The Comfort Arrives, the Media Ignore

This morning at around 10:30 AM ET my wife and I looked out our window and there was the magnificent USNS Comfort steaming up the Hudson thanks to President Trump and his concerted and dedicated leadership. You heard me. President Trump. Not Cuomo, Pelosi, Rula Lenska. Not Bono, Madonna, Cher (and Cher alike). Nope. President Trump. PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Yet not one mainstream media news outfit — NYC local in particular — covered it. Let me say that again, not one New York mainstream news source covered it. New York as in ground zero (again), the epicenter, the bullseye. The target. The base, the focus. Here. And local pipsqueak twits and their skeleton crewed miniscule minions never deigned to mention a word of it. On strict orders from the brass. “We don’t cover Trump. Period. Not his White House briefings, nothing. Especially when he’s kicking our ass!” I know no words to explain my contempt for these horribles. None. I boil. My loathing and abhorrence know no bounds our surcease. 

This! This is journalistic treason and malfeasance. From the mindless dastards who give us such riveting specials as “Things In Your Bathroom That’ll Kill You” and “Compost and You.” Nope, that tripe they covered but not a peep as to the Comfort.

I took this from my window, admittedly a rather simple shot of the event from what looks like a sniper’s vantage. But I was so proud of our efforts. The sight, the sound, the significance. You can’t hear the hum and buzz of choppers overhead, harbor boats, tugs, accompanying vessels, security, cops, the whole megillah. To see a Navy ship of this size on a dedicated mission to render aid and assistance arriving was nothing short of jaw-dropping, monumental and NEWSWORTHY! A concept dreadfully lost. How in the name of all that pretends to be holy can there not be unity in focus when the entire human species faces a pandemic that will not wipe out all that is human (no) but certainly one that will decimate all that it owns, runs, operates, controls, enjoys, possesses, loves, likes, prefers, watches, listens to, observes . . . I think you’re catching my drift. And this is not some overreaction. Far from it, it’s a reaction. I’m just an observer like you. Inside, in touch and inconvenienced.

Yet, I’m admittedly beyond shocked. I lived in the delusion that whenever there was a calamity or threat that focused upon all of us equally, everyone would attend and focus accordingly. As in concerted. Determined, dedicated, sharing the load, pitching in and spreading the holy word of truth. As in what’s happening. Not who’s benefitting.

Oh, and here’s the best part.

NYC moonbat and manchild, the benighted and befuddled Mayor Big Bird de Blasio tries to finagle some kind of control, or the image of control, with his maundering press conferences about . . . something. It must be about something. It just has to be. OED announced recently that his name would be placed next to the term numbnuts. As it should be. That pathetic impuissant pissant. But I digress.

Enter AC. Der Guv. He’s hung up the cargo pants and now he’s going for the Excelsior polo prep pose. Yep, the Empire State’s Emperor Governor Andy the Dandy Cuomo, the Sollozzo doppelgänger sans Sandra, is certainly enjoying the national Klieg as there’s now some significant talk of his being given the nom and nod at the upcoming 2020 DNC clusterfëck, now certainly destined to be virtual. A brokered convention is all but assured as it seems unlikely you’ll get 1991 delegates on the first ballot for a nod. As Creepy Skeevy Dr. Demented Joe Bidin’ (his time) broadcasts from a basement library lockup and spews, drools and drops the latest in cantankerous caterwauling about who (the fœk) knows, Andrew the Dauphin sits back for his latest trip down memory lane moment in free association that started initially as a press conference. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard him wax homespun as he details his years of Sunday sausage and gravy and kids and Italo-American Rockwell vignettes. 

His latest foray into purloined moments of hijacked credit came when he gave a tour of the Javits Center’s transformation into a 1,000+ hospital bed superstructure used to handle patient overflow. It was FEMA, the Feds and President Trump. As a friend of mine said, Andy unlocked the door and let Trump et al. set up shop. The elephantine huevos of these folks never cease to amaze me.

I was under the delusion that whenever all was shared in terms of catastrophe and harm, we all shared the credit and cooperated.

So, my friend, I bid you safety and health and peace.

Until the morrow.

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