvenience and deprivations of your individual ability to travel freely. They shattered fundamental constitutional guarantees. Their perfidy knows no boundaries.
Deep within the DNA of Cuban-Americans is an appreciation for liberty and freedom and a complete and total rejection of all that is socialist, communist or Castro. You will never meet a finer group of liberty loving people in your life than Cuban-Americans.
The radical left weaponized psychmed crazed borderline schizoid millennial mush-mouth dingbats pissant peckerwoods and ordered its spoiled brat pop-up activists to saturate you with barely intelligible profane jeremiads that served no purpose other than to anger and confuse.
The radical left ordered its figurehead #BigTechFascists to demonetize and deplatform anybody who dared speak the truth regarding the #BidenCrimeFamily. But they will learn what they’ve done when #Section230 is once and for all and finally repealed.
The radical left loves to recruit snowflakes and scaredy cats and timorous frightened freaked out caterwauling babies. The radical left gave you #Karen. The radical left shut down your ability to discuss alternative methods of treating COVID. Think about that one for a moment.
The radical left took great delight in shutting down world economies. Why? Because of Covid. Allegedly. Through the systematic and orchestrated and choreographed overreaction to a coronavirus not to protect you, but to destroy the legacy of @realDonaldTrump.

The radical left never missed an opportunity to dismiss, desecrate and disrespect your flag and the honor of our constitutional republic. They enlisted illiterate brain-damaged overpaid professional athlete children to take a knee. Especially when it meant selling out to China.
The radical left promised you that not only would they destroy the economy they would go into your homes and families and churches and destroy faith, gender, parental autonomy, anything and everything to reverse your ability to govern your life. They told you outright.
The radical left told you to your face that they would undo President Trump’s economic policies. They told you they would raise taxes, they told you they would unravel and implode every advance in reversing unemployment, every success anent GDP. They told you that. To your face.
The radical left gave you incomprehensible platforms drawn up on the spot and on the fly. They gave you vague references to climate change and a #GreenNewDeal that no one can explain much less understand. The radical left played their cards. They’re all in. And lost.
The radical left gave you pussy hats, broken windows, shattered dreams, cracked skulls and complete disorder. They gave you a senescent and medically ineligible candidate and a cackling harridan shrew whose very lunatic smile causes souls to freeze and hopes to die.
Even Hollyweird knew it was all over. Think about it this way. Can you imagine the cavalcade of “stars” that could have been amassed to appear in unison and in support of Biden? They never did it. They never bothered. Oh, a video or tweet here and there. But they were never in. #Hollyweird never provided the momentum that was needed to push Joe Biden. Primarily because they don’t have the clout they used to have 75 years ago. This is the beginning of a new model for everything. Everything changed. And everything changes now at warp speed. Watch.
The radical left cannot believe @realDonaldTrump’s stamina. Nor can anyone else. What he does day in and day out is not merely appear but he speaks with a conviction and a level of excitement that are required to inspire and encourage and promote. He’s superhuman.
@realDonaldTrump first announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015, with a campaign rally and speech at Trump Tower in NYC. At that very moment deep state operations commenced and he and his family were attacked from every vantage and angle without surcease. For 1,966 days!
The radical left is not an ideology as much as it is a symptom. A symptom of the collective gullibility of people who are so easily attracted to and enlisted to assume the position of movie extra, stock character. Human hamburger helper. Interstitial. Just to fill out the ranks.
The radical left as we speak is seriously reconsidering its association with George Soros, who brought nothing to the plate other than disaster, riots, insurrection, broken windows and broken promises. Nancy Pelosi lost her control. The DNC is like a fart in a hurricane.
The radical left never did promote Carmelita Harris because they don’t know who she is or what she stands for. She tried everything she could to be cool with her dancing and screeching. But there was no attraction there. There has to be a message. Even for radical left goons.
Do you know who is laughing his ass off right now? Barry Obama. He never bought into that Joe Biden nonsense in the first place. Did you ever see Michelle go full-tilt boogie for Joe and Carmen? Hell no. And the reason is obvious. Nobody wants to be associated with this disaster.
After this election I promise you, no, I swear to you, I will never forget those people who tried to make our lives miserable. And often did. And when it comes to making people miserable some of us have talents that are quite remarkable. And extraordinary.
The radical left don’t realize what they’ve done to drive a stake into the heart of the social media monopoly. They probably did more to accelerate the #RepealSection230 movement. They’ve done more to galvanize American patriotism than thought even possible. Congratulations.
Rise and shine, America! Do you smell that? That’s the smell of liberty. That’s the smell of four more years of the greatest president in my lifetime. @realDonaldTrump
As Alois Alzheimer in 1901 first diagnosed a patient with an affliction that would bear his name I can see BIDEN’S SYNDROME taking its place to describe the very sad yet unmistakable jumbling and confusion of simple phrases and expressions exhibited by the Democratic candidate.

The radical left media are forced to admit that, yes, you get paid more if you claim that a sickness or death is due to Covid. Everybody knew this. We knew it the whole time. But this was called some unfounded conspiracy theory which is codeword for true.
The radical left media will look at this and become so enraged by jealousy and resentment the only thing they’ll be able to point to is the number of people wearing masks and whether there’s some COVID curfew that’s been breached. They are beyond pathetic. Seriously.
Now why would the radical left worry about violence especially from BLM and their ilk if they are merely engaged in peaceful protest? Doesn’t this tell you everything? I think it does.
The radical left still maintain positions within the government and this forms in part the basis of the deep state. They don’t care if you discover them because they feel impervious to justice. I know just how to fix that.
Have you ever heard the radical left mentioned this? Don’t they have kids? Don’t they have a soul? The U.S. Marshals Service recovered more than 440 kids in Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, Louisiana and other states just this year alone.
The radical left celebrate the sexualization and objectification of children through their “art“ and media. Those who commit alleged comedy find it funny to mock and joke about the molestation of children. This is what they think is funny. This is who they are. Think about that.
The radical left habituate and perseverate the mantra of the vaccine. You see, it’s never right. It was ventilators at first. Then masks. Then ventilators and masks. Then vaccines. Then testing. Then back to vaccines. And then masks. You will never satisfy these people.

I’m not worried about Joe Biden in some undisclosed root cellar. I want to know what the hell happened to #BillBarr. Should we have a welfare check on him? Has anybody seen him at all? Does he watch TV? Did he see #Bobulinski on @TuckerCarlson?
Donald Trump has more energy than anyone I’ve ever known. Ever. Meanwhile his opponent is handcuffed to a radiator in an undisclosed root cellar where he’s being sedated constantly until no longer needed. Meanwhile Carmen dances in the rain. I shit you not.
If you took every Joe Biden event that he ever attended in 47 years and added up all of the attendees that number would still be smaller than just one Donald Trump rally.
What do you think @realDonaldTrump is thinking when he knows that Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are collectively nothing more than a racketeering criminal enterprise?
The question is not whether to repeal #Section230. The question is how quickly.
Ladies and gentlemen I give you the posterchild of disconnected logorrhea, Joe Biden.
Aside from being one of the most ineffective politicians next to the mayor of NYC, Andrew Cuomo is one of the strangest people who has ever lived. Everything about him is awkward, stilted, uncomfortable and painfully out of place.

Until the morrow.
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